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Ask and answer questions on Google Maps


 UPDATE: This feature is now available to all Local Guides on both Google Maps for Android and Google Search on any mobile device. 


Q&A (2).gif


There’s a new way to learn and share knowledge on Google Maps for Android, and we’re inviting Local Guides (Levels 2 and up) to try it now.


Want to know a restaurant’s most popular dessert? Or if a museum offers free tours? Or the best place to park near a popular beach? Now you can ask questions about places directly on Google Maps.


When you ask a question, we’ll send it to business owners and other people who know about the place. When you get an answer, we’ll notify you through Google Maps. You can also help answer questions from others.


See a great question? You can upvote it. Upvoting makes popular questions more visible, so they’ll be more likely to get answered. You can also upvote helpful answers, so others can find them easily.


To try it right now, search for a place on Google Maps for Android and look for “Questions & answers.” Or, check it out on these top sites around the world:


Abbey Road Studios, London


Abbey Road Studios-London.pngAbbey Road Studios, London (photo by Bintang Pramodana) 


Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi


Humayuns Tomb-New Delhi.jpgHumayun’s Tomb, New Delhi (photo by Chandan Anand)


Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka


Kuromon Ichiba Market-Osaka.JPGKuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka (photo by Ramlee Tamin)


Opera Bar, Sydney


Opera Bar-Sydney.jpgOpera Bar, Sydney (photo by Wilson Yan)


Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas


Frontiers of Flight Museum-Dallas.pngFrontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas (photo by Isaac Recuero López)


We’d love to hear what you think of this new way to talk to others on Google Maps. Let us know.



If I ask a question, who will answer it?

Other people on Google Maps can answer your questions, and so can business owners. To help you get an answer quickly, we’ll notify people we think can help answer your question.


Why can’t I use this feature on my desktop computer or iOS device?

Right now, questions and answers are only on Google Maps for Android. We will be rolling the feature out on mobile Google Search soon, so watch for more.


Do I get points?

You get 3 points for every answer you provide on this new feature.

Level 8

Great news @lisawang!

Appart from getting interesting insights from local experts, I find it's a nice way to get in touch with local people when visiting a new destination :-)

Level 10

Приветствую lisawang!Спасибо за сообщение.

Хорошо бы чтобы изменения анонсировали хотя бы за день -два  до введения изменений для ведуих участников форума.

А то приходится гадать что это выбрали аккаунт для эксперимента или смена функционала.

А сама функция очень хороша .Будем старатьс пользоваться.

С уважением Виктор.



Level 8

This is really very nice new feature , thanks for sharing @lisawang 😊😊😊

Connect Moderator

@lisawang! I noticed this feature and gave it a try! The restaurant was new though, so I didn't have many responses yet.  Will try with other locations! 

Not applicable

Thank you @lisawang from Ronda Spain 😉👍👏👏👏🇪🇸

Level 9

Felicidades @lisawang por la mejora de preguntas de establecimientos.

Level 10

Hi @lisawang I've tried the feature as it was released and i tried submit a question to a business I manage through GMB, but I didn't received any notification on this, nor on the GMB console.

Could you please, explain better how the workflow should work?



Hey @LucioV


You'll get a notification for any question asked about your business by a user other than yourself or another owner of your business. We figured you would already know about questions you were posting so wouldn't need a notification :) 


Let me know if you have other questions!

Level 10

Ok @lisawang thanks! Got it! I will make a test with some other user! :) Thanks for clarification!

Connect Moderator

Es realmente genial la opción que agregaron 👏 @lisawang, Google Maps se vuelve interactivo espero que pronto este también en iOS, gracias.

Connect Moderator

Great new feature @lisawang. Can't wait for iOS users like me to get access to this new cool feature.




Which Google employee writes the Guidelines for Communications policies on Google Local Guides???


It is not unreasonable to share at least our Google+ Business Page information or Personal Google + Page information since Google Local Guides does in fact have its own Google + Business page AND allows Google + Users to follow each other on the Google Local Guides Google + Business Page, And share commentary on the Google Local Guides Google + Business Page.


Therefor, the current Guidelines are not all inclusive and are counterproductive and need to be updated immediately.



Steven Matthew Lucas

G Suite Super Admin, Google Local Guides Contributor, Social Media Dev

Level 9

It's a very good feature @lisawang

To direct interact with business owners and local guides who knows the place better and it's a benefit for buisness owners to improve their services. Hopefully peoples not misuse this feature. 

