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Local Guides will star in Google Earth Voyager


In honor of Earth Day on Saturday, we’re kicking off an exciting collaboration.

The new Google Earth Voyager features interactive stories from partners like National Geographic, Google Arts & Culture, and starting this week, Local Guides too.


Check out our first list: Amazing Urban Gardens, which highlights both passionate reviews and beautiful photos from the community.

 bosco verticale.JPGCostantino Conti

Over the next few months, we’ll continue to curate lists that highlight contributions from Local Guides like you. To showcase the best places, we want to hear about local discoveries that you think deserve global attention.


Topics will cover nature, culture, travel, and history. So whether it’s a gorgeous bike path, an unusual hike, a beautiful street, or a hidden sculpture garden, make sure to share knowledge about your favorite places on Google Maps and post them here... or to your go-to social channels using #LocalGuides.


So how do we choose who gets featured? For Voyager and official social channels, we're looking for Level 3+ Local Guides who write thoughtful reviews, and take beautiful photos that accurately represent places on Google Maps.


See our community policy for more tips on how to stand out.

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New feature for Local guides on Google earth its really a new environment or will great in future.


Thanks @LucioV + @ShafiulB! Very excited to feature more Local Guides!

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@AlexVeethanks for your insant feedback!!!!

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@AlexVeeVery excited.


@PavelSarwar You can also create lists of your favorite spots right in Google Maps and share them here in this thread!

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@AlexV these are some of my favourite Climbing spots in the world. Some I've climbed, some only in my dreams. Have a look.

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Hii @AlexVee

I am also very excited for sharing my favorite place list in Google Maps

Thanks for sharing these details.

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Thanks for your great article.  Good to see you here.These are the few pictures i shared with world wide members here. Just click on it and see, how our Taj is looks like:  @AlexVee

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DSC_0333.JPGI would like to show a very interesting place in the center of Tbilisi, Georgia. There are beautiful landscape, interesting old buildings and even waterfall.


Thanks @DmytroO can you share the Google Maps link to your photo and/or review of this place?


Thanks @BKGAJENDRA - we're looking for original photos shot by Local Guides, but you can post links to any photos you've added on Google Maps for consideration. Thanks!

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Thanks @AlexVee Wow awesome!

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 Thanks @AlexVee.  This is great.  I like the idea of showing local impacts for global issues.  Keep it up!


Thanks @SamornT and @MichaelGwiz!

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We are going to be 

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Hi @AlexVee i would like to suggest you another collection to feature in Voyager:


Industrial archeology


Some samples:

Roma, Gazometro (Italgas):



 Roma, Centrale Montemartini (the oldest thermoelectric plant in Rome, 1912):

20140524_114809_HDR.jpgCentrale Montemartini








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@AlexVee This is a great initiative. When I was checking the new Google Earth, I was thinking how can we add places in my country. 


I would love to add following places in Sri Lanka. Most of them are UNESCO world heritage sites. I will try my best to add new photos of these sites in coming months.


Ancient City of Polonnaruwa
Ancient City of Sigiriya
Golden Temple of Dambulla
Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications
Sacred City of Anuradhapura
Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha)
Mihintale Temple



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WOW !!! @AlexVee 

There are places in India, like in many other countries, which deserve global attention.

We'll definitely participate and take the advantage of it.

Double Kudos

Hi @AlexVee!

I will add a few places that I think fit the theme such as some local parks. Thanks so much for the heads up!

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Good project I will try to find something good to share.  will we have any rewarded of this project ?
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Level 7

How to get clothes from localguides 

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To your attention some amazing places where I made 360 photos and placed them on Google Maps

In my opinion, the best places in Ukraine that deserve the world's attention:

1. Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. Agree, a beautiful building, nice architecture.


2. The Khotyn Fortress (Ukraine), constructed in the 13-15th centuries, and two 15th century constructions by Moldavia’s ruler Stephen the Great: the Prince’s Palace (Palatul Domnesc) and the city’s clock tower.The fortress is a large tourist attraction for the area and Ukraine. In 2007, the fortress was named one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. It is also a National Ukrainian Architectural Preserve as of 2000.

