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Exclusive: Moderation on Google Maps for desktop


Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.18.41 PM.png"Check the Facts" option now on Google Maps desktop

Late last year, we launched Missions for Google Maps on Android devices. This feature connects Local Guides with contribution opportunities near them, making it easier to submit info that may be missing from a place’s Maps listing. In addition to submitting info, Local Guides can also verify suggestions that others have submitted. We got great feedback, with the top request being to bring the experience over to iOS and desktop devices.


Today we begin the process of expanding this feature by rolling out the ability to “Verify The Facts” on desktop Maps for all Level 5 Local Guides.


Try out moderation on desktop:

  1. Navigate to on a desktop device (make sure you’re logged into your Local Guides account).
  2. Open the = menu on the side, and click “Your Contributions”
  3. Click the “Check the facts” banner under your profile to see a list of places with pending edits awaiting your local expertise.
  4. Choose an edit you would like to moderate and select “Yes,” “No,” or “Not Sure.” You can also click the place’s title a second time to see the information Google has about the place, or click “Search This Place On Google” to find web results.

Over the next few weeks you can look forward to Missions for iOS, the ability to report issues on multiple road segments at once, and the option to report locations on the map that are missing roads.

We’ll continue to iterate on these and more features, working toward the end goal of creating a vibrant, in-product ecosystem for helping keep Google Maps data accurate and up-to-date. As always, we welcome your feedback as you help us test these new features before they are available to the public.


Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.16.22 PM.png

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Long awaited!

Level 7

Great news! Now we can moderate New Local Guides addition. 

Level 5
Is this only available in the U.S. at the moment? Not seeing the "Check the facts" banner up here in Canada.
Level 8


Level 10

Wow! Super useful! Thanks for rolling out this new feature!

This is NOT still available in all areas, including Italy: can you confirm?

Level 8

Omgomgomg!!! Greatest news ever!

So happy to hear it guys, thank you.


@Corrie, when I'll be able to share it in Russian Local Guides community?

Great news @Corrie. It seems that it will take some time to reach me :)


@JasonB @LucioV This is starting to roll out today so it may take a couple days to reach you. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps installed :) I am unaware of any specific country restrictions but will check. 


@Ale5ander You can share this freely :) It is currently only available to Level 5s. 

Level 8

 I'm not seeing this yet, does it take some time to show up?

Level 7

Even though I spend most of my on-line time driving an Android device for me this is much more useful than free Google Drive storage (I know different people's milelage vary). And for sure it is going to produce very useful outcomes for the people Local Guides are trying to support.


For me to get an early look at it is a Level reward worthy of the name. Thank you.






Level 10

@Corrie thanks! I will update all my devices.

But, regarding desktop access, this is supposed to be already rolled out to Italy?

Thanks again,


Level 5
@Corrie thanks for the update!
Level 9

 Hi @Corrie 

Thanks for rolling out this new feature!

This is NOT still available in all areas, including Czechia and Slovakia : can you confirm?

Level 8
This is an excellent idea, hopefully it will be available soon in Mexico.

@LuisHM @Zdenek_Horak @JasonB @LucioV @JoyHawkins This will be available to all of you over the next couple of days. As with all rollouts, it takes some time to reach all Level 5s. In the meantime, please make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps. 


@PeterGO Thank you for your positive feedback :) 

Level 9

@Corrie TNX info!

Level 8

@Corrie Its great..  more esiest way to Uncover missing info

Level 8

@Corrie Great info & update. Thanks for sharing the news with us. 

Level 8

Hi @CorrieD

It's a geat feature!

Hope we could use it soon in Taiwan.


Level 8 - переведено с ♥ на русский специально для Местных экспертов из России.

@Corrie, i didn't understand last phrase about "before they are available to the public". Is it always will be for LG level 5 only? So about which public release you talking about? Thank you.

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@Corrie Super! Thanks for rolling out this new feature. still this feature not available in Sri Lanka and hope it will be available over the next couple of days :)

Thanks  @Corrie


We are waiting for the appearance on maps


@Ale5ander Only Level 5 Local Guides have access to this feature right now. We will update this article when/if the feature becomes available for other people. You can tell anyone about the feature - it is public knowledge now - they just won't be able to use it. 

Level 8

@Corrie Is this Feature available in India.

@Umashankar This feature is available to all the local guides with level 5, but it will take time to reach all of the Level 5 local guides.

Level 8

Ok @MadanKPradhan i am waiting.

