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Announcing new levels & ways to help your community

Google Administrator




We know Local Guides love discovering new places on Google Maps and helping others make better decisions. Many of you have also shared feedback about the program over the last year, and we’ve listened.


We rolled out new levels, new badges, and an update that rewards even more points for your contributions that help people most.


More ways to contribute and points that reflect your impact

Higher impact contributions, like being the first to add a place on the map or leaving a thoughtful review, earn more points. We’ve also added more ways to contribute. Local Guides can now earn points for rating places and checking facts on the map added by others. Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes. You may have even changed levels.


Contribution Points.png 

Instant recognition

You’re now instantly recognized for your contributions. A “thank you” screen will display how many points you’ve earned for contributions like reviews and photos.



Reach new levels

Along with the updated points, come five new levels. That’s right, you can now reach up to level 10, a status we know many of you have been eager to attain.

With these new levels come fantastic new badges for levels 4 through 10. This allows you to update your badge with each milestone, and stand out as a top Local Guide. These badges will appear next to profile photos for Local Guides on Google Maps and across relevant Google channels.  




For example, this means I, Traci, went from Level 5 with 3,294 points...


Before.png being Level 8 with 37,270 points:






New perk

In celebration of the launch, eligible Local Guides Level 4 to 10 can earn a 3-month Google Play Music subscription and 75% off a movie rental from Google Play Movies. There’s still time to level up before the August 31, 2017 deadline. Learn more.




Want to see your new level? Visit your contributions

Don't yet see the new levels and points? Be sure to have the latest version of the Google Maps app


As always, if you have any questions about the Local Guides program, visit the Local Guides Help Center.

Level 8

Thanks @TraciC! I've just saw the red line later (**####** hahaha). I'll wait :)

Level 9

Hi @TraciC


Will this be available on desktop as well?


BTW, I'm LV 6 in Maps Help, but 5 elsewhere. How does that get fixed?  



Forgot to ask: Are points awarded for suggest an edit after they are applied (published) -- or are they awarded for edits suggested but not applied as well?

Google Administrator

LOL, @SarahKa! :) 


@MapWrangler Yes, it will display on desktop once available. Regarding your level being different in two places, can you share more information on a thread in "Feedback & Feature Requests" with screenshots, where you're seeing the difference, device(s) and version of your device(s) and Google Maps app, if applicable? Please tag me in this post  so we can look into this. Other times, feel free to tag any Google Moderator


Points will only be awarded for edits once they are published (applied), which is consistent with how points were previously awarded. :)

Level 8
Level 7

Climbing up the ladder @TraciC

Level 8

@TraciC thanks for shareing this new idea here. In this issue I want to mention one thing that to use strong filter for reduce spamming. Now a days lots of people are doing spamming on google map. If you do so it would be better environment to other map user and local guides.

You mention some scope where we can earn points seperately. Could you please add one more catagory for getting points?? That is for uploading 360 photos. That will be more clear recognition for who are adding photos on map.

One extra sector for Trusted Photographer and 360 photos.

Hope you get my point.

Thanks a lot. Please let me know, if your planing sopmething like that.

Level 3
The current system gives 1 point for reviews. Will these points be corrected for users or will this be moving forward?
Level 7

Great news

Level 8




Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes. You may have even changed levels.


Level 5

Will you recieve points for previous additions (If you added a new business for 1 point before the update, will you get 14 points added)?

Wow awesome.. Need to see which level I will be at once it is updated :) Photos that I have uploaded so far will make the difference. Motivated to add more stuff to Guides. 

Level 6


There's a link on the official blog post to an internal Google resource!

Google Administrator

Thanks for letting us know, @xd1936, we'll be sure it gets updated to the correct part of our Help Center which is this page, linked to above:

Level 6

@TraciC I like these new changes a lot, but I think you should diversify the score for classic photos and photosphere! The time and tools needed are different and the impact on the user too!

Level 6

Will be fun to see how far I will go now. I have almost 2000 questions answered, so that should be a boost to my current 300 points. Great improvement to the program, well done Google!

Level 7

A lot of people were asking for this.. as havig 500+ and having 6000 were at same level which wasn't justifiable ...

Now atleast ppl who work hard on this, have Higher Levels.. And there may be Perks seperately for them atleast...

its differentiate the Type of contributor, the level u achieved, the higher priority person to be dependent upon for True Reviews, etc.

Thanks, Thats a great and appreciated Update. @TraciC 

Level 8

This is so exciting! Can't wait!

Challenge accepted @TraciC


This is going to be so much fun to try and get to level 10! I'm really excited about this new update 😃👍🏻

Level 8

About Time!

Level 10




Very bad

You can not give points for each photo

So you increase the amount of spam.


User picture 15000

250 points

That is an average of 60 photos on one object

And there are many spammers ...


Why do you provoke spam?