The Khotyn Fortress-360 photos:


3.Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle (Ukraine) is the real visit card and unique decoration of the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi. The fortress is also called the Old Castle. The fortress is included in the state historical museum-reserve of Kamyanets-Podilsky. The Old Castle is the most important building in the fortification complex, and the first mention of these wood and stone fortifications date from the late XII - early XIII century. The  land  of Kamianets-Podilskyi looked  very  attractive  for  Poland and Lithuania, especially after the invasion of the nomads.The Old Castle is also known that since the 50-ies of the last century, it has become the area for shooting films.

360 panoramic tour

360 photo


4. Arboretum "Sofiyivka".

 This park can rightly be called one of the most beautiful places in the world, gathered in yourself the best masterpieces of landscape art. It's not only the trees and flowers there - here you can see a harmonious blend of water, land, nature, as well as works of sculpture and architecture. Park was founded by Count Stanislav-Félix Potocki in 1796. In 1802 Stanislav presented the park to his beautiful Greek wife Sophia for her birthday.

Sofiyivka 360 photo

5. Dragobrat. Ukraine


  360 photo:

6. St Volodimirs Cathedral in Kiev

360 photos:

I am thankful to Google for creating and providing a program Local Guides, that allows reviews and 360 photos to reach a wide audience.

Best of luck everyone!

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 This is so great. Would love to be a part of it!

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Thousands of photos i have clicked on my camera but no 360 degree videos. So i am unable to attach the links here. Please see one of the picture and the link of that place is adding also.@AlexVee

Nandankanan Zoological Park
Nandankanan Rd, Near Police Station, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 754005
0674 254 7850


Level 9

I am attaching my photo here when i had visited savandurga hills. Savandurga hill :One of the  largest monolith hill in Asia. 1226 m above sea level. There are two temples at the base of the hill  1) Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple and 2) Veerabhadraswamy temple. Trek starting point is from  Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple @AlexVee


DSC_0483.jpgTrekking at Savandurga hills


Savandurga Hill



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Great feature. Now i can know more about that place with stories.

Can't wait to write something

Hi @AlexVee, thank you for the opportunity to write about historical places, I have written a post on the historical palace of my city Hyderabad, india. It was the official residence of Osman Ali khan, who was one of the richest men in the world, the palace has the largest collection of Rolls Royce luxury cars in the world, please go through my post

Hey @AlexVee, I also wrote a post about Qutub shahi tombs, which is the best preserved necropolis outside Egypt and known as the hidden Taj mahal of india.

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This is too awesome guys. I can't believe the possibilities. It's time to get to work. 

@AlexVee, this is great news ! ! Look forward to contribute and enjoy the contributions of fellow LGs'.

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I've travelled to Cambodia, A lot of pictures were taken...After leaving Siem Riep Province ,we went to Battambang, on the way to this Rice province I took this picture...Cambodia's_rice_fields.jpg

Connect Moderator

@AlexVee this makes me happy and I will do few with awesome photographs. I'm sharing few links here but I will focus on new places with good photos and post the links soon.

Mahasena's Palace

Peak of the Sigiriya


Already so many great suggestions! Thanks LGs!

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Hello @AlexV


Topic: history.


This is dark and bloody part of Polish-Ukrainian history. 

"Ukraine" means "on the border, on the edge" in Polish language – for many centuries it was province near to Polish-Russian border. Ukraine has been an independent state since 1991. Earlier, the Ukrainians have never had their own country.

But they tried.

The last unsuccessful attempt was in years 1943-1948 – time of battles, skirmishes, ambushes, retaliation, pacification and crimes...

After this there is many burned and abandoned villages.
Here are some of them:

  • Zawój – only two graves, well and foundations of the orthodox church remained after near 300 inhabitants of the village. There was their homes, farms, mill and oil mill... Inhabitants of the village was displaced in 1947. After this, village was burned to prevent the return. Whole valley is uninhabited to this day.
    Here is grave of Pelagia Shtcherba: killed in October 1945– she's name is Polish, but written using Ukrainian letters on the grave – to me it is symbolic. 
  • Ług  – before war there was shool, shop, orthodox church and 31 farms. Today there is one tomb and eighty-years-old othodox cross: Residents was displaced in 1947 and village was burned.
  • Brzegi Górne  – village founded in XVI century. Peoples displaced to Soviet Union in 1946. Village was burned. Today there is one house (with 3 residents) and old cemetery: 
  • Wołosate  – – village founded in XVI century, in 1946 over 1000 inhabitants (250 farms, 1049 peoples, 19 horses, 522 cows, 38 goats and sheeps...) was displaced and village was burned. Whole valley was uninhabited until 1987. Today there live about 50 peoples.

