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Thank you for helping millions get around

Google Administrator

In September, we shared how you can help millions by adding wheelchair accessibility information to Google Maps and you came out in full force—thanks for rising to the occasion! We’ll be sharing more details later this month — so keep an eye on your email — but here’s a look back at the past month:


We shared a series of videos that highlighted the unique stories of people who use wheelchairs around the world, from Michelle in Chicago to Hirokazu in Tokyo.


Check out Hirokazu’s story about his aspiring Formula 1 race car career before a terrible car crash:





You — yes, you, Local Guides — answered our call to action and organized 216 meet-ups (and counting) around the world.


Connecta11y.pngCaption: Three images: Left to right: Local Guides in Santiago exploring the neighborhood, in Tokyo posting mid meet-up, and in New York taking photos of businesses’ doors to add to Google Maps.


While we all made a huge impact, there’s still more to do. We hope you’ll join us by:

  • Continuing to talk about accessibility issues with one another here on Connect and beyond
  • Join an upcoming wheelchair-accessibility meet-up, or host one yourself if you’re a Local Guide Level 3 or higher
  • Answer as many wheelchair-accessibility questions as you can (learn more)
  • Share this guide for answering wheelchair-accessibility questions with friends and family

If you have an Android device, you can find places near you that are missing accessibility info and edit those attributes by checking the facts



Level 9

I think we should say thanks to you @TraciC and Google local guides team, to gave us a fantastic opportunity to help millions and a lot of self satisfaction, that we are doing good for us ,our loved ones and for next generation. 

I hosted 24th of September a meet up related to accessibility options and I am planning to organise one more in next few days. 


Level 10

We are happy to be part of this global campaign Traci committed in making the Google Maps​​ ever more better and we are not tired yet as this is just a tip of the iceberg. We promise to do more and be more committed in our efforts in making a greater impact in our community and the world beyond. #Localguides #a11y #accesibility

Level 10

Thank you @TraciC and Google Maps programme of wheelchair accessibility. September and October 2017. Every where I go I check the wheel chair assessibility, street, church, restaurant, commuter line stations.


I found some street around Jalan Kebon Sirih and Gondangdia station Jakarta, Indonesia are good, but some need improvement.





Connect Moderator

Thanks for championing this cause. For many of us, it's something we check and update each location we visit nowdays. This needs to be a continuous effort on our part, and hopefully all of us keep updating this information as part of our daily walk with Local Guides.

I think it's a great chance to help milions because there are huge disable peoples and really they wants to do something for their family and for their country. They wants to build a self identity in their society. If we work together with this view then it will be possible. Thank you MAM @TraciC for this nice great initiative and always we will put the information about this feature in maps and also to various platforms related with this accessability information.

Level 9

Such an eye-opening initiative by the Local Guides team and amazing wholehearted contributions from Local Guides across the world. Bravo to all who have helped to make the world a better place for those who need it the most through their contributions.

Level 10

Nice pic & activity

Level 10

Great sharing with us @TraciC Thanks a lot! for your nice Construction.

Level 9

Thank you @TraciC  and I am very happy to be part of this global campaign. Thanks again ...:)

I think it's a great chance to help milions because there are huge disable peoples and really they wants to do something for their family and for their country. 


Thank you to all

Yes ofcourse,

It's a good social and proud feeling job........I'm happy to being part of local guide program.

Level 10

Great job. 

This shows the true and effective way we can help the world to be a better place.

Level 8

Yes !! this is great initiative again by the Team . Thanks again for this useful awareness ...
Happy Guiding!!!!!

Level 8

Thank you so much @TraciC , one of the best campaign ever , i make one of my best meetup  Meet The Champions


Mnay Thanks to All Members who join and arrange meetups 

keep it up :)

Level 9

Thank you Google maps and Local guides

Level 9

Thanks @TraciC & to local guides who are participating in this noble cause, I personally beleive there's alot more need to be done.


Level 9

Maybe we need an option to mark places as LACKING WHEELCHAIR FACILITIES to make them change faster? In my city most places still don't have wheelchair ramps, entrances and toilets

Level 9

Thanks @TraciC for undertaking this worldwide movement for accessibility, I had the opportunity to attend the meet up here in buenos aires, and day by day I collaborate for accessibility. 

