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A fast new way to share photos and reviews on iOS


The new Local Guides widget for iOSThe new Local Guides widget for iOS

We often have plenty of updates for Android, but here’s something fun for those of you on iOS. It’s a widget that makes it easier and faster than ever to share your awesome photos and write insightful reviews of places you’ve been. We hope you’ll try it out.


Here’s how to add the Local Guides widget:


  • Swipe right on the lock screen, Home screen, or Notification Center to get to the Today View
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Edit”
  • Tap the + next to “Google Local Guides”


Now, when you swipe into the Today View, you’ll see your current location in the widget. Just tap to write a review or add a photo. If you tap “Show More,” you’ll see places you’ve visited recently, as well as your Local Guides Level and points total.


You can get to the Today View from any app or your device’s lock screen, which means you’ll always be just a swipe and a tap away from sharing knowledge on Google Maps.


We hope you’ll try it out and let us know what you think. Tell us in the comments.

Level 10

A welcome update and something for my iPhone friends to cheer about.

Level 5

Awesome! Excited to play with this and share with fellow guides. :)

Level 8

Easy and fast way to share the photos and reviews on ios 

Thanks for the information @LawrenceNYC

Connect Moderator

Any plan for an Android release?


iOS users have been asking for a multi-photo uploading tools for quite some time.  That should really delight them.

Level 7

Installed that widget very easily , thanks @LawrenceNYC . 
Will get to using it asap 

Level 10

@LawrenceNYC Wow! This really works. Just tried it and it worked seamlessly. 👍

Level 8

Nice update for iPhone users.

Level 8

Let us showcase the world around you .

I always use the edit fuctioning available with Google PHOTOS for editing , cropping and filters . Even the light and alignment easily adjusted . With the features.

Level 7

Enjoy iPhone Users 😁😁🎖️👍👍

Thanks for sharing @LawrenceNYC 

J Level 8
Level 8

Sounds interesting. Let me try it. Thanks @LawrenceNYC & LG Team. 

Level 3

This is awesome! thank you for sharing, Lawrence.

Level 8

Dear @LawrenceNYC thanks 

Level 10

Yes, it is fast and useful. I am using it.

Best wishes,

Google Moderator

Woohoo! Just added the widget on my device. This will surely keep me on top of my game—so exciting! Thanks for sharing, @LawrenceNYC

Level 8

Nice, thanks!

This is a good news! Thanks

Level 10

Si conoscevo questa app per Ios , Thanks 

Level 8

Such a great Widget!

Thanks,Finally the local guide programmers   gave some attention to the ios :D

Level 6

This is amazing! it saves so much time. i am a very happy Local Guide! :)


Level 7
Nice update
Level 8

Great info for all members

verry nice. tks

Level 7

And I sold my iPhone some weeks ago.  :-( 

Level 6

nice update for iphone users, but what about android? 

Level 7

About time!


waiting for it for TWO YEARS.

Level 8

Great Feature for iOS Users :)

Level 1

Merci pour cet article fabuleux @LawrenceNYC !

Level 7

Definitely would be trying this out, should be fun.


@SampsonF This widget works with some specific capabilities of iOS, but we're always looking for opportunities to make contributing easier, faster, and more fun on every platform.

Level 6


that's pretty cool looking actually! when is it going to android as well though? at least the pixels? :P


btw, it is my first reply, pretty great place to post and share i have to say & most of all user friendly

Level 8

This is such an amazing and extremely handy feature @LawrenceNYC. Thank you so much. As you said we often see new features and updates for Android devices but this one is real refreshement for iOS users. Great job. Hope Q&A and Add a video features will become available on iOS devices as well. iOS LG's have so less options than Android LG's.

Level 7

How can we get this for Android