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Learn how some of the top Local Guides photographers get their best shots


Photo Journey.pngCaption: A screenshot from a Local Guides YouTube video featuring part of the Jakarta skyline overlayed with the text “Photo Journey.”

Local Guide Ayaka in Tokyo has shared over 10,000 photos on Google Maps, which have been viewed more than 100 million times. Sebastian, a Local Guide in New York City who shares photos of the city’s subway stops on Google Maps, is not far behind with 90 million views. Curious how they take such intriguing, helpful snaps? Our new YouTube series, Photo Journey, explores that exact question.



In this series, you’ll get tips for taking beautiful photos and learn how sharing 360 photos can show others what places are really like. You’ll also see how Local Guide Vanessa takes photos that help other parents find kid-friendly places in Chicago and how Michael, a Local Guide in Jakarta, uses a drone to take amazing shots of his city. Stay tuned for new episodes, too!


Know a Local Guide that you would like to see featured in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

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@kmajewski I would love to be featured on this series 

really love about video series, very inspiring, and help others to contribute more enthusiastically in creative way.

Thank you very much for making this video!

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hi @kmajewski, I love this post. Thanks for sharing :)


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Excellent Feat!  I Take Photos Lying Down, Underneath Things, And Like To Dress The Pixel Like Models.  Ex: If I Shoot Store Products, I Might Take The Product Home And Dress Them Up Like Below"20180717_102355_HDR.jpgPoor Man's Ramen

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"So, Play With Your Food, LOL" C.G.M

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Ayaka, your video so inspiring for local guide, special for me, n make me trying harder for hunting best picture for contribute in Local Guide.




Amazing Level 10

AMazing video


Level 8

Altınoluk Edremit Balıkesir 2018  aa.JPGAltınoluk Edremit Balıkesir




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Happy to be able to be part of the Photo Journey series 😁 

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Very nice 

@kmajewski Thanks for sharing and help 


AWESOME work & inspirational effort! Keep it up!!! 👍👍👍

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Nice series! :) I really want to know more about these top photographers! :)

Nice post @kmajewski. So many information in one place. Thanks for sharing this with us. 

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That was amazing post @kmajewski!!


Thanks for sharing,

Jafar pasha

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i like the Video so much thanks and Good luck .....
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bel video complimenti
Level 8

Thanks for sharing :)

Well done, beautiful and interesting videos.


BTW, the photo walk are a great oportunity to share experiences, if the september 1st you are near Barcelona you could participate to the photo walk BCN from Gothic to Olympic:


20180604_165510-01-1612x907.jpegCascada Monumental. Parc de la Ciutadella. Barcelona. Photo by Francesc Domingo. Camera smartphone ...





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Realy nice.

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Inspiring video. 

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Nice post @kmajewski thanks for sharing with us.

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I always try to get the best photo possible by taking several photos and then just chose the best one.

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Très bonne et interessante idée ! 

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This is a Local Guides series I need to watch and learn a new photo-taking tip or two for sure.



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Good to lear about this.

A really useful Local Guides Series. We need to improve our shots for uploading better quality photos to Google Maps.

Good Morning from the South of Spain,


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Contributing photos to Maps is one of the great ways to help people find places they would like to go, and further help those who cannot travel physically to travel vicariously through the lens of other Local Guides.


Our photos help people every day and we should always share our best.


Regards Paul

Well said!

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đẹp quá bức anh của bạn rất tuyết vơi 


Thank you for the positive comments.

It is so good to know that others are achieving, and if we keep trying, we will also succeed!

It is wonderful to be able to contribute!

Level 8

Great to see you featured, @AYAKA!

Level 8

Amazing post !!!

Very nice post! Also would like to be featured. Am a Dutch video journalist travelling around in Africa. During my travels I take pictures of the hotels and write reviews. Now level 7 I started approaching hotels to show me around for pictureand reviews. It works out nicely. And this brought me almost to level 8 but am looking at more.

Ruud Elmendorp

Video Journalist Africa

Level 10

This is Ayaka as a this movie's model.

Thank you so much for massage!!
I really apriciate everybody!! 

thanks for post !!
thanks for tag me!!!! 



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@videojournalist Thank you for your message and idea. Please let me know if you have any plan to visit Mwanza, Tanzania. 





@BennieWill let you know!

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Hi @AYAKA. Congratulations, you did a great job.

@videojournalist, welcome in the community (sorry for missing your introduction post). Please edit your posts, for removing the link to your website. This is considered "self advertisement" and is not permitted in the community.

 Please make sure to check out the program rules and this post with tips on how to best participate and interact in this community.

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Thanks for notifying me!

Have edited it


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