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Join the movement to map India’s hospitals

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 Embedded video titled “Local Hero: Mapping Calcutta’s Hospitals”


India has more than 35,000 hospitals spread across the country, and even more clinics and pharmacies. That’s a lot of places to sift through when you’re trying to figure out where to go for the right kind of care or medications. And when it’s about health, getting the most accurate information quickly is important.


Shaunak Das (a.k.a. @DrShaunak) is a doctor and a native of Calcutta. A few months after becoming a Local Guide in 2015, Das began to notice that many of the hospitals and clinics he visited for were not listed on Google Maps, or that their listings contained the wrong contact information. “In Calcutta, the phone number is more important than a website address. People look for a phone number,” says Das.


This worried Das, who knew that people might look to Google to quickly find urgent medical care. So Das began adding to and correcting the information on Google Maps using a directory of hospitals and clinics he had at home. His efforts have made it easier for people all over Calcutta to find nearby clinics and hospitals.

You can help your neighbors and visitors find the best, most convenient healthcare in your community by adding your local pharmacy or your preferred hospital to Google Maps. By including extra details, like the type of payments a hospital accepts or the hours of operation, make it easier for other people to decide where to go. Got a favorite medical shop or a great dentist? Help other people find their business by adding them on Google Maps!


You can easily add a hospital, clinic, or pharmacy by:

  1. Open Google Maps on your phone
  2. Touch the location on the map
  3. Tap the address at the bottom, or the dropped pin
  4. Tap Add Missing Place
  5. Enter the details about the location, like the name, the hours of operation, and the kinds of payments the place accepts

If your family doctor, local pharmacy, or preferred hospital has already been added but you notice there are details you would like to include, you can quickly add any missing information by:

  1. Open Google Maps on your phone
  2. Search for the place in Google Maps and tap the name to open it
  3. Above the address, select Know what features this places has?
  4. Tap the info you’d like to add (think about the things you’d find most useful to know)
  5. When you’ve finished, tap the arrow to the right. Your updates have been saved!

As a Local Guide you can help make your community more accessible to everyone by sharing your most trusted places.




Level 8

@BellaWi Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful story with all the world 😊😁😊😁😊😁

@DrShaunak you are great member :-)

Level 7

Yeh! Health is wealth............

         This profession is very Noble in  nature &  one should get correct information on the tip of his/her finger.

Level 3

Thanks @BellaWi for starting this important topic. And your story about @DrShaunak is very inspiring . VDO shoot is really excellent...Thanks.

Level 9

Hi @BellaWi.

I think hospitals,clinics or pharmacy is the only places which we need in some kind of emergency and Google map is helping a lot on that places.I agree with @DrShaunak that phone number is more important than website. 

You're doing great @DrShaunak.


Connect Moderator

Each of us should think more about what kind of Features are missing in Maps, such that it will benefit our neigbourhood the most. 


Just like what @DrShaunak has set a perfect example for us to follow.


Even the Category is not Mappable by LGs at the moment, we should just tell Google how important it is, and let's hope Google will listen and allows LGs to start Mapping them.

Level 7

I like to echo @SampsonF. Don't always go for the easy points, have a mission that benefits your local community and don't shy away for contributions that do not earn you points and are more difficult to make.


Congratulations @DrShaunak. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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Level 10

Nice story sharing with us 👏 it's helping any other local guides around the world. Thanks a lot! @BellaWi

AWESOME use of Google Technology and the Power of Contribution within a Community to provide valuable content. 

I am on a mission to Google Maps out our rivers in the city of Johannesburg South Africa. From Jukskei River to Hartebeesport Dam and later Crocodile River and beyond.

Every Country needs to Protect its Water so enlightening people visually on the state of our Rivers Globally can affect changes in behavior. 


Do your bit to lighten the load on our Rivers and Dams.  

VMP Level 5
Level 5

Awesome. I need to do this in my community.

Thank u for ur valuable contribution

Level 9

@DrShaunak Nice! 

@BellaWi Yup... contributing hospitals to the maps!

Level 7

Great intiative...👍

Level 8

I'm adding hospital's and medicals both as they both are most important when it comes to emergency 

Level 9

@BellaWi Thanks for your sharing and it's also very informative post for us.

And thanks @DrShaunak for your great contribution on Google Maps.

Thanks again ... :)

Level 8

Great intiative

Level 9

Thanks for sharing this informative post @BellaWi

@DrShaunak you are always inspired us. Great job 👏👏👏

Level 7

@DrShaunak Your work is inspiring to all of us.
@BellaWi Thank you for the article.

