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Benefit Unlocked: Ride in Style with Cabify

Google Administrator

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We know Local Guides love exploring so we teamed up with Cabify, a service you can use to book a car, to help you discover more this month. From October 10 - October 23, Local Guides in eight countries have three different ways to explore their areas with Cabify and Local Guides.


1: Benefit

Local Guides in select areas of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and Spain received an email with an exclusive benefit — a Cabify credit to be used on their next four rides.


2: Local Guides car

Want to ride in a Local Guides car? Cabify has hooked you up! Local Guides in select areas of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and Spain who book a Cabify car in the Lite category have an opportunity to be picked up by a vehicle with the Local Guides logo from which they can snag a special item. Did you get into a Local Guides car? Be sure to share a photo using #LocalGuides!


3: Contest

Local Guides in Spain and Mexico have an opportunity to win one month of free Cabify rides just for sharing reviews of places anywhere in the world on Google Maps and entering our contest. Know someone in Spain? Share this contest link. Know someone in Mexico? Share this contest link. The Local Guides in each country who share the most high-quality reviews on Google Maps by October 23 will win a month of free Cabify rides.


We hope you’re as excited as we are about the next two weeks. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences exploring your cities here on Connect, on social media using #LocalGuides and of course, on Google Maps. Be sure to thank Cabify, too! Thanks, Cabify!


We know you may have some questions about the benefit, so below you’ll find a bunch of info we think you will find helpful.


What areas get the benefit and Local Guides car?

  • Chile (Santiago, Valparaiso)
  • Colombia (Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin)
  • Ecuador (Quito, Guayaquil)
  • Mexico (Toluca, Puebla, Leon, Merida, Guadalajara)
  • Panama (Panama)
  • Peru (Lima)
  • Portugal (Lisboa, Porto)
  • Spain (Andalucia, Madrid, Valencia)


I am a Local Guide in the same city as my friend who received the email, why didn’t I receive the benefit?

Local Guides who were signed up for Local Guides in one of the above cities by Sunday, October 9 and who have opted in to receive benefit emails received this perk. To see where you are signed up for Local Guides or to updated your email preferences, please visit your settings. If you are signed up for Local Guides in one of those cities, please check your email preferences as well as your spam or promotions folder.

I just signed up for Local Guides, will I receive the perk?

This perk is only available to Local Guides in the cities listed above who were signed up by Sunday, October 9.

I just changed my opt-in city to be one of the cities where the perk is available, will I receive the perk?

No, this perk is only available to Local Guides in the cities listed above who were signed up in that city by Sunday, October 9 .

Why can’t I use all of the credit at once?

This perk is to be used on 4 separate rides so you can explore 4 new places at a lower cost. We know Local Guides love exploring and worked with Cabify to help you explore more.

What currency is the credit in?

The perk is in your local currency.

What if I take a ride that is less than one of the credits?

If you take a ride that is less than the amount of the credit specified in your email, the remaining credit will not be applied toward a future ride

Do I have to use all four rides?

No there is no requirement on redeeming all four credits. You can redeem one or all four.

What is the deadline for redeeming this benefit?

You must redeem this benefit by December 31, 2016.

How do I activate the code?

Refer to the email sent to you from Local Guides to find your code

Download Cabify's app on Android or iPhone

Enter your promotion code and credit card information

Enjoy a credit on your next four rides as the credit will be applied to your account

Is this a recurring or a permanent benefit?

This is a one-time benefit valid until December 31, 2016.

May I redeem this benefit for cash?

No, this benefit has no cash value and may only be applied toward your next four Cabify rides.

I don’t live in one of those cities but I want a benefit! How do I get one?

The Local Guides program is constantly evolving. If you have a partner you’d like the team to work with or a benefit you’d like to see offered in your area, we welcome your feedback in the comments below. Please also be sure that your email preferences have benefits emails enabled by visiting your settings.

Do the reviews I write for the Cabify contest in my country count toward the Local Guides Challenge, too?

Every high-quality review written on Google Maps during the contest period counts toward the contest and every review written during the Local Guides Challenge period counts toward the Local Guides Challenge.


Si prefieres leer esto en español, visita este post.

Level 9

wow great news . for lucky 8 countrys 

Alguien en  Colombia a utilizado este beneficio.  Saben  si cabify cobra en pesos colombianos. Gracias

Level 2

Si, cabify cobra en pesos COP

 Ok, muchas gracias.

Level 3

Creo que se equivocaron con el cupon, me aparece en android como maximo descuento 2000 dolares... 

got a 4 uses coupon and max discount of 2000 dollars... they just made an error with the coupons?


I hope next time my country(India) may select for other benefits....

Google Administrator

@ChanH Hi there. Depending on where you are, the amount of your Cabify credit is to be split across your next four rides. So if you are in Ecuador, you received $12 to be used on your next four rides, so on each of your next four rides, you receive $3 off. 


I hope I got your question correctly as I am using Google Translate to respond. If you require further help, let me know and I will have a member of the team reach out via email. Thank you!



Level 3

@TraciC well there is something wrong... i will upload a picture... as i got a coupon for 4 rides with a max discount of 2000 dollars... not 12...


the last coupon is the one i got from local guides... i think there is an error 

Google Administrator

@ChanH Thank you for reaching out. We'll be in touch via private message/email to discuss further. I have also removed your screenshot since it includes a unique code, but thank you. :)

Level 7

Nice one!! Please keep this great stuff coming 

Level 2

Bad luck, I am in Quito but no credit card or Paypal account available needed for Cabify.