Level 3
@Benjet Thanks! I scanned too quickly apparently
Level 10

Hi fellows, hi Team,


@TraciC really 5 points per photo?  Or per object? 

Level 10

Everyone who registers on Google Music in any case gets 3 months of music free, isn't it? So what's a point?

Level 8

Woohoo can't wait to see my new level. :) 

Connect Moderator

This is a really awesome update that looks like it will encourage higher quality content by rewarding the things that are harder to do like adding new places but it will also reward the less active physically who can check the contributions of others from home on the couch. Good stuff.

Level 7

Local Guides in Google Maps, Google’s gamified program for getting its users to update data in Google Maps and upload photos of local venues, is getting a bit of an overhaul today. Most importantly, Google is changing how it rewards points and how its leveling system works.

Level 7

@TraciC Good news! Any chance to make our new levels stars with a new number inside visible on Google Maps by our reviews please?



Ivan London 

Level 8

New levels and badges will start when? My badge is still at Level 4 and I am now at Level 6. :)

Level 9

HI @Mindolluin the new count will be rolled out in the next days, stay tuned!

Level 7

This is amazing! My interest to be a level 10 has never been this intense! I'm gonna get there before next year's summit! :)

Level 8

Thank you for extending the program. Very well thought out. Great to have some new goals to reach. Also, the point system is very generous in regards to previous work. Looking forward to seeing the update come through.

Connect Moderator

This is good @TraciC, we had a lot of conversations in here about a way to improve the good use of the review in Maps. Of course we also need to promote the GOOD review. What about to give a point also for every "tumbs UP" ?

Level 10

@TraciC I have a question, based on the new point system, are the points you currently have now for reviews, photos, edits , etc going to be adjusted to to the new point system. For example if you have 100 reviews that equals 100 points based on the old point system, will that get adjusted so you now have 500 points or will it stay at 100. 

Level 8

This is a good news for all of us! Yeay, keep contributing everyone!

Level 10
Ahh, these new badge levels and badges are stellar, especially when each additional level adds a new point to the star. I haven't received the update yet but here are my pre-impressions at the moment. Yes, it would cause a bit more spammers to just work and take advantage of the system haphazardly, you might want to have some sort of trust system or to detect these people who somewhat abuse the system. Or at least have the feedback system (such as reporting irrelevant photos) a bit more responsive, and also detect duplicates. I'm a bit more impressed with the 15 points for each place created, that gives me an incentive to go to newly-built shopping centres. I've yet to see the effects of of the "per" as at the moment, it's only one point for any photo, and one point for x amount of answers in a place, as I've have about 3000 answers to the question, and quite a few places have a lot of photos. Otherwise I shall report my findings down the road.
Level 8

@TraciC in America &  Europe there are database on maps for Places , In many countries in middle East there is no data about Places, we use to add places then Waiting to be approved then to write reviews , and all for one point, sometimes it took more than month to be approved it's really not worth in "point wise " okay we add to help others , in this new system we can add and Wait for more 14 points for one place, that's more than we expect , I Like it , so tommorow I will add more places with photos and waiting to be approved then write reviews with ratings , this is very helpful for all of us

Level 8

15 points for Adding a place is something well thought coz nothing else exists if the place is not there and i have added more than 1000.

Level 8

@Marc_G They will be adjusted.

Level 9

Hello @AU_Stu sorry to hear about your points.

But my dear your old point won't to be calculate in that term. ( I don't think so). 

@ermest can you plz explain a little bit more about points? 

Level 6

These are good news!
I jumped from level 4 with 259 points to level 6 with 1677 points.

Level 7

Migration of level is still pending on my Google Maps apps. As it's showing level 5 but according to my work it should be level 6

Level 7

yay just got the new point system :D apparently now am level 7 :D

Level 8

That is Awesome move by @localguidesconnect Keep come with new updates


Level 8

Alright! Challenge accepted! :)

Level 7

looks like new point system already applied to some of us :)

just got promoted to level 7 


Untitled lg.jpg




unfortunately mobile version doesn't shows the new point system yet only desktop for me :/ 


so who else got promoted today?


 edit : just notice still local guide connect website shows me as a level 5 :(


Level 8

Super excited to open up My Contributions and see THIS!!!!

Screenshot_20170613-174227.pngSooooo pretty!!! :D

Google Administrator

@NalinK Everything is rolling out as we speak, please be patient and soon you'll see everything updated across all devices and here on Connect. :)

Level 10

large.jpgDear @TraciC 

Thank you so much for the new levels and badges .

the amazing thing is the new calculation system which ensure what is the contributions that help people most.

finally  checking facts on the map  is calculated rating places .

I'M so excited with these new updates .

Thank you again for this new inspiration updates   .




Google Administrator

Glad you like it, @NABILazeez. Would you kindly create a new post with your feedback under the Feedback & Feature Requests board? Thank you! 

Level 7

@TraciC oh okey :) thanks for the update