Level 8

This is a great new feature. I cannot wait to try it out. @lisawang

Connect Moderator

@LucioV, do you notice about the announcement feature of GMB?  It is really neat and useful.


When I have notice this new feature via Maps Beta, I posted an question, then one of the POI becames offline - Maps cannot load the data.


When Maps got updated yesterday, the POI loading is normal.


Thank you very much for bringing this feature to us.  Someone ask to have Chatting in Maps, and the dream has came true.

Wow nice feature @lisawang. Will test the feature.

Level 8

This is a interesting idea. Hope to hear it soon.

Level 5

This is super cool! *borrows a friend's Android phone to check it out* 

Very useful feature @lisawang, thanks for sharing.

Level 8

Its a good feature @lisawang

I have already submitted my first question to a business.....its cool.

thank you for information @lisawang

Anar from Baku, Azerbaijan

Level 9

@lisawang This is a good feature. Yesterday I received a question and I was wondering. :)

Level 8

Nice feature to add. Do automatic translation also work with "questions" as it does with reviews? @lisawang

Level 7

Hi @lisawang excellent and super useful new feature! I actually suggested a very similar feature here on LG Connect last year (as per below link) I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but still it feels good :)


Kind Regards,

Ivan London 

Level 8

It will be insighful for everyone.

Level 10

Great new feature. 

Level 9

This is great improvement @lisawang. My friend who's Android user already tested it. Any ETA when it will be available for iOS users?

Connect Moderator

Hi @lisawang,


I sent all of the tops sites in your article to my Android phone, and open with Maps Beta.  I find none of them has the Q&A section listed in the Place Card.


However, I have more and more places in HK having the Q&A sections listed.


Like  I posted my 1st question at, but there is no answer yet.

Level 8

Hi @lisawang i just saw it on my iOS phone though. Question: How many pts per Q&A? Thanks.

Level 8

@lisawang This feature is very useful . I have answered 2 questions , 

Level 9

@lisawang Thanks for the update. I love this feature.

Level 8

Thanks @lisawang for sharing this is a great additional feature!!

Level 9

This feature is very helpful and from this feature we will get accurate information. I've already used this feature.

@lisawang Thanks for share...:)

Level 8

Great news @lisawang!

Level 8

Was wondering if anyone else noticed the new category of Q&A on the Contributions page.  I have included a screenshot below:

contributions.pngNew Contribution Q & A!

 I got this after I asked a question as well as answered a question on my Google Maps App.  Anyone else notice this?




Level 9

 Thanks @lisawang for updating the map with very very useful feature. By going through the problems being faced by other LGs. I think here that being a newly introduced feature it may some more time to become most useful feature.


I often use desktop version of map @Somsenater. I will check it on app. Thanks for info.

Level 9

Hi @Somsenater,

Yeah I did noticed Q&A and gained 6 points for two replies. I have already uploaded the post about the Q&A. 


By the way there is also a video option in new version of Google Maps (9.59.1)

Level 8

@AjitW I tried to figure out how to do the video, but still don't understand how to upload a video...

Level 9

Hi @Somsenater,


For Video option I have uploaded new post. But no one responded.

Level 5

شكرا للمعلومة

Level 10

Saw today that Questions and Answers will show up in our contribute :)


Level 5


Yes, you will get 3 points per answer.. for make you happy...

Level 8

A good job!

Level 7

Cool feature

Level 8

@LucioV  I set up one listing with the feature that I turn on and off based on availability and use the Allo app with it so I know the source of the message only goes to that app.

Level 8

Thanks @lisawang 


Cool new feature. It's time that I carry an andriod phone along with my iOS so I do not miss any of these cool new handy features. :)



Level 8

@Badruddeen It is pretty interesting because you also get questions regarding any location that you have contributed. I had taken a photo of the local state motor vehicles office since it was on contribute. Then just yesterday I got a notice of a question regarding how seniors are handled. Answering the question was 3 points. So for the top contributors (level 10s)  that have huge amounts of views may be getting a lot of questions as well as the business owner if they have claimed the listing. The dynamics of Google using this to create a whole new body of content that is unique and relevant to a location is vastly increasing based on this program and the resulting interactions!!! Neat.

Level 8

@davidcox Totally agree and the way Google Maps is evolving we can expect more to come. Most importantly getting relevant and uptodate information is critical and we have a huge roll to play to make it happen. Thank for the new point system. Yessss! It's cool.


Thanks and Cheers David