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Announcing new levels & ways to help your community

Google Administrator




We know Local Guides love discovering new places on Google Maps and helping others make better decisions. Many of you have also shared feedback about the program over the last year, and we’ve listened.


We rolled out new levels, new badges, and an update that rewards even more points for your contributions that help people most.


More ways to contribute and points that reflect your impact

Higher impact contributions, like being the first to add a place on the map or leaving a thoughtful review, earn more points. We’ve also added more ways to contribute. Local Guides can now earn points for rating places and checking facts on the map added by others. Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes. You may have even changed levels.


Contribution Points.png 

Instant recognition

You’re now instantly recognized for your contributions. A “thank you” screen will display how many points you’ve earned for contributions like reviews and photos.



Reach new levels

Along with the updated points, come five new levels. That’s right, you can now reach up to level 10, a status we know many of you have been eager to attain.

With these new levels come fantastic new badges for levels 4 through 10. This allows you to update your badge with each milestone, and stand out as a top Local Guide. These badges will appear next to profile photos for Local Guides on Google Maps and across relevant Google channels.  




For example, this means I, Traci, went from Level 5 with 3,294 points...


Before.png being Level 8 with 37,270 points:






New perk

In celebration of the launch, eligible Local Guides Level 4 to 10 can earn a 3-month Google Play Music subscription and 75% off a movie rental from Google Play Movies. There’s still time to level up before the August 31, 2017 deadline. Learn more.




Want to see your new level? Visit your contributions

Don't yet see the new levels and points? Be sure to have the latest version of the Google Maps app


As always, if you have any questions about the Local Guides program, visit the Local Guides Help Center.

Level 8

As usual, translated for Russians -

Level 7

This is great but I have questions if people get a lot of points for each picture, then this encourages people to flood Google Maps with low-quality pictures :(

Level 8

Now local guides levels are up to ten,new system has given us a new benchmark to further improve maps.Adding new places has got weightage,which is justified.Thanks for a welcome change.

Connect Moderator

Woo Level 8 😎 got a long way to go to catch up to you @TraciC in the points. This change is really cool.








Level 6

Thank for information @TraciC. New level & ways to help my community is good.

Level 8

Hi @TraciC! Shouldn't Google encourage local guides upload Quality photos (and award points for Views) instead of uploading a big Quantity of photos (and award points only for the number of photos)?
Looking at the way that points are atributed, I would say that the way of making more points is simply uploading lots of photos without thinking of their quality. I don't think it's fair that more photos with less views (lower quality photos) may score more points that less photos with more views (better quality photos). What do you think?

Level 8

Hi. I've checked my contributions on Google Maps and Lo and Behold! I seem to be having 12800 points and now at Level 7!

Is this legit? See the screenshots


Level 9
Level 8

Why not add the previous points that were in Google Map Maker.?
Thanks for the new incentives

Level 7

Salam, hello every one...This is my first join the chat...My name is Levina, I am from Bekasi Indonesia, I got suprise that I get many point from google than directly from my level helper photo now I getting level 6..Alhamdulillah. What I want to now is... What the benefit from level 6 Than What kind of information? could some body help me?

Level 8

Bon nouvel

Merci pour l'information

Level 8


Level 7

Local Guide.jpg

Level 8

Let me hope you too are already on the new levels and points system

Happy mapping

new points and levels.png

Level 7

Yesterday - Wow I like it new local guide level.

Its very nice.

That's an amazing news. It'll keep us motivated !
Can't wait to see my new Level :)


Level 6

thanks for the update @TraciC, can you please confirm that is there any limit for uploading photos? or if i can upload any number of images and will get 5 points for each of those?

Level 5

I am very pleased with the new point system, and with the google music and movie perks. But what happened to the list of perks per level that you could see before? I would like to know what are the incentives for each level. Do any of you know where to access this information?

Level 7

This is awesome!

Level 8

Hi @TraciC


More levels and more things to explore and add to make LG prog richer than ever!

Thanks for the work done!

Level 9

hello l will like to know how the points are rewarded after Level 5

Level 8

Dear @TraciC

Thanks for this new update, I am exciting !!

Is it possible to explain in relation to the contents of Mr. @Amiran

""Really amazing update, I love this. But hope you also think to more spams we can see by new ranking method. For example you should create automatic system to detect duplicates place adding by different users or one user in one area or even duplicates places by one user far apart. And also about other spams like adding same photo to many places. We'll also help you in this case about our areas to prevent from spams. Thanks""


Thank's a lot

Thank you @TraciC for the information. Very interesting slabs.

Level 9
Level 10 Local Guide




Earned by 16
I achieved Level 10 in the Local Guides program by contributing reviews, photos and edits to Google Maps.
Level 7

Great news! Love the new update :)

Level 6

Great news!  Thanks @TraciC. All the best from Croatia. @CCRES


Level 10
Level 7

This is great news!

Thank you.

Level 7

If you have not noticed, there are now 10 Levels at the Google Local Guide Program.
I woke up to an amazing Level 7 plus 3 months of Google Play Music. Thanks, guys!



See the official news about this:

Level 7

Noted today only that by checking facts we only got points when we answer it yes or no,

but for not sure marked we don't get point.

Level 7



It is suprise for me.

Because my level (5) jump to

Level(7) ^^

@NayLinMyan @ZawLinnH @KyawLatt

Came and see what news is now.



Level 7

Yes it is @semmycom, a really nice surprise! I also am on level 7. Let's get to 8!! :-)

Level 6

Well done, excited and encouraged, all great improvements! I'm very appreciative 👍

Level 5

Today, I must have done something right :)))

I am now at LEVEL 5, after doing so many contributions at LEVEL 3, with no advancing.

Guess Nothing goes to waste :)))))

Level 8

Screenshot_20170614-172620.pngI m a level 8 local guide




I noticed some major changes on Local Guide Program.

Some changes in perks for us.

Can anybody describe the changes that were made in this program?

Will there be Local Guides Summit every year?


Level 5

how to redeem my point???


Level 7

After a long time now i am checking my LG account. I have reached the LEVEL 6 .. wow so exited to tell you guys .. and got the 

Google Play perk  .. Love to do stuff in this LIKE you guys ... 

Level 9

@TraciC it's amazing! it's really good news :-)

Level 9

Awesome announcement and rewards. I myself jumped from level 5 to level 8. 

Thanks lot Team Google Map

Level 6

This is a great news and love the new point system! @TraciC 

Level 7

Finally Google listened our voices, I really loved this update. I am sure that it will make a huge sucess. Happy Mapping Guys!

Level 9

@harsh900 The point system are automatically updating globally, you dont need to redeem your points, the only thing you can do now is, update your google maps application if it needs an update and you can know more about points now in the link @TraciC posted here: I hope this helps you.

Level 6

This new system is amazing!

Level 7

WOW Its a Huge kind of updates becoz lots of guys need this kind of insparations to contribute more in the map by updating more levels ..

THANKS You @TraciC ...

Level 5

Where can I see a list of perks?

Level 5

Play music subscription is only for new Moreover, it is asking for debit or credit card no.. I just don't want to add..keep ur perk with you.

Level 7

Yippee I am so glad I reached level 6 and earned a badge also the pictures I am posting are helping travellers.

Wish to reach a level where Google office invites me and I meet Larry page.

Level 7

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.33.00 PM.png


hahahahahahaahah... All the previous contributions are scaled up according to the new criteria. Happppppppppppppy 


Level 7

 So Happy to be a part of the video discribing the changes to the program. This is an awesome update!

Level 7

wow new update so interesting thank local guide, thanks Google.