Level 7

I am a level 5 LG in Oklahoma City, USA. I do not see the “Verify The Facts” on my desktop. Capture.JPG

 @Corrie Very good Idea, make it easy to verify Informations - Thanks

I think google maps get more Powerful and faster with this

i've tested it before 5 minutes - runs

This is great news!
We have "Map Editing Meet-Up in IKOMA", using this function of Android OS.

Level 10

HI @Corrie

Thanks for rolling out this new feature.

I'm excited to watch these amendments in Egypt soon .

Level 2



Level 7

What about mapping roads adding cities like google mapmaker when these features will be available

Level 9


Great idea.... 


Level 8

excited to hear this news. looking forward to try this sooner on desktop 

Level 5

@CorrieD do you know when it's going to be rolled out in Paris?

Level 8

@Corrie Great... hope to get Map Maker features in the next update soon...

Level 8

Wow.. good news!

Level 10

I do not have access yet..but it's look nice and usefull...

Level 6
Nice! Can't wait.

Thanks @CorrieGreat info & update. Thanks for sharing the news with us. Very helpful for us to manage our contribution in desktop.





Sadeli Zanikhan

Level 8

Hi @Corrie  Thanks for Great  update for Local Guide 5. Thanks for rolling out this new feature.

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Que buena noticia @Corrie , yo ya la estaba comenzando a utilizar en mi Android Phone, pero la noticia que lo llevan a iOS me pone muy contento, la experiencia que tuve en Android fue muy interesante y positiva, el cumulo de informacion, casi llega a abrumarte, quizas porque en la zona que estoy, falta relevar mucho, y otra cosa el hecho de que permita directamente buscar en la web sobre el sitio, es de gran ayuda, permite que uno no salga de la aplicación para buscar corroborar la info en dos sitios diferentes.

Lo que yo opte es que, doy de alta o modifico algo y le falta la foto, guardo en lugares a visitar el sitio, para que posteriormente hacerle una foto y completar la experiencia en actualizacion de datos (en este punto realizo un apartado, solicitando que se podria agregar un botón o un a pregunta de "desea agregar el sitio a sitios a visitar" o algo parecido). Y esto me ayuda en la nueva opción que tiene Google Maps de madarme un resumen de los lugares visitados, para poder completar informacion de esos sitios, si no lo terminé de hacer. 

En suma me saco el sombrero en como estan haciendo que la experiencia de los Local Guides sea la mejor y a la vez ayude, al fin último que es que todos y cada uno de nosotros que usamos Google Maps, tenga la informacion mas actualizada posible.

Como dato adicional la opción en Tierra del Fuego y Buenos Aires esta desplegada para la versión en Android


solamente gracias.


Level 8
Hi CoryD. 
As moderator you may be able to tell me to whom I should send my concern about a correction of a spelling error not being accepted. 
Many thanks

It showed up from today for me. :)

Level 8
I can confirm this is working now in Mexico, at least for me, thanks!
Level 10

hi @Corrie

I can confirm this is working now in Egypt , Awesome

Level 7

شكرآ المشرف / 

انا كثيرآ اعمل بالهاتف الروبوت الذكي.و هي من انواع التابلت تعمل بنظام الاندرويد المصاصة فما فوق و يعجبني الاداء من الاندرويد الخاصة بي.Screenshot_٢٠١٧-٠٣-٠٨-٠٠-٠٥-٢٤_1.jpgهذا من لقطة التحديث الاخير لنظام الروبوت الهواتف الذكية.





تتلخص في الآتي:

عندما تدخل في الخرائط و تقوم بالفتح يظهر العلامة الزرقاء.

1_الضغط على العلامة انبثق ثلاثة قوائم.


عرض الاماكن المجاورة.عندما تضغط عليه تجد كل الاماكن من حولك في متناول اليد بسهولة.

2-خيار معايرة بوصلة النقطة الزرقاء عندما تضغط عليه يطلب منك ضبط البوصلة بالمعايرة و هي موضحة الصورة الجيف.

3_خيار إبلاغ عن مشكلة نقطة زرقاء عندما تضغط عليه تجد قائمة منبثقة يطلب منك تحديد الأمر.

بصراحة أنا سعيد جدآ بهذا التحديث عندما تذهب الى اي مكان او متحرك في الطريق و انت فاتح الخريطة تستطيع الايجاد للاماكن و التحقق بسهولة جدآ.

مع تحياتي لكل الزملاء المرشدين. 

Level 9





It is there.itsthere.jpg



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Just arrived.