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New photo contest for Local Guides in the Nordics and UK


Great photos take practice, inspiration, and the right equipment. Here’s a chance to achieve all three.


Photo Contest


From now through June 9, 2017, Local Guides of all levels in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the UK can enter a photo contest for a chance to win a Canon EOS M10 camera. The more great photos you share on Google Maps, the better your chances of being selected.


There are five cameras available to win in each country. Enter now through your country contest page:


Each winner will be notified privately with instructions on how to redeem a camera.




Local Guides Level 4 and 5 in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden can also redeem a credit of €100 (or the equivalent in local currency) toward the purchase of a Canon M10 camera.


How does it work?

  • Check your email for your unique voucher code
  • Visit Canon’s website and enter your voucher code upon checkout
  • €100 discount only applies to the Canon M10 camera
  • Perk available to Local Guides in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway only
  • Voucher code expires July 1, 2017


For more tips, tricks, and inspiration for taking better photos, have a peek at:





Who is eligible for the photo contest?

All Local Guides in the following countries are eligible to participate in the photo contest:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom


How do I sign up for the contest?

A link to the contest sign up page has been emailed to all Local Guides in eligible countries, but you can also sign up by visiting the contest pages: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and UK.


When will you notify the winners?

All winners will be privately notified by June 19, 2017.


What cities are eligible for the €100 perk?

This perk is available to all Level 4 and 5 Local Guides in the following countries:

I’m a Local Guide in the United Kingdom. Why didn’t I get the €100 perk?

This specific perk is available to Local Guides in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.


I’m a Local Guide outside these 5 countries. Can I join the contest or get the perk?

The Local Guides program is constantly evolving. Perks and contests may be offered from time to time. If you have a partner you would like the team to work with or a benefit you would like to see offered in your area, we welcome your feedback in the comments below.


What is the deadline for redeeming the perk?

You must redeem this perk by July 1, 2017.


I missed the voucher code expiration deadline. Can I get an extension or a new code?

Once your voucher code expires it is no longer available. We cannot provide an extension or new voucher codes.


Can I use the perk voucher for multiple transactions?

You will be able to use the voucher code only once.


Can I give this code to a friend?

Definitely. Please note that you are given a unique code which means only one redemption can be used per code.


I’m getting an error when I try to apply my voucher code. Where do I go for help?

You can contact the Canon support team for help:


Canon Denmark

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+45) 70 20 55 15

Canon Finland

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+358) (0)20 366 466

Canon Norway

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+47) 23 50 01 43

Canon Sweden

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+46) (0)8 519 923 69
Level 9

Nooooo! Please, include Italy in the nordic countries! :D

Level 2

Just so you know, the link in the email is stuck on repeated refresh, and is unusable.


Hi @rosiedoes, thanks for reaching out. We tested the link and it is working fine for us. Can you please check with the link on this post? What device are you using to check the link? Thanks!

Level 3

Link keeps refreshing for me too. Trying on a Mac, in Chrome, in the UK.


Let me know if there's a fix!

Level 8

We are always out of all Contest ..

I need any one camera .. @JuanCh

How ..? Have a fun !!!


Same here, using chrome on a Surface Pro.  Only tried the UK link.  

Link keeps refreshing for me too, I'm on Google Chrome 58 (stable) on Linux (debian variant). Tried from this site too and just keeps refreshing.

Level 3

Yep the link is just refreshing constantly.  Tried on Chrome on my Android phone and on my Chromebook.



Level 2

@JuanCh I'm using Chrome on an HP Pavilion. I've reopened the browser without success, email link still reloading, and I've tried the one in the article, which is doing the same.


Level 3

Definitely having issues in the UK, Chrome on a Mac

Level 7

Refreshing for me too on my Toshiba laptop, both through the email link and this article.

Level 4
Using a Chromebook Pixel on beta channel & the link (e-mail and here) is a stuck refresh loop in both normal and incognito mode. Also on my Nexus 6.

Hi @Samcat@JamesLaneMe @rosiedoes @DurhamLad @AirCooledCafe


Thanks a lot for your feedback, we are looking into this and we will update on this thread when we have a solution. Thanks

Level 2

Using Edge on Windows 10 and the page for the UK keeps refreshing. Can't enter the contest =(

Level 3

Hopefully, this will mean fewer people enter.

Level 3

Same here UK page keeps refreshing in android chrome.

Level 5

Same for me - Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) on Win10.  Same behaviour in IE Edge.

Level 5

Same issue on chromebook and samsung phone page reloading itself. 

Level 1

Emsil link infinitely refreshing on Android phone from Gmail app.

This is going to be good, we'll see a lot of their potential as photographers

Level 4
@MoritzT No, same issue here.
Level 7

Awesome, just entered!

Level 10

@JuanCh Of course, always only for 1st world countries. But great news.

Level 5

Yep, same issue here, page infinitely loops and unusable on both Chrome and Edge desktop browsers for the UK link.

I am also having the issue.  The page continuously refreshes so I can't use it!!

Level 4
For Mac users, Safari works, so switch browsers and do it that way. Am now registered. Good luck.
Level 1

thought i'd clicked on a malware link!!! I suggest testing this first next time


Level 3

continually refreshing on chromebook pixel with chrome, pixel C with chrome and android with chrome. Might have been an idea to rest the page first. Suggest emailing again when there is a useable link!

Level 3

I'm using a Google Pixel XL with Chrome and the link is looping for me too...

Level 3

UK link in refresh link but also flashes the message "This contest has concluded..." Before refresh.

In case that helps those working on the issue.

Level 8

Good luck to everyone :) 

It's okay with me to let Italy be a Nordic country, if we can get just a bit of the same temperature here in Denmark, as you have in Italy :)


Level 8

Page is still continually refreshing, on Chrome on a PC, on Edge, IE doesnt work at all with Google Sites, and Chrome on my Android again doesnt work.
Just keeps refreshing here in the UK.

Level 10

Link for UK works for me normally...but I am not in UK :D

Level 8



This is from the Edge Browser

Level 8

And this is my chrome on my PC

Same problems here 

Level 2

Whaaat? no perk €100 for UK?

Level 3

Same refreshing Problem here, tried on Chrome for PC and Android

Level 10

I am not from UK and I am not in UK but I can open UK contest normally...

Chrome, Windows X

Level 4

I'm in the UK using chrome browser in chrome book - it is not working for me, it's flashing as some of the above describe. I want to take part of it!

Level 4

Still looping page in UK. Nexus 6P on chrome stable. Tried in both mobile and desktop mode. (Via Sky Fibre Broadband).Fingers crossed you'll manage to fix it :)

Level 3


i would like to know for the Local Guides Photo Competition  does the phones have to be taken at the country you live in,

i live in the uk but have many photos from around the world, i like to contribute towards the competition, does it count.

Thank you 


Level 3
Thanks @Psamuwry that Safari tip worked; duly registered!
Sorry @MoritzT the shorter URL has no effect; registration page constantly refreshes.
So this is a Chrome browser issue then.
Level 8

Thato awesome! Best of luck to all the locall guides entering! :) 

Well, I'd enter but both my laptop (using firefox and edge) and my android mobile just throw up refresh loops. Tried both through the email and the links on this page.


(edit to add:) When you use a refresh blocker it works perfectly fine

Level 3

To fix refresh loop in Chrome install "Auto Refresh Blocker" extension. It helped me. Good luck.

Level 7

Also unable to enter :(

Level 8

auto refresher didnt work on that page either


Hey all,


we just released a fix for the redirect loop. Can everyone who had issues please try again with the links provided above? Thanks