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Introducing new badges on Google Maps


[Updated on Nov 20] Badges are now available for all Local Guides on Android and iOS.


[Updated on Oct 11] Badges are coming soon for everyone, but we’re experiencing a delay on Google Maps for Android. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.


Do you love taking photos? How about reviewing the places you visit? Maybe you’re into exploring new areas, or adding details about places to help others get around.


Local Guides share their knowledge in many ways. That’s why, starting today, we’re introducing badges to recognize different kinds of top contributors on Google Maps.


badging-announcement (1).pngCaption: Screenshot of four new badges in Google Maps: Expert Photographer, Expert Reviewer, Novice Fact Finder, Novice Trailblazer.

Here are the four new badges you can earn right now:



You’ll earn this badge by writing detailed reviews that help people decide where to go.



This badge is for sharing photos of places, so others can see the world on Google Maps.



Here’s the badge for exploring. Earn it by being the first to add, review, or take a photo of a place.


Fact Finder

Earn this badge by checking facts, making edits, and answering simple questions about places to help people find the right information on Google Maps.


By sharing more, you can get upgrades for each one. For example, a Novice Photographer can become an Expert Photographer, and then reach legendary status as a Master Photographer. Your past contributions will be factored in too, so some of you may have already reached that status!


This feature is rolling out over the next few weeks. To see if it’s on your device right now, go to “Your contributions” on Google Maps for Android or iOS. There, you’ll see your progress toward each badge. Tap each one to see how to earn the more advanced version of your new badge.


Level 6

Thanks for this useful information.

Level 5

@udenfox As I noted earlier, this issue is being looked into at the moment and I will share an update when any is available. We understand that this is frustrating but we ask that you allow us some time for investigation. 

Level 7


Hi! I Happy to Inform You that I finally receive an update and now have new badges in my profile!

Hope that badges will not disappear from my profile again.


Thank You for assisting!



I had badges in my profile yesterday. Now I checked again - and badges disappeared. Again. 

I was happy too early :(

I love them. I look forward to have master badges!

So far, I am a master photographer, and expert trailblazer, fact finder and reviewer.


It feels good!

Level 8

@HelloJess  I have noticed how some LGs accomplisments have been publically featured.


While I am proud to be a local Guide and I invite friends and even perfect strangers to join the Google Maps Local Guides efforts; up to now I have refrained from sharing my accomplishments in Social Media simply because the badges detail page looks anonimous:








Shouldn't our names be officially visible on this page so that we can share them with pride?







In less than 4 months...  not to mention that my reviews are of excellent quality...


Best Regards,

~ Virginia Benedict 🕊

Level 8

Wow @VBenedict

2,5 millions de vues. C'est génial.

Vos photos suciter vraiement beaucoup d'intérêt.

Je presqu'a 1 millions. Patience patience


Bonne contribution


Level 8


Merci, J'apprécie beaucoup votre reconnaissance de mes réalisations.


Je veux juste arriver au niveau 9 avant la fin de l'été 2018 

S'il te plaît, souhaite-moi bonne chance 🤞



Level 8

@HelloSamsonR   Congratulations!🏆


Hope you are feeling well today 😑

Level 8

Je vais nous souhaiter bonne chance à tout les 2 puisque j'ai le même objectif que toi. Après c'est le temps qui me manque.



Level 8


Génial! Le meilleur du succès pour nous deux...  🎬

Nous nous encouragerons tout au long du printemps et de l'été et nous consulterons de temps en temps🤳



Level 5

Hello @udenfox @Sagir @CCTseng @AlexM7000, you should be able to your badges on your Google Maps app now. Let me know if don't! 

Level 7

@JeslynL Hi!

I have new badges right now. 

I will inform You if they will disappear again.


Thank You!

Level 8

@JeslynL Thank you, but there's still only level and scores, no badges..... neither on Google Maps app nor Google Maps webpage...

Level 9

 Thanks @JeslynL my contribution badges also disappeared. Please look into the resons.

Thanks and Regards

Level 5

@CCTseng Gotcha. The team will reach out to you in a while. Thanks for being patient with us. 

Level 5
This is to motivate we beginners

After earning this badges what we have to do with it ?

Level 10


Level 8

I have only local guide level 8 badge

But other badges didn't show up

Please help me!Screenshot_UC Browser_20180325-074848.png


Level 8

@Buddhadev same here!

What about the wheres waldo badge?

Level 5

Thanks foe information


Level 8

Hello @HelloJess Thanks for this new feature.But this feature not showing on my phone Google map app.I install Google map app many times.but I don't know why this feature is not show ?.

Give me solution for this.


Thanks & Regards,

Level 5

Hey @Maheshbajaj, I can see the badges on your profile. Here's how to find them:

1. Open your Google Maps app

2. Tap on the hamburger menu on the top left corner

3. Select Your contributions

4. Your badges should appear at the top, along with your Local Guides badge. Tap on your profile icon to view all your badges


Hope this helps!

Level 8

 Thanks @JeslynL for reply.but this is not helpful for me.This screenshot shows what is problem.Screenshot_2018-04-05-12-07-32.pngmy bedges is not showing in this.


Level 8

@Vvincent   @OSAMA & @VBenedict  are aiming for Level 9 (or better) on or before end of summer 2018.


To date, I have 17,844 so I have a long way to go...

How many points do you have vV, O ?

Level 8

@VBenedict hehehe my great friend VB :))) we are similar even in numbers :)))))))))

Level 8

 My loyal & wonderful cyber friend @OSAMA now we must encourage each other.  

Level 8

Hey @VBenedict @OSAMA

Je suis également au même nombre de points que vous 18 629. Le chemin vers les 50 000 points est encore loin 😉


Peux être qu'avec la nouvelle notation des commentaires nous allons faire un bond en avant pour atteindre le niveau 9.


Bonne courage.


Level 8

@Vvincent  @OSAMA  Mais pas trop loin! Nous devons penser positif 🧜‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️



Hello, @HelloJess ! What's happened again with my points? I hope, it's due to Easter? ;-)Screenshot_20180407-180110_1.jpg




Hello, @JeslynL!

It's still strange. A new level is reached, but sticker left oldScreenshot_20180414-084454.jpg



Android 7.0, ASUS ZenFone 5, Google maps 9.74.1

Level 5

@Kirill_Demianenko Please always allow buffer of 24 - 48 hours before points, levels and badges get updated. Thanks!

Thanks for clarification.

Dar Level 8
Level 8

Yes this update is really good for local guides.