Level 7

I am very happy to being part of such Nobel cause. 

Level 4

I like that

Level 8

Hi @TraciC   Thanks for sharing again a wonderful info. Great work

Level 10

This is the most frequent answer I did on Maps 😃😄

Level 8

An excellent initiative and thank you.

Connect Moderator

An awesome response from Local Guide members all around the world. I count some wheelies among my friends and there is permanent disability in my own family so I know first hand that these efforts are appreciated. Keep up the great work everyone.


I'd love to see additions of a question about hearing loops which help the deaf hear things like train announcements and museums who feature tactile elements for the blind. My brother and his wife are both deaf and I witness their daily challenges.


Taking it another step, with public places that are designed for children we could call out which are offer speciality services for spectrum kids (Asperger's, ADD, ADHD, etc), especially if they offer a parents retreat where the parents can have a break. One of my sons is aspy and when he was growing up we never knew if places existed that offered anything special for him. Sometimes we'd find out by surprise. As an adult sometimes he needs to go and find a quiet place for me time, those can be hard to find in a city.


The kinds of things we could do are limitless.


Regards Paul

Level 4

This is a wonderful post. All these videos are bringing sunshine in our hearts!

Thank you so much, Traci.

Level 7
This is what we call community to help others. Sadly my country is not friendly enough for disable person :(
Level 5

nice to meet you



I'm a bit ashamed that I hadn't noticed how many businesses in my little village aren't wheelchair acessable before. 

Level 8

A perfect start. Thanks  @TraciC and Google Local community. 

Level 8

De verdad que ha Sido una experiencia única, además de conocer que existe aún mucha humanidad, es una oportunidad para el encuentro y el compartir, tratando de cambiar pequeñas cosas y detalles que pueden llegar a ser grandes... Una vez más graciasIMG_20170927_182155.jpg




Level 9

That's amazing!

Level 10

Thank you  @TraciC

Level 1

Ranking Young forum all' Young!😘😊

Level 7

Me sinto honrada em fazer parte deste belíssimo trabalho.

Level 10


Level 7

I'm planning my next meet up now and will use accessibility as one of the photo crawl objectives. Something like an accessibility scavenger hunt with prizes to the to contributors!

Level 8

Ich habe immer nur die Fragen wegen der Barrierefreiheit beantwortet und sehe gerade das diese Option nun auch bei uns diese Option bei den Finden von fehlenden Informationen zur Verfügung steht. 

Das hat mich gefreut.

Viele Grüße


Level 8
That`s great all local guides connected in a same meet up..
Level 8

Thanks @TraciC and Google for the lovely initiative.... It's really feels good when your review and information help someone somewhere in need.... So thank you for providing us this satisfaction of able to help someone...


Level 8

Great job!

Level 8

When will IOS user  have that accessibility of  find places near you that are missing accessibility info. 



Hello @Iangeorvine - There is no set date we can share but these items are in the works for iOS and Desktop at this time.

Level 9

@TraciC Thanks for providing us such an opportunity to help others. 


But sadly, most of the places, I reviewed are not wheelchair friendly. Hope this will start changing. :)


🙏thank you 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

well I'm really appreciate you Google teams and I'm so really honoured and excited and feeling proud of that working with you guys and with your company to let me participate and get communicated....
This is so nice of you to attention my work space at the
... This is really so helpful.
Thank you all...

Level 6

Glad to be of help. 

Level 9

Hello Traci,


please forgive me that I am asking a silly question here ...


Where can I find a Google Local Guide Template for Level 9.


I would like to change my profile picture, because a moderator of the YouTube community told me that it is too similar to a rising star template they are using there and that I should change it.


Thank you for your help in advance! 


 Hello @Boris -


With general questions like these, you can always tag a Google or Connect Moderator for assistance. I shared the links to the list with all of our usernames :)


As we are no longer supporting unofficial communities, we do encourage you to stop using the unofficial moderator profile template as we want to avoid confusion for new members of Connect. 


Feel free to use a picture of your liking but make sure it is not advertorial in nature or representing anything like a personal brand or business.