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Announcing new levels & ways to help your community

Google Administrator




We know Local Guides love discovering new places on Google Maps and helping others make better decisions. Many of you have also shared feedback about the program over the last year, and we’ve listened.


We rolled out new levels, new badges, and an update that rewards even more points for your contributions that help people most.


More ways to contribute and points that reflect your impact

Higher impact contributions, like being the first to add a place on the map or leaving a thoughtful review, earn more points. We’ve also added more ways to contribute. Local Guides can now earn points for rating places and checking facts on the map added by others. Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes. You may have even changed levels.


Contribution Points.png 

Instant recognition

You’re now instantly recognized for your contributions. A “thank you” screen will display how many points you’ve earned for contributions like reviews and photos.



Reach new levels

Along with the updated points, come five new levels. That’s right, you can now reach up to level 10, a status we know many of you have been eager to attain.

With these new levels come fantastic new badges for levels 4 through 10. This allows you to update your badge with each milestone, and stand out as a top Local Guide. These badges will appear next to profile photos for Local Guides on Google Maps and across relevant Google channels.  




For example, this means I, Traci, went from Level 5 with 3,294 points...


Before.png being Level 8 with 37,270 points:






New perk

In celebration of the launch, eligible Local Guides Level 4 to 10 can earn a 3-month Google Play Music subscription and 75% off a movie rental from Google Play Movies. There’s still time to level up before the August 31, 2017 deadline. Learn more.




Want to see your new level? Visit your contributions

Don't yet see the new levels and points? Be sure to have the latest version of the Google Maps app


As always, if you have any questions about the Local Guides program, visit the Local Guides Help Center.

Level 6

The old perks is the best deal.


Not a real fan of the new badges. Just an extra point at the star. 

Love the thank you screen and that you earn different points for different kind of actions.

Hi @TraciC 

Is there somekind of rules or anything regarding adding a new place? 

I mean, how to ensure the place we added will be approved?

Thanks a bunch.

Level 6

I signed up for Google Play Music this morning with the 3-month free perk. And now this evening the Google Play Store is offering a 4-month free deal :-(  

Level 7

I was shocked that my previous points of 600+ jumped up to 10,000+ overnight. Thank You, Google for updating point system and acknowledging us (Local Guides) for our contribution. You guys are the best!

Level 5

Thanks for the useful tips TraciC !

Great idea and news that will give extra motivation for all Local Guides with level 5
Level 4

I'm not displayed as "local guide' on my reviews. Does anyone know how to fix?

Hello @TraciC it is nice to hear the improvement. As my experience in joining Local Guides program, it is good to know that somehow there is a level higher to achieve. So expanding level to 10 is very inspiring to me to contibute more. Thank you and greetings from Indonesia!

Level 9

At first I want to say that it's my personal opinion. According to the new rules, if anyone upload 1000+ photos for a single place he/she will earn 5000+ points, but is not ethical or right way to earn points from a single place.For that reason my opinion is, there might be such a rule that "anyone can earn points from a single place maximum 100-200 points".





@TraciC @LuisRG @iyudhi @KarenVChin @SampsonF @BellaWi @FaridMonti What do you think about this ?

Level 7

Good suggestion @ShahMdSultan

Level 9

@EjazShah Thanks ... :)

Level 8

Hii @ShahMdSultan

Very Good Suggestion Bro

But i think if it works it will be very helpful for Everyone.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I hope to try review and up level 10 in this life..

Believe me..!!!

Level 9

@Umashankar Thanks ...:)

Level 9

hahaha @indexthailand will that be possible


Level 7

É uma ótima notícia pra quem gosta do programa só vamos manter o ritmo do que fazemos é aguardar resultados 

Level 8
@ShahMdS the photo limitation per location is a good idea :-).
Level 9

@YayanM1k Thanks ..:)

Level 10

Kindly do not change poliocies from time to time, the photo system at present is the best, otherwise how to achieve this much points. Again there are some problems with addition of places and the new photo system and policy changes  from time to time  will only increase confusion and loosing interest and trust .

Level 6

All started for fun. now i want to get better, here we go level 10!!

Level 7

That was helpful

Level 6

tuyệt vời

Level 7

Would be nice to see points for photo views, not just adding photos.. 

Level 7

De acuerdo con @PaulTalb...!!! Debia premiarse -de alguna forma- el "exito" de una imagen a partir de las visitas que consiga.

Level 8


Level 7

liking this new system but im having trouble claiming the three months free music

VMD Level 7
Level 7

Interessante o incentivo por produtividade. A Google como empresa privada deve se utilizar desse método com funcionários. E por que não o fazer com colaboradores voluntários. Entretanto um desconto em um filme é algo pífio. E pra quem já é assinante do Google Play não é vantajoso a assinatura por três meses. 


Seria de bom tom diversificar as formas de incentivo além de alguns distintivos diferentes e um desconto em um filme. 



That is awesome............... 

Level 7

great, this is a side motivation to keep editing, thanks.

Level 6

(y) great

Level 5

oooh yes. its great news and great game for me

Level 8

Really it is

Level 8

A comprehensive map of a city is very important for tourists.

Level 2

Thank you @TraciC for this informative post! you're awesome :)


Level 2


How it is work ? , i recieve a mail from Local Guides today (Google Local Guides <noreply-local(dash)guides(at)google(dot)com>),

and says  i am Lvl2 ?, and tell 2 things:


1. Points may take around 24 hours to update. (yesterday i was Lvl4 )

2. Points are per place not per individual photo or answer. ( about this per place?, the new system is per photo or answer right?)


So What happend?


image from mail



image from Google Maps - Contributions






Level 7

Let's go for the level


Level 1

Hello my name is R.Akhil Reddy. I used to live in India. Please answer my questions( because of I am working as local guide by first time without knowing about it). Can I get money from Google. 

Level 10

Hi @Akhil610


You can't convert points in to money :) So you can't get any money from Google.

Level 10


Local Guide
Level 9
Places added16785
Facts checked1553
Level 6

Sangat membantu, Trimakasih

Level 10

I am not having active or enable options for Answers and Q&A being use my Desk Top facilities.Kindly help to make it active or enable it.

Awesome information :)

Connect Moderator

Hi @jojo522 I don't think Q&A is available via desktop, only mobile.

Level 10

Добрый день TraciC.

Куда можно конкретно  сообщать о нарушителях которые дискредитирует систему баллов,вчера на форум обратился пользователь с вопросом почему у него не опубликовали два фото,когда я посмотрел его вклад, то 80% фото спам, он таким образом набрал уже 65 тысч баллов и достиг 9 уровня,  вот ссылка на его творчество <REDACTED?

С уважением Виктор.


Level 6

terima kasih... saya sudah level 5.... google ok...

Level 8

@TraciC thanks again for sharing 

Level 4

Not into music that much.  And already get FREE movies from my cable provider.  Bring back additional space.
#FREE 100 GB google drive space a must for local google guides.

how i can edit navigation by bicycle ? .
there's a lot of wrong track on the map! 

Level 10

Доброе утро .

Я хотел бы поделиться с вами проблемой ,которая появилась у меня в последнии дни.

Кто то удаляет реально существующие объекты добавленные мной .

Как можно отправить вам личное сообщение  без публичного просмотра.

 С уважением Виктор.