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Hello, in relation to the topic presented, have you been able to solve the problem in the "not applied" issue? I am in the same situation and I have no answer to solve the fact. I do not know where else to turn? Thanks for listening.


Fábio Macahe.

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sputnikjim Level 7
Level 7


@Fábio_Macahe, please make a new topic for your issue.  


It is confusing having different problems from different maps users in the same topic here in Mapping Your World.


In your new topic, give us the specific detail about the place that you want to add.



Tenho uma sugestão de rua.

Bom dia, 

Deixei uma sugestão para alteração do nome de rua e ela foi aplicada, mas o nome da rua se aplica em toda sua extensão, não apenas em uma quadra dela.... como podemos corrigir isso?


Muito obrigada 

Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: Tenho uma sugestão de rua.

Hi @lucianadunamis and welcome to Connect!


Since this topic has already been discussed, I've moved your post to the relevant thread. In here you'll find the answer to your problem, especially in this particular post.


In future, I kindly ask you to Search the community before posting as others may have asked your question (and received an answer) already.





It would appear that the "Add a Note" feature is not even available on mobile anymore.


I've been trying to change the name of "Hurtz Donuts" to "Hurts Donut Company" for weeks now... and the edit keeps getting denied. Even though the photos of the place clearly show the name of the company. Whoever created this business gave it the wrong name... now Google won't let me (Level 7) or anyone else I've talked to change it. I suppose if the owner were to claim the business they would be able to... but so far, they have not done that.


So, when someone in Colorado Springs does a search for Hurts Donuts... Google Maps proceeds to direct the driver to the nearest one... in Oklahoma.




There is a phantom road (road that does not exist) that Google attempts to use to get people to my house. I have been reporting this road as non-existent since I discovered it about 6 months ago. And so have many of my neighbors... When you say that one "might have to wait a while"... what exactly do you mean? I'm level 7...