Level 3

Súper!!!! Me parecen geniales estas iniciativas...

Lo único que quiero resaltar es que, por ejemplo acá en Colombia, dieron un cupón por COP $20.000, en 4 viajes son COP $5.000 de descuento por cada viaje que, no baja de COP $25.000 por trayecto... entiendo que es un beneficio, pero no es tan bueno como uno quisiera... De todas formas son importantes este tipo de incentivos!


Será que se le miden a extender estos beneficios a servicios como UBER???


Keep going!

Level 6

Very nice! I'm surprising of this benefit. This is a motivation for local guides. 

Level 2

yes yes tkds

Level 6

Venia a decir lo de 5 mil pesos pero gracias a @AlejandroE entiendo como funciona. Voy a tratar pero no me deja inscribir mi TC.

Level 5

Que gran noticia. Participando...

Level 7

wow! wonderful offer for the selected countries. go ahead all selected lucky guys. good luck

Está bien.

Level 8

@TraciC, can you please tell which is that special item?

Google Administrator

Hi @Sinval. I would like to tell you but each item is different per market, so you will have to get into a Cabify vehicle to see what is in store for you. :) 

Level 8

Okay @TraciC, I hope to find one Cabify from Local Guides in Porto. :D


Connect Moderator

That is great!


It is nice to see LG Teams are being creative to arrange extra benefits for our fellow LGs.


Looking forward to benefits covering more areas soon!

Level 6

Good stuff! I just got my pop up message while scheduling my upcomming rides down here in Panama.


A big shout out to Cabify Team to disrupt the landscape here and join forces with Google on this topic.



Level 9

Wow.... Congratulations to the selected countries..... Wishing to come to India also ;)

Level 7

Wow .... good news.. 

Level 7

فكرة ممتازة،التحية لكم جميع،الى الأمام نحو المزيد من التقدم في الدليل المحلية،برافو 

Level 7

Awesome. I am an Uber rider and driver in Oklahoma City. It's a pretty good program. 

Level 7

@TraciC These are the cities incuded for the benefit in Mexico:

  • Mexico (Toluca, Puebla, Leon, Merida, Guadalajara.

Why Monterrey is not included? Please clarify or help to correct it. It is a great motivation to the Local Guides in those Cities.



@TraciCOk! Monterrey seems to be included, I introduce my code and it seems to work! please, if possible, update the benefit!

Google Administrator

@MiguelAngelE Some Local Guides benefits are not available in all areas. The Local Guides program is constantly evolving so you never know where a benefit will pop up next! :) You can still enter the contest as it is open to all of Mexico. 

Level 7

Wow, Great News For:
Chile (Santiago, Valparaiso)
Colombia (Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin)
Ecuador (Quito, Guayaquil)
Mexico (Toluca, Puebla, Leon, Merida, Guadalajara)
Panama (Panama)
Peru (Lima)
Portugal (Lisboa, Porto)
Spain (Andalucia, Madrid, Valencia)

Wait to see on my Area, #Cambodia too.

Level 2

Hi @TraciC I have been emailed about a change in my discount code, when I enter this code it give me only $3 and not $12 as original promotion said.  Thanks.prom.PNG


Hi @ReynierP

The benefit is still $12, but split across 4 rides so it is $3 off each ride. 


Let me know if you have any other doubts, 


CB5 Level 6
Level 6

I got the 20€ discount for the four rides in Madrid. And I happen to use Cabify or Uber often, so it's cool, I'll definetely use this.

Level 9

Some suggestions for benefits and perks


  • Create more level and perks
  • Let's create limited time test drive: there is a lot of new hardware to be tested, Google Home, Google Pixel, new Chromecast.... give us for a limited time, 1-2 month and transform ourself in brand ambassador
  • create some "local guides like" stickers for our beloved activities and shops
Connect Moderator

Suggestion for benefits

華人社區於農曆新年有送紅包的習俗。 而要用到紅包。 

LG Team如可以找廠商生產, 給在地嚮導們預訂, 是很有特色而又應景的好東西! 


Level 4
Stickers in the shape of the Local Guides "marker" logo would be nice to have. :)
Level 8

I wish if it was available in India too! Lets hope for next time...

Level 6

Excelente promoción!!!! Yeii!!

Level 4

Gracias a Google Local Guides y a Cabify por este beneficio

Level 7


great idea, I wish it gets applied in Bahrain as well.




Level 5

Hope you tie-up with a cab company in India as well.

any good news for indian local guide 

Level 5

Great Event

Level 9

I must say that the areas of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and Spain should share more of photos and quality reviews than anyone else on Google Maps as they have this benefit. 

Level 3

Hola! Inscribí mi código pero al usarlo ayer no se usó el crédito. ¿Por qué habrá sido?


Hi! I applied the code and yesterday I took I ride but the credit wasn't used. I was charged and my credit remains intact. Why was that?



Google Administrator

Hi @CamilaO! I'm sorry to hear that.  A member of the team will send you a private message to see if we can't figure this out with our friends at Cabify. :)

Level 7

شيئ جميل واراع 

Level 6

Excelente promoción!!!!! Yeii

Level 4

Voy a tratar de probarlo en Valencia a ver que tal, primero ha que registrarse,¿no?


Hola @PabloV!


En efecto, tienes que registrarte primero. Tienes toda la información en el hilo que hay sobre Local Guides y Cabify en el tablón en español.


Si tienes alguna duda, dinos :)