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Route correction


Route correction

 Most of the GPS mapping is incorrect in this area they are Dead ends and I'm tired of people ignoring the dead end signs because the GPS mapping is incorrect. The dead end has always been since 1982.. 

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: Route correction

Hi @WayneB,


I am trying to understand the situation here.  Please correct me:


1.  The Routes suggested by Google Maps in your area are usually wrong, which the suggested route will go through some "Dead End" roads.

- Are you talking about Driving Routes?  Bicycle Routes?  Walking Routes?


2.  One of the Dead End road has the Dead End sign posted sicne 1982, but Maps still wrongly suggest routes passing through the "Dead End".

- Can you post an example of the wrong route?

- Can you also post an example of a Correct route having the same start / stop points?

- The best way to report wrong Maps Directions are using the in app Send Feedback tool.


3.  You mean people should respect the real world while driving.

- Yes.  Tools provide us assistance.  We human decided to do something and always follow restrictions in the real world.

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