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Be the first to share video on Google Maps

Google Administrator

As a Local Guide, you know that photos have the power to help people see the world and make decisions about where to go. But there’s a lot you can learn about a place by seeing it in motion. That’s why we’re introducing video on Google Maps.


Today, Local Guides on Android have the chance to add the first-ever videos to millions of places. The possibilities are really exciting: Take viewers on a mini tour of a store you love, or show the bustling scene at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. You can even do a quick review where you showcase a place’s best item or offer tips for visitors. (More inspiration: How to create videos that stand out on Google Maps.)


If you’re a Local Guide on Android, you can get started right now.


How to create a video when you’re at a place:

  • Search and select a place on Google Maps
  • Scroll down and tap “Add a photo”
  • Tap “Camera” and hold the shutter button for up to 10 seconds 

How to upload a video you’ve already shot:

  • Search and select a place on Google Maps
  • Scroll down and tap “Add a photo”
  • Tap “Folder” and select a video. Only the first 30 seconds of a video can be added.


Visit the Help Center to learn more about sharing videos.



Caption: Video showcasing how to take a video on Google Maps


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use this feature on my desktop computer or iOS device?

Right now, you can see videos on Google Search results for places in a web browser, but you can only upload videos on Google Maps for Android.


Why can’t I see this feature on my Android device?

If you’re a Local Guide and you can’t see or upload video on your Android device, try again shortly. The feature is rolling out gradually, and you may not be able to use it immediately.


Do videos earn Local Guides points?

You get 7 points for each video you upload.

Level 8

Like many other things ... in my country is not working. Unfortunately
  : |


@bridan ikr!!! But in all honesty and ig fairness GOOGLE is android platform 

Level 10

If I try to upload a video which is about 50 second long, so Google Maps will just keep the first 30 seconds of that video to keep it on Google Maps, do I think right? 

Please help me to understand exactly. Thank you 


Level 3

Hi MegS,


Indeed a very cool feature of google maps. I do have a thing with the image quality of the 1080p videos I upload.

How I can improve the image quality? Where can I set the quality settings?

What more information can you give me on this topic?


Something else. I have seen a 5 min. video on google maps. How is this possible? Did google change the max. 30 sec. policy?


Kind regards,


J.B. Woldringh

I'm a local guide, lvl5 only, but I've been getting error messages any time I've been trying to upload a video review.  I've done it so many different ways.

Under 30secs, Under 10sec.  Via my Samsung Galaxy S8 google maps app. Via desktop.  I've try via uploading and via google drive because I saw that as an option.  All options fail with an error message saying try again later.


I am in/from Canada trying to review a local Canadian business.  Is that an issue, country?


File size is 15 or 5 mb (29sec or 9 second)


Keep getting errors.  The Stars and text portions of the review are allow, but with the video it fails.


We saw Mike Blackmore talk about it and got excited and started telling other businesses about it and people tried to review and told us about it wouldn't work.   I also thought it might have something to do with not being a local guide, 


But when I tried, still nothing.


Thoughts anyone?  Google?

Level 8

@KevinSchulthies Pretty sure this might be a known error. 


If you attempt to upload an image and a video at the same time it creates an error, regardless of your android/desktop version. Video must always be uploaded separately. 

My process is to upload the review and all images first, then edit the review and add the video after posting. 


The country is not an issue. 


Does that help?

@BenKlein  Good attempt, but I've not uploaded photos and video at same time.  Only tried the video.  Maybe Should I attempt a picture first, then try a video on another edit attempt? - Another Note - My Galaxy 8 only shows photos, and no video thumbnails are present to try to upload from the official google map app under edit reviews and click on the photo button.  

Level 8

@BenKlein   @MegS 

I always have to go to the video and sare to gloogle maps, search for the review, and post.


I find this cumberson and annoying since it does not always post and have to wait a day to make sure I am no double posting.



@VBenedict weird, but your idea did kind of work (maybe) It got me further. Going into my Photos, clicking the 29sec video, then SHARING to the Google Maps app brings me to the same screen that under reviews allows you to pic only photos, but this time the list of thumbnails includes all my videos, with the one 29sec video checked marked.  I did submit and gave me 7points (woot) But it was not part of my review and was asking about the general post.  


Will wait a day and see what's up.


But what's funny is we know another local guide , he's level 6, who did submit a video review to same business, and somehow (50secs that got truncated at 30) but his video got posted right away to the business's list of photos (and now his one video)


I'll email him and see what issues he had if any and how he did it and which OS / phone etc


Keep the ideas coming if anyone else has run into this not allowed to upload video

Level 8



One video took 4 tries before it actually loaded.

I have noticed that if the business does not have a Video tab as a child of photos it is unlikely it will actually publish 85% of the times. That is eventhough it appeared to had completed the upload.


BTW, if you want to gel other LGs to get involved in testing for Video you will need to tag a few people.


@MegS  @BruceDM


@OSAMA   @MiaMaria  @Osaka78



Please share your experience with uploading videos to Google Maps and Tag others por favor.