It was 4 villages on Polish side of border. I'm sure that Ukrainian LGs can find similar places on their side.


Best regards 


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This is awesome!

Level 10

@AlexVee Here are my contributions. 

Place 1: Sarathang Lake, Sikkim, India

At an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level, its one of the highest lakes in the world. Have been there for a 3 day trip.

Place 2: Anshi Nature Camp, Karnataka, India.
Right in the middle of the thick Western Ghats forests, this is a nature lover's paradise, for both trekking & camping.

Place 3: Dobanki, West Bengal, India
Located in heartland of White Bengal tiger reserve, this is an amazing pit stop, before taking your journey into Sunderbans forests.

I've travelled to many remote locations on adventure trips. Would love to feature in this video. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

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Transalpina (DN67C) - Photo album Transalpina
The Transalpina road, or DN67C, is located in the Southern Carpathians (Parâng Mountains). It's the highest road of Romania, its highest point has the elevation of 2145m (7,038ft.) above sea level (at the Urdele Pass). Given the high altitude, the road is closed during the winter.
Probably the oldest road over the Carpathian Mountains, Transalpina was built at the beginning of the 2nd Century A.D. by the Roman legions during their campaign to conquer the province of Dacia. At the beginning of the 2nd millennium Transalpina has become one of the main transhumance routes over the Carpathian Mountains. Paving of the road began in 1930, and in 1938, King Carol II inaugurated the new Transalpina, named "The King's Road" during the monarchy period.
Works began in 2007 in order to transform this spectacular road into a modern highway (148 km), allowing a rapid transit between the Romanian regions of Oltenia and Transylvania. Rânca, a newly developed resort, is located towards the South end of the Transalpina road.
CoordinatesTransalpina road begins at 45°57'19.7"N+23°33'57.3"E and ends at 45°05'16.8"N 23°36'07.0"E.
Distance: 146 km (91 miles) Transalpina on Google Maps
IG_5611.JPGTransalpina roadIG_5613.JPGTransalpina road

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I thought the first post "dissapeared", so I've posted again. Now, that it reappeared, I'm edting & deleting the second post. :)

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Level 7

This is such a great project! Portland Oregon where I live used to be known as "Stump Town" due to all the logging that took place. Now it's filled with beautiful trees both old and young. 


Here's a link to Google Maps, with Portland's Heritage Trees: ‪‬


As a Local Guide I had the honor of adding a very big, and very old tree to Google Maps myself. Here is my review of this special place:


Kudos on all the great local shares on this thread. 




Portland, OR, USA

Level 7

Hi @AlexVee,

In my city Bergamo, there is a beautiful landascape, expecially at the sunset, where you can see 'Città Alta' a small part of the city surrounded by walls and located above a small hill.




















So I suggest you another collection to feature in Voyagers that we will could call Hill.

Thanks for the opportunity,

That is an interesting project!!!! I will discuss with Taiwan Local Guides Community for suggestions!!!
Level 7

Hi @AlexVee

I would like to share a gorgeous place in Taiwan, and here's the link:


Thanks for sharing this good news with us!

IMG_3280.JPG伯朗大道 Brown Path, TaiwanIMG_3284.JPG伯朗大道 Brown Path, Taiwan

Thank you so much @AlexVee for letting us an oppertuinity to expose our locality to the world. Nepal is always been a cynosure of global attention because of her richbess in natural beauty so in many aspects she needs further attention. The 7 Unesco heritage sites like Pashupatinath Temple as one of them are within the capital city, Kathmandu so places are easy to access. But there are some dangerous places like Everest Base Camp, Killer mountain: The Monaslu etc, for those who love adventure. My continuous effort will be expose all knowns and unknowns to the world of map. Loved the program. :)

Level 7

Hi @AlexVee

It's great project, wish I was part of this

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Ohh Big Idea! I hope great pictures