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Share your ideas for stories on Google Earth

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Earlier this year, we launched Google Earth Voyager, a way to tour the globe through interactive stories. We were thrilled to have a new channel to celebrate the amazing photos and reviews that Local Guides capture every day. Since then, we've published 28 Local Guides lists about fascinating places all over the worldfrom haunted houses to historic tennis stadiums. We've even recognized local discoveries that you told us about on Connect. We want to know what you'd like to see on Voyager in 2018.


Check out all the stories below, and share your ideas for each category in the comments.



5ceb1__06 (1).jpgPhoto caption: El Borrego Viudo in Mexico City by Tony D Mtz

Food and Drink

Beautiful Wineries in Brazil


Mexico City Street Food


Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich


Gorgeous Coffee Estates



Zamek.jpgPhoto caption: The Royal Castle in Warsaw by Janusz Kosik


Holidays and Celebrations

Christmas Markets Around the Globe


Winter Wonderlands


Día de Los Muertos in Mexico and Beyond


Haunted Places for Halloween


American Roller Coasters for the 4th of July



sg-8496 (1).jpgPhoto caption: Gardens by the Bay in Singapore by Yury Kravchuk

Sights and Landmarks

Amazing Urban Gardens


Unusual City Streets


Big Buddhas


Theme Parks Around the World



bc-maps.jpgPhoto caption: Everest Base Camp in Nepal by Joe Ward

Outdoor Adventures

Everest Base Camp Trek


Global Beaches


Nature Camps in India


Where to Watch the Sunrise in Indonesia


Places to See the Northern Lights


Ice Hotels


Wonderful Bike Paths


Hiking in Honolulu


Beautiful Hiking Destinations in Canada



2016-10-08.jpgPhoto caption: Foro Italico tennis stadium in Rome by Giovanni Moretti


International Cricket Grounds


Historic Tennis Stadiums


Stunning Golf Courses Around the World



IMG_0743.jpgPhoto caption: Sculptures at Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India by Rahul Srivastava

City Guides

Historic City Sights of Rivne, Ukraine (suggested by @OlegKostyukevich)


Chandigarh’s Outdoor Spaces


Music in Montreal

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 Nice collection @LawrenceNYC :-)

Hi, @LawrenceNYC Thank you for your sharing the interesting information on the blog post.

I have shared four stories including "Lists", "MyMaps" and "Street View(virtual tour)" here in LocalGuides Connect since this March.


My posts and Lists as below;



  • Travel and Advice, posted at 2017-02-20 

7 DAYS in IKOMA /Japan Day1


"Lists of places" with MyMap - 7days in IKOMA,Japan(Day1)


  • Travel and Advice, posted at 2017-03-09 

Jusan-Goe Hiking Route


Spring has come to IKOMA!


  • Travel and Advice, posted at 2017-03-21 

三つの船石; Three Ship Stones


Virtual PANO tour to "Three Ship Stones" - Heguri-Cho,Misato/Nara


  • Japanese Board, posted at 2017-12-13 

紅葉2017(Autumn colors in 2017 with Street View)




I would like to share these "Lists" on Google Earth. How can I add them?




I also shared my "Lists" story on brand new Japanese(Conversation by Language) board. Here

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Level 7

nice collection. love to see those places.

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Nice collection



Thank you for the post. I would like to see Mumbai and Delhi's (India)  street food, waterfalls and city lakes . Let's  see if those come in 2018.





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@LawrenceNYC Good job brother, nice collection and keep going...!! All the best😍

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Je suis fan.

Nice collection.

Thanks for posting.

Connect Moderator

Hi @LawrenceNYC

wonderful Places.

Of course there are places that I would Loce to see in Google Earth Voyager:


Wow cool, that my collection of interesting places of my native city fell into this list on the Google Earth. @LawrenceNYC


The most popular tunnel of love, everyone should see it in 2018.

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@LawrenceNYC This is really a great post.

Loved it. Many thanks for sharing.

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Waowowow @LawrenceNYC Awesome post. Berautiful Capture. I like it very much. Thanks a lot! for sharing with us.

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Amazing Google Voyager!

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Awesomeness at its peak.

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Wow, great clicks
Level 4

Nice collection !

thanks for sharing

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@LawrenceNYC. The links keep taking me to Play Store asking to install Google World

whis already intalled.

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How about Historic Rivertowns in Westchester County?





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This is so cool!

Level 10

You should do a series under travel and break it out by ...honemoon detinations, fun with the kids...

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@LawrenceNYC thank you for the invitation and keep up the good work!


Volcanology is one of my hobbies and passions. It made me move and live on Tenerife, where our volcano Teide is one of the top places that people visit on Google Street-View (as claimed on Wikipedia).

There are 3 main categories of volcanoes (red, grey and super-volcanoes). They appear over "hotspots" in our earth's mantle or near the borders of our tectonic plates. Most volcanos are all very scenic and perfect opportunities for Google Earth to showcase them. The stories could include legends and goddesses like Pele on Hawaii, the history of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy, etc.


Of course, I would be very offended (just kidding) if  Mount Teide was not featured as well. Here we also have aboriginal legends related to the spirit of our volcano. 


Canarias Local Guides are working on a project related to mapping our volcanic heritage, but that will take some time. Feel free to get in touch.

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@LawrenceNYC thanks for your sharing 🖒🌲

Level 8

I can learn about some culture from here. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

KE2 Level 4
Level 4

That's awesome, I have loved the whole idea of local guides connect, So thanks for being here.

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Would love to see a topic on interesting bookstores and libraries around the world!

Level 8

Awsome collection @LawrenceNYC..

Wish visit some of these places some day...

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Wonderful shots, and beautiful combination :D

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Nice picture

Level 8

Would love to see a category "Reachable by boat" 

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@LawrenceNYC  Thanks for sharing great nice collection

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I would like to see on Voyager 2018 about Normandy beaches - Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno, Gold & Cotentin peninsula. Legendary historic places wellknown of it's past, unknown of it's present. I want to know about modern young people of that territory of Normandy.

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Nice collection...


I did a small attempt to show a part of Los Angeles that people usually don't see called:

The city you have not seen yet - Ballona Creek

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Awesome collections... :-)
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বামৈ পূরাতন বাজার

nice photo.  i like so much ..

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@LawrenceNYC Global beaches-- the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. Endless unmapped/uncharted trails, territories, and differing beaches (inlets, mountains, coves).... Very unexplored and inexplicably beautiful. 

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Bannu Pakistan local Guides  

Level 4

Along with urban gardens, the beautiful Japanese, Zen, Temple/Shrine gardens, & tea houses English gardens

Outdoor Adventures >> Everest Base Camp is amazing . Standing at the top of the world as Local guide will be prouded moment.

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it's really amazing. 

That's amazing 😍

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Very Nice, Thank you @LawrenceNYC for sharing with us

Level 10

Great collection of locations! The world is full of wonderful places to tell stories about. 

Connect Moderator

What wonderful stories @LawrenceNYC

Ever thought of going to Bangladesh to highlight them on Google earth as well? We have a small little country with booming economy and a very rich history and cultural background. I'm sure it will be helpful for a lot of users out there to know the stories of Bangladesh. What do you think?

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JAP Level 2
Level 2

Great IDEA  !!! I am in San Antonio Texas TRYING to think what I  would contribute from the Lone Star State. 🤔Our Historical Missions, Our Beautiful Beaches, Stunning typography, the many lakes, rivers, hunting, fishing hiking, biking, eating, drinking .....Everything IS BIGGER IN TEXAS