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Announcing this year’s big event: Connect Live 2018!

Google Administrator

CONNECTPOST.gifCaption: Image showing Connect Live branding: a global skyline with fireworks.


On behalf of the Local Guides team, I’m excited to share that we’ll be hosting another event this year for top community members!


For the past two years, we’ve held what we called the Local Guides Summit at Google in California.


This year, we’re changing things up a bit. Get ready for Connect Live 2018! It’s a new kind of event to honor our community’s diverse passions. Attendees will still have a chance to give feedback directly to Googlers. They’ll also get tips on topics like taking amazing photos, helping people with accessibility needs, and sharing discoveries.


As part of the change, we’re also being more inclusive this year when it comes to applications. All Local Guides level 5+ are eligible to apply for a spot. While attendance is limited to 150, we will have more opportunities than ever for Local Guides of all levels to feel like they’re a part of the excitement—before, during, and after Connect Live.


Ready to learn more? Keep reading!


The Basics

  • Dates: October 16 — 18, 2018
  • Location: San Francisco and Mountain View, California
  • Applications open April 11, 2018
  • Applications close May 1, 2018
  • More details on the Connect Live 2018 site
  • Follow along on social media using #LocalGuidesConnect




So, no more Local Guides Summit?

That’s right. This year’s event will be just as big and exciting, but we’re calling it Connect Live to better represent one of the best parts of the original event: the chance for Local Guides to connect with one another in person and online.  


When do applications close?

May 1, 2018 (April 30 at 11:59pm UTC)


What is your selection criteria?

Applications will be open only to Local Guides Level 5+ during the application period.

Applicants will be selected based on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

The submission of a complete application with the following requirements:

  • Each Local Guide must submit a 1-minute video message, appearing on camera to share reasons for applying
  • Each Local Guide must submit a post here on Local Guides Connect with an introductory message and more insights into their experience with the program

We’ll also be looking for:

  • Fantastic contributions to Google Maps in the past 12 months
  • Consistent involvement with the Local Guides community such as being a Connect moderator, meet-up host and active Connect contributor
  • The ability to understand and speak English

What is the age requirement to apply for the event?

While participating in the Local Guides program requires a minimum age of 18 years, all Connect Live attendees must be at least 21 years old prior to the event. That is because 21 is the legal drinking age in the United States and alcohol will be present at some events.


What makes a good application video?

We’re looking for Local Guides to give us a glimpse into their personality to share why they are a Local Guide and why they want to attend this year’s event. You do not need to create a video with special effects or video treatments—just be yourself!


Will Local Guides who attended previous events be eligible to attend Connect Live 2018?

All applicants will be considered based on the factors listed above. Attending a previous event neither guarantees nor disqualifies a Local Guide from being eligible to attend Connect Live 2018.


How many people will be selected to attend this year’s event?



Will you watch every video?

Due to the volume of applications received, we will be prioritizing the review of applications based on a number of factors (outlined above). If you have a tracked link or views logged on your video, please note that the view count or tracked link usage may not be accurate and does not indicate the status of your application.


I don’t speak English, will you provide translation?

This event will be entirely in English. Attendees will need to confirm that they can communicate in English.

Do all application materials need to be submitted in English?

Yes. Connect Live will be hosted in English without translation services, so an understanding of English is a requirement to attend. In addition, all application materials should be submitted in English, including your Connect post, and the 60-second video.


Do you only choose one person per country?

No. We aim to invite a diverse audience of attendees who are enthusiastic about Google Maps and we do not have country-specific spots for Local Guides.


Where do I put my Connect post?

As with all posts on Connect, you should publish your post on the most relevant board. Boards include General Discussion, Travel and Advice, Let’s Meet-Up!, Share Your Photos and Discoveries, Photography, and Mapping Your World. The Connect post you include in your application should define you and/or your experience with Local Guides. The post must be written in English and can be something

new or previously published on Connect.


Will you pay for my travel?

Travel (flights & visas) and hotels will be arranged and paid for by Google, however, all visa costs must be first paid by selected attendees and they will receive a reimbursement. Meals will be covered by Google for the duration of the event. If selected, guests will be able to extend the trip at their own expense.


What happens after I submit an application?

You will receive an email within a week confirming that your application has been received.


When will the selected applicants be notified?

Selected applicants will be contacted privately by June 20, 2018.


Will I be told if I haven't been selected?

Yes. We will let you know by June 20 privately via email. Keep an eye out for future events and announcements by keeping in touch with Local Guides here on Connect, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Traveling to the United States became more difficult in past year; will my country of origin impact my ability to apply for or attend Connect Live?

Attendees will be selected to attend the event based on the criteria listed above and not on their country of origin. Google will be working with a third-party travel agency to navigate and expedite the visa application process, following all government laws. However, if you are selected and your visa application is denied, an alternative attendee will be selected to attend.