Level 9

 Great Initiative @DrShaunak. In my area almost all hospitals are listed, but Local Pharmacies are not. Will try to update that in maps :)

This is a wonderful and mauch needed intiative in India. I'll do my bit in adding Delhi hospitals and pharmacies

@BellaWi Thank you for the post! 


I have been updating hospitals and pharmacies and now on will be concentrating more on those.

Completely agree with @DrShaunak, that phone numbers are more important than having the web address mentioned there.



Level 5

Good effort. Congrats Doctor. It's very useful. I support you by adding my nearest hospitals to this mission.

In kerala , hospitals and now blood banks are up on maps. But will certainly try to add relevant contact nos on each of em 


great job Dr. Shaunak Das

Level 8

Hi @DrShaunak , how are you?

First i want to say the wishes to you sir for local guides sumitte 2016 th and 2017 th.

I am really shocked for your interest in Google map. because doctor's are having so many works but your woon intrest to contribute the map.

So I am so proud of you.

Thank you.

Level 9

@DrShaunakA great video indeed inspiring all with an urge to join Google Local Guides problem for a noble social cause.

Level 7

Good activity...cheers

Level 10

Thanks @DrShaunak  & @BellaWi for sharing inspiring story of hospitals of Kolkata.

Best wishes.

@Raajiv @ReshamDas @Thiruvasagam @ArunMuralidhar


Level 7

Awesome Work @DrShaunak

This is pretty inspiring.

I would also like to do something like this.

Can i know what was that device that you used to click those pictures.

Level 3


Level 8

Its a great helpful topic. @DrShaunak done a greart job. 

Salute for him..

Happy Guiding !!!

Level 10

 @DrShaunak you are a serious local hero , we indians are proud to have you , proud that you represented us twice at the summit , lots of inspiration to be taken .

@BellaWi Thanks for sharing this beautiful post .

Nice, we support to add unlisted hospitals and pharmacy on behalf our South India local guidescommunity

Level 7

I think hospitals,clinics or pharmacy is the only places which we need in some kind of emergency and Google map is helping a lot on that places.

His initiative of adding correct information of Hospitals and health centers is highly appreciable. We all should try to add as much hospitals and health clinics & centers as possible present in our city in Google Map. We should add Chemist locations as well in the Google Maps.

Level 8

Thanks @BellaWi for the wonderful inititive...

I am in...

Dr2 Level 7
Level 7

As a doctor it is not easy for this type job but Dr. Das is very exceptional. I think , he is a good doctor with extra potentiality for the humanbeings . Thanks for the story.

                 Dr. Kajal Bakshi.

Level 8

It's Great Proyect!  Thanks ! 

Level 9

Yes, medical Emergency can be anywhere and hospitals plays a major role in saving a life of a patient. Good Job @DrShaunak.

You're a great doctor doing both saving personally by profession as well as providing hospitals information (mainly phone number). You're amazing.

Thanks for sharing @BellaWi

Level 8

This is wonderful initative and inspring . Will try to adopt this in my area 

Level 7

Great thought. Much appreciated

It is helpful us from @DrShaunak it was more inspirational story and he having ideas given simplified to contribute in Google Map.

Level 6

Hello beautiful people,

I am in level 6,

I want to help people near me by this local guide,

But, yesterday when i am adding a place, sudden some one hit me, then my phone sliped and broken,

I will do more and more work if google offer me a google device,

Hope you understand.

Hi @BellaWi.

I think hospitals,clinics or pharmacy is the only places which we need in some kind of emergency and Google map is helping a lot on that places. 

Level 9

@DrShaunak very inspiring! 

Level 6

@BellaWi Ok I'm gonna map Varanasi, Azamgarh and Ghazipur three major Districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Level 8

That’s really great innovative from @DrShaunak

Very appriciating. I personally meet with this person on my India tour and South Asian Local Guides Meetup. He is an amazing person. 


@BellaWi thank you so much for sharing this story in this great way. People like Shaunak and others are really doing great for this world. 

Level 4


Tried a lot to update 

Parmarth hospital 





The only multispeciality of this area

But google map is not showing on searching nearby hospital of this area

Level 4

Something special is needed to be done for the same kindly help

WOW!!! Quite an idea ... PAKISTAN should follow suit  bcz NAIK kam mein dair nahee krnii chahiye.... Kudos INDIAN fellas...

Level 6

I am so glad we have peopel out there making the initiative