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How to follow along with Summit 2017

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1-lgsummit17.pngFollow #LGSummit17 to get updates.

This week, 150 top Local Guides from around the world are meeting in San Francisco to explore, connect with each other, and celebrate the community. Want to keep up with the action during Local Guides Summit 2017? Here’s how:


First, make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, then watch for our #LGSummit17 hashtag. The Summit runs from October 10-12.


We’ll be sharing live video from the Summit on Facebook Live and Periscope. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 11 at 11:30 a.m. PST, when we’ll stream a 15-minute talk about the new Google Earth on Facebook Live. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel to see more highlights from the Summit.


And, of course, we’ll post news and updates right here on Connect.

Level 9

Hey @LawrenceNYC ,

For those of us who didn't make the top 150 who were not invited to this exculusive party what makes you think we want to watch all the fun you get to have?



Connect Moderator

Muy bueno el enlace informativo @LawrenceNYC, para seguir el pulso de la cumbre de los Local Guides del mundo 

Level 6

hmm. to many step n follow. up up

Level 8

Thats great ..... congrats for  lucky 150 Local Guides ... Hope they will  enjoy a lot...


Level 10

I'm with you guys. Love you all, and i sincerely wish you will you enjoy at best this experience.

I wish you will keep the spot for me in #lgsummit18, i want to meet you all.


Level 3

Sanfran is best place for this event. I want join the event, too.

Level 8

@LucioV Together Summit 18 ;-))))

Bring it on 150 wooow wooow

Level 10

We are not there but YES, we would like YOU ALL LGs at SF to share every moment of your stay with rest of LGs from all across the World. Best wishes for a fruitful stay, Enjoy to the fullest.

Level 8

Great event to get inspired.... All the very best to all the LGs who are going to meet there.... Enjoy!!

Level 8

Enjoy guys! Give us a shoutout in your video! LOL! @LucioV I know you'll be there next year :D

Level 9

Felicidades a los 150 afortunados que han sido elegido y van a disfrutar del Local Guides Summit 2017.

Parabéns a todos os Guias Locais que estão participando desse Mega Evento! 

Fico feliz em saber que temos Guias Locais representando o Brasil! 


GL - G+.jpeg






Level 9


Hope  that Google will increase number of LG's participants in the future.

For now just hope you to have a maximum fun and to enjoy this particular event and great moment ;)

Level 7

Nice update for all local guides, hopefully we all meet at summit'18 @LawrenceNYC@OSAMA and @LucioV 

Level 8

Hello @LawrenceNYC

I was selected for the summit but unfortunately did not get VISA. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely follow the Summit activites because I don't want to miss any moment. 

Sweet rememberance to all the Local Guides whom I couldn't meet. 

Greetings from Nepal Local Guides. 


Thanks !!

Level 10

Enjoy guys ✌✌✌✌😍🇹🇳🇧🇷

Level 10

Hello Googlers,( @TraciC) as we all know today the Summit is starting as. I wanted to inquire how we can stay tuned to the event. By now we should all be having updates on were to catch these live updates from. And also as you all know, most of us are from different Timezones from all over the world. Probably when the Summit is been Livestream some of us might be on our bed sleeping by then. How do we catch up with this event later on?saying we missed the Livestream. Should we have a post pinned on connect were we can have all these information. This will be lovely and helpful to most of us all as most times we get our updates on this platform by visiting frequently. Please let us know how we can get on with this event so we can prepare well enough to stay with our pcs or mobiles during this event :). Thank you and looking forward to your response at the soonest.


Kind Regards

Level 9

We will follow all the platforms for updates and news.

Cheers to everyone who has been attending the summit. Waiting for every single photo and video from summit. 

Thanks @LawrenceNYC .

Level 10

@NirajBhusal Sorry to know that you couldn’t get visa. 

@LawrenceNYC @AkmalB @Ch-Marwen @Charleybaits

Level 7

 Have a great time! @LawrenceNYC

Level 1

Congrats for all first TOP 150 guides

Level 9

Have a great time and fun all!

congrats for all friends who area elected, spesial for friends from Indonesia, hopefully next i can join there

Level 8

Have a great time... I wish all the participants a great enjoyable journey...

Level 9

Best of Luck...
I wish all the participants a great enjoyable Summit :)

Level 8

Nice to meet everyone from tonight's welcome reception!



Wow!! Great to see all, proud of those who representing my country!

