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Thank your favorite small businesses this holiday season with #SmallThanks


resize3.jpgA Local Guide captures an indoor photo of a retail store using a tablet.




























Local Guides have been posting amazing indoor photos of their favorite small businesses this month. With the holiday season coming, there’s a whole new reason to participate. We’re inviting everyone to give thanks to their favorite small businesses in the U.S., and they could even receive marketing support from Google.


Here’s how you can show love for your favorite small businesses:

  1. Post indoor photos of your favorite small businesses on Twitter or Instagram from today through December 31st.
  2. Tell the story of why you’re thankful for this business and/or its owners in the caption.
  3. Include #SmallThanks and tag @google in your post.
  4. Invite your friends and followers to do the same.


Select businesses will be equipped with marketing resources to make the most of digital tools to grow their business.They could also be featured in our promotions over the next several months.


By sharing just one post, you could help a local business attract many more happy customers like yourself. Here are some great tips for taking indoor photos by @AnnaDickson.

A few tips and ideas to consider for your posts:

  1. Highlight a business where you’re a regular, like your gym, bakery, cafe, dentist, or hardware store.
  2. Post about businesses that have been a part of your community for a long time and any interesting traditions they have. Think about places in your current town, where you grew up, or where you like to visit.
  3. Think about local business owners who give back and share how they make your community better.
  4. Is there something you can’t go without when you’re out and about in your neighborhood? Let people in on your local favorites by giving them a shoutout.
  5. November and December are also full of fun national days, such as National Gingerbread House Day (Dec 12th). Post about your favorite businesses that line up with these fun holidays.
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And that's my tweet about Boston Paintball! We had so many questions, testing different equipments but the guys there were so cool to show us and explain everything in detail


20171019_182138.jpg20171019_182146.jpg20171019_182153.jpg20171019_182157.jpg20171019_182213.jpg20171019_182234.jpg20171019_183725.jpgMy friend trying out one of the equipment

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Why only in the US ? 

This should be world wide, 

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Great iitiative. We can arrange similar initiative in Malaysia

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I can't compete, for obvious reasons, but I'd love to see the photos!

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My favorite local small business is Enjoy Euro Deli in Arroyo Grande, CA.

While I have quite a few pics of their business on Goggle Maps, I will look for a few for here.

Sadly, there is a size limit for posting this way.


Anyway, the Central Coast of California has no European food to speak

of beyond that what is offered here.  At Enjoy, you really do enjoy both the

eats as well as the company.  Lana, the Ukranian owner, is smart & charming.

Beyond being a great cook, she is also a Calculus teacher at Cal Poly U, our

local University.  She thinks that running Enjoy is her relaxation.


At Enjoy, her, her husband, and Tolya [a Russian Cook], all craft great eats

for all.  Much of what they make is just like my Slovak mom or other relatives

or friends made over the decades.  They even make Stuffed Cabbage, Snitzel,

Spatzel, & a whole variety of ethnic goodies.  All genuine, fresh, and homemade.

This small shop also double as a grocery for all kinds of ethnic delites, that 

span not only European, but extend to the Middle East.  


Desertwise, they homemake all kinds of goodies from Baklava to American 

Apple Pie.  Their several types of homemade soups span all types of 

ethnic or not ethnic soups.  They range from Clam Chowder to Borsht.


I find that I always spend way too much time here, since it is a bit like the

old show "Cheers"....while not everybody knows my name, Lana always

introduces me as a friend.


They recently added wine & beer to their offerings so you do not lack for



In conclusion, this little Euro shop is an amazing asset to our area & well

worth a visit if you are passing thru this beautiful area of California.


Thank you & have a great week!


-Paul :)

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Just bussiness in U.S ? Or for everyone in any country?

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Tell me google guide is pay money  on your servies or not ?

Why only in the us? 

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Great idea.... one thing, if you expand this into South Africa the guides MUST get permission. Pulling out a camera/cell phone in a shopping center will have the local security desend on you. It's not a nice expernece. I suggest get permission from the store owner, then if you want to stand out side the store for a front shot then ask permission from the center management. I know it's a pain but will help avoid uncomfortable situations. I have done some personal and professional in complex photography and it's the same in every single one I have photographed in (even birthday photos at the movies quickly became an issue.)

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IMG_3360.jpgMacy"s at Fayetteville rs Suite, Durham, NC, USAIMG_3366.jpgIMG_3385.jpgIMG_3415.jpgIMG_3418.jpgIMG_3424.jpg

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Great idea! but why only in the U.S.? 

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Why only in the us ?

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Great idea but why use only tweet and instagram?

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Great idea I love to look out for the locally owned business.  The mom and pop shops, cafe's and business are what makes the world unique and different. I will always prefer spending money at a local place as opposed to a corporate store. I will make it by my local favorite and post soon.

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Can we post on any social platform?

G+  LinkedIn 


Does it have to be on Twitter  or Instagram exclusively?



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hi thank for doing this

great idea thank you for sharing

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What if I don't have Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.. How else can I show support?

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It sure help me! 


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Your absolutely right! 

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It's always great to help support your local small business. Nice ideas. 

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Expired coment Bagaimana jika diluar negara usa ? Apakah ini berlaku ?
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V nice information. 

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Semoga kita bisa bertemu di acara local guides connect live, sangat menyenangkan bisa bergabung sama kalian semua

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Great idea. Thanks for sharing! :)