You can learn more about traveling to the United States by visiting


Level 10

Wow. Finally :)

Good luck to every applicant! :)

I can’t imagine how much work you will have to do this year! The program is getting huge, and Applications will be thousands .... 

Finally the application is open

Level 9

Best of luck to everyone 

Level 8

Finally it's live, Good Luck Everyone.

Level 7

I've been waiting for this announcement! Woohoo! Looking forward to getting my ducks in a row to apply! 


(Literally shouting with a big smile on my face as I type this) 

Connect Moderator

 Best luck! Let's celebrate #LocalGuides!

Level 8

Great news. I am so happy. Finally woooohooo. 👏👏👏👏👏



Wishing success and good luck to all Local Guides.

Level 9

Finally !

Best of luck for all applicants :)

Level 9

Awesome! Love the re-branding and the theme behind it. Thanks, @TraciC! Sending best wishes to everyone on their applications and submissions!

Good luck everyone!! 😎
Level 8

Finally the application is open

Level 7

best of luck guys 

Level 7

Thanks for sharing @TraciC Awesome caption. Time to connect with fellow local guides around the word

Level 9

Good Luck every one :)

Thanks for the news @TraciC

Level 7

Eeeeh finally ! 🎉🍾

😊 Good Luck  for all the Local Guide....

Level 8

Glad to still be an active community member, and of course another avenue to connect with other Local Guides from around the world.

Connect Moderator

Wow, let's start. It's rock 'n roll

Level 10



Semoga kita dapat terhubung secara positif dengan semua bagian dunia. 


Local Guides yang terpilih dan tidak terpilih tetap berkontribusi benar dan baik demi untuk informasi yang terang benderang dari setiap bagian dunia. 


Dan... Menjadi Local Guides yang merubah dunia menuju dunia yang lebih baik dan berkelanjutan 


Salam dari Bogor,  Indonesia


Hope I could make it this year... And congrats to those who apply... 🤗💪💪

Level 8

Hope For the best

Level 10

Hi guys,


Good luck to everybody!



Level 9

Wow thank you @TraciC for bringing back this exiting news! Wow.. still remember and feel how is the exitement of Local Guides Summit 2017 and now changed to Connect Live. Hope we meet again at Connect Live. Hope meet and connect deeper with @OSAMA and other passionate Local Guides from around the world at Connect Live 2018 too.. 

Level 9

From #Summit to #ConnectLive... opportunity for all #LocalGuides to connect and share ideas in person. Looking forward to seeing my worldwide friends @OSAMA @Justine @Sagir for a meetup

Level 10

#ConnectLive2018 Hoooorah! 😍😍😍

Level 9

Wow great news for every one

Best of luck

Level 9

 All the best everyone...

Good luck...

Level 8

Hahaha brooo @BudionoS sure i will meet you 😁😀😁😀

Level 8

Wow... finally 2018 Summit... excited about it.

Level 8

Best of luck to all local guides for this year........

Google!!! we are coming.

Level 9

Yeh ! Good Luck Everyone!

Level 9

Finally  👍👍👍👍

Best of luck to us all...

Level 8

Wow, what a surprise! It looks like a fresh rebranding and more and more accessible by everyone (I notice the "LIVE" name there, that's great). Can't wait what Google will brings for this year's event.  All the best wishes for the applicants. Go go go!

Level 5

Yaaaasssss! Exciting news, let's get it started! 🍸

Level 8

Awesome! Looking forward to this connection. Way to go Google..... All the best to applicants.

Level 7

wooohoo !!
Good luck for all applicants, meeting Local Guides from around the world will be the best thing about the community, especially meeting these motivated moderators in person.

I am beyond excited!! I'll be applying soon and see you guys there!

Level 8

Great news....

At least !!! 

We can be more happy now 😁

Good luck to everyone!!! ☺️☺️

Level 10

Great news! @TraciC  Best of luck for all applicants. 

Connect Moderator

All the best to all applicants! Try our best. Remember even if we are not selected (there will be so many applications this year as it's Level 5+ onwards, and there are just so many amazing Local Guides), even if we are not selected, we can have our own "get together meet up" locally in our own place during the Summit time and join in at least in thought. :-)

Special wishes to all best friends online here.. 


Level 8

Whooo how exciting! 

It was so good last year. good luck all.

Connect Moderator

Best of luck to everyone! Let's celebrate :)

Level 8

Excellent news .. 


Congratulations to all having the chance to apply ..  


One more amazing summit on the way :)

Level 6

Wow it can be big moment let's make togetherness between all of us

wohoo! lets do it!

Level 7

Yaay!!! Finally. I am so excited to hear this. 

This looks awesome! Can't wait to apply!

 Hi @TraciC

What a Great News!!

Best Of Luck Everybody. 

I will go, i have great reason. Please pray google approve for me.