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[Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide


[Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide


Hi, Local Guides!

Few days ago, we went to Taipei, Taiwan for sightseeing and to see a wonderful Local Guide.

This time I want to introduce the report of our journey. 



Meet a Local Guide


We met Local Guide, Samuel Lin (@Mubiesam). I met him during the summit 2017 and we talked about each countries. That time I especially interested about there are many vegetarian shops in Taiwan, because my wife (@Christine_T) is pescetarian. So we decided to go to Taiwan this year.

He showed us to his recommended shops. Those are delicious and unique! If we have read only generally guide books before the journey, we would not have been to such wonderful places.


And we talked about LocalGuides, problems of each countrirs, improvement ideas and a lot of things. Those were very interesting and excited time.



Shops and Cafes

We went to some vegetarian shops and cafes. Some of them are recommendation places from Local Guides. Thank you @Shirley @YasumiKikuchi @StephenAbraham @Sherry_Tsai_Taipei !


Triangle Garden Cafe

IMG_20180324_102301-COLLAGE (1).jpg 





R9 Café



Smoothie House



3 Idiots Toast & Curry



Melange Café



Veggie Grill







Night Market

We visited to two Night Markets, Shilin Night Market (士林觀光夜市) and Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市)

Shilin is very kind for Japanese people. We saw a lot of Japanese language guides in there. Raohe is smaller than Shilin. But I felt more beauty than Shilin. Anyways both are wonderful!!!





Of course I tried to eat Stinky tofu! (This is a order from @StephenAbraham)

My first Stinky Tofu (Google Photo Video)




And I got a Big Rainbow Cotton Candy!!! One of my dream came true!!!!:)



My best food in Taiwan was Pepper pie (胡椒餅). When you go to Taiwan, you should definetely eat it if you can eat meat.  



If you are vegetarian, I recommend Tapioca milk tea. I thought it is not drink, almost food:) 





Landscapes are also beautiful and colorful. In addition, city functions are very advanced. 





Taipei, Taiwan is beautiful and delicious city. People are very kind and smart. We'll go to Taiwan again. And if you have at least one Local Guide friend in Taiwan, definitely your journey will be more wonderful! 

Thank you Samuel again. See you again in Taiwan or Japan ;-)

Let's go to Taiwan with local Guides!!!!!

ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide

@HiroyukiTakisawa Just mind blowing RECAP !! What a presentation with all beautiful photography and all important information of the Taipei City !!! Very inspiring !!

Keep it Up ..

Happy Guiding !!!

YasumiKikuchi Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide




Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide

@ShafiulB Thank you! 

You should go to Taiwan! :)




一番良かった店を書き忘れましたが、Triangle Park Cafeが私のお気に入りです。詳しくはMapのレビューも御覧ください:)


Mubiesam Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide


Didn't know that you are such a good photographer, your photos makes me more proud to be a Taiwan LG.

Looking forward to seeing you soon again, also any LG want to come to Taiwan, don't be hesitate to contact me in advance.

ShafiulB Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide

@HiroyukiTakisawa wrote:

@ShafiulB Thank you! 

You should go to Taiwan! :)



@HiroyukiTakisawa Thanks for your invitation !! Definitely i will try !! 

A Local Guide always try to explore the hidden beauty of the world ...

Happy Guiding!!!   

Ravisawane Level 9
Level 9

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide

Hey @HiroyukiTakisawa,

 I think that you were having an adventurous journey. And the amazing pics are really great one. Thanks for sharing your journey



Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide

Hi, @Mubiesam !

You and your friends too. Please contact me anytime!

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide


Thank you for your kind words!

Why I could take beautiful photos? The reason is very simple.


Taipei is very beautiful city!!! :) Go Taiwan!

Ravisawane Level 9
Level 9

Re: [Report] Beautiful Taipei journey with a Local Guide

That's the nature mother wants these kind words. @HiroyukiTakisawa