Level 7

Greetings from Serbia New-fashion-Serbia-Flag-14x21cm-Polyester-Hand-Waving-National-Flag-Serbia-with-Plastic-Flagpoles-Home-Decor.jpg_220x220.jpg#LGSummit17

2017-10-11 08_06_06-Local Guides Connect - Local Guides from Serbia_ - Local Guides Connect.png

Level 7

wow 150 lucky Local Guids. I dreaming to attend the next summit in 2018. I wish all Local Guids to getting this oppertunity because most of all local guids are realy cool.


We are happy here...











Level 10

@lizhuang Nice Picture.

YES, @Seedra, looking forward to meet you in 2018. Best wishes.

@LawrenceNYC @ssvicevic @Arif Hossaini 

Level 8

That is really very great. Best wishes for them.

This time I am missing the summit. Hope in next summit I can join there. :)

Level 7

@ProfArunCMThank you

Hooray! LGsummit17 is underway! Congratulations and enjoy to the 150 attendees! Have an awesome time.  

Thank you so much @LawrenceNYC for this great post about this fantastic event and places we can follow and enjoy the fun. Also many thanks to everyone here supporting this outstanding brilliant annual event rewarding many of the top LG contibutors from all around the world! Sincere thanks to Google for putting on this massive conference, LGsummit17! It is time for celebration! Party on all inviolved! We all know you will enjoy all the creative, interesting, informative and social activities designed to make the best time for everyone there to share. 

I.T. is started with celebration of business excellence all around the world being celebrated in always glorious, and amazing San Francisco with Pre-event Bike rides plus 36' Photo Walks

Already many Local Guides have gathered together to share this marvellous occassion and share it with us via Google Local Guides on Google+ Some are also sharing experiences in LGsummit17 in Google Hangouts Plus as stated here also on YouTube! We wish you all the very best times and are looking forward to seeing and hearing all the wonderful updates and stories, pictures and videos during the event as well as when you return! Enjoy! 


 Here are the Google Hangouts links to join the fun in #LGsummit17


Local Guides Summit 17 Livestream Join the conversation on Hangouts
Sun'Fun'Disco - Uninvited Local GuideRs 😻
@FazZ has invited us all to an official unofficial Hangout Group chat that was shared on connect last week and will help anyone following the noise and also wanting to join me throughout the day (roughly between 10:00 and 20:00) in and around SF... here:
Join the Fun on Google Hangouts Livestreams!
Shine on!

With kind regards





Level 8

Wow Wow congratulations to all participants. Happy for you guys. Thanks for sharing the photos. More please :)

@LawrenceNYC @PonchoGranada @lizhuang 

Level 8

Woowwwwooooowwww !!!!

Its a great show on earth as i thought for all the LG all over this world.


Hope one day we will be there :D


Love you all from Bangladesh.

Level 10

This is very Cool. Great Sharing for us. Thanks a LOT!! @LawrenceNYC

Level 8

@LawrenceNYC Myself being the only person who is hosting Meet-ups in Perth Western Australia I would love to represent Perth in summit 18

Level 8

Yay! that looks awesome! Looking forward to attending  the LGSummit2018!! see ya there!

Good vibes from Colombia!

Level 8

Congratulation to All !!! Have a nice day my all friends !!! wish you all,  all the best. Have a great time ever.

Happy Guiding !!

Happy Mapping !!

Level 9

Keep it up local guides glad to see you all getting rewards by google 

Level 6

we can see how to Local Guides help people to have great experience in other country when they go to the travel, so Local guide have a big power and it's mean that we have a big responsibility! 

Level 10


When the Summit will be organised in Bangalore, India ? What is the eligibility criteria for attending the event, how to get selected ?



Сool photos and all the funny guys

Hello to all the local guides  from Ukraine. 
We are waiting for news in the  program

Level 8

I belive that Google announces new road-editing tools,
because actually GMaps are changing to Yellow Pages where are only info about businesses, but not maps.




Level 7

That's awesome enjoy every local guide who got the chance to attend the submit 

Level 9

This is amazing @LawrenceNYC thanks for keeping us updated. 

Level 7

Harika , Bende Sizin aranızda olmayı çok arzulardım.Fakat hem siyasi hemde ekonomik açıdan imkansız malesef.Yerel Rehber Arkadaşlarımı Tebrik ediyorum.

Level 8


hi, local guide summit 2017 please share me the participate peoples share the live streaming videos on youtube.

we are watching to enjoy this summit in youtube. 

Level 7

Is truly amazing to see all the LG's having fun and interation among them .. Hope to get the chance next time.