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International Month of Monuments - Local Guide Monument Month


International Month of Monuments - Local Guide Monument Month


This September 2017, in any day at your ease


Slogan: Let's time travel through Monuments

'An International Month of Monuments' on Local Guide Connect


Monuments speak about our past. Sometimes our single lifespan is negligibly small as compared to their existence. The monuments have witnessed numerous generations and events & are the best resource to explore any scientific or cultural information. But monuments have to fight with natural weatherings. Our activities like constructions, industrialization, acid rain, caused vibrations etc. are degrading our monuments. Natural calamities & disasters like earthquakes, floods can destroy our monuments in seconds. Nepal Local Guides have witnessed such destruction in 2015, April 25 earthquake.


In this proposed event “Local Guide Monument Month”, we want to bring spotlight to the forgotten masterpieces. We’d like to bring them to the digital platform. Thousands of tourists visit these monuments every year. Many people have livelihood connected with these monuments. We’d like our monuments to tell their stories to the global mass. Google Maps is the best platform to do that.


Sometimes as we move for specific purpose, later on something triggers in our mind and makes us feel like we were running for general purpose.  It's just like a small stream runs to find a river. As it finds the river then it knows that the river itself is running to find sea. While organizing Bhaktapur Geo Walk. LG team of Nepal felt that monuments are in shadow and waiting our love/attention. The notion of Local Guides Connect 'wherever you go, be like a local' helps us to feel the smell of locality but sometimes it's better to 'be like a curious kid wherever you go'. Asking Wh-questions to local people about the places gives us tremendous amount of knowledge of the places. So we the LGs of Nepal made up our mind to organize 'Local Guide Monument Month' worldwide with the hope of getting full support from international community.


Let’s organize Photo Walks, Map Editing or Geo Walks around our monuments in this month of September. We dream to compile the records we added into the Google Maps this month world wide and prepare a souvenir book. We express our gratitude to the Nepal Local Guides, Google team and all the members of Local Guide Connect. The report of all the worldwide events will be collected via Local Guide Monument Month - Recap form.


RSVP here



Re: Local Guide Monument Month

In this comment section we will be listing the participant communities or individuals or group of teams with their country names.


[Reminder: As this Monument month continues throughout the September, so we will be organizing 'Local Guide Monument Month' worldwide throughout this September in collaboration with national & international Local Guides. Final events under this category will held on end date of September (Sept. 30, 2017)]


Lists of Meetup events:

  1. Photo Ride Namobuddha, Nepal [ Sept. 9, 2017]; Organizer: @Sarojdhakal 
  2. Colombo Monument Photowalk , Sri Lanka [Sept. 17, 2017]; Organizer: @AnuradhaP
  3. International Month of Monuments, Norcia, Italy [Sept. 17, 2017]; Organizer @ermest
  4. Accesibilidad Muelle Carabelas [Sept. 23, 2017], Organizer: @AlejandraMaría
  5. Explore the Adalaj Stepwell, Gujarat, India [Sept. 23, 2017]; Organizer: @NareshDarji
  6. Patan Monument PhotoWalk, Patan, Nepal [Sept. 23, 2017]; Organizer: @Surendra
  7. National Museum Photo Walk, Colombo, Sri Lanka [Sept. 24, 2017];. Organizer: @AnuradhaP
  8. Perth Int'l Monument Geo Walk, Australia [Sept. 30, 2017], Organizer: @DavidTito
  9. who is next ...

Re: Local Guide Monument Month


Dear LGs, we are waving our hands to the world via. monuments. Lets organize monumental events via photo walk, geo walk or map editing at your locality and support us.

Lets make this worldwide event successful by the end of this month. We are expecting to join our hands with you. :)

Re: Local Guide Monument Month


Dear LG lets how us monuments of your locality throughout this month. Let's speak through monuments. Please organize a meetup an send us a link of RSVP post. :)

Re: Local Guide Monument Month

Oh wait bro it's nice. Very soon I'll post my meet-up date and time. Little bit busy I'm in these days. 

Thank you 


AkmalB Level 9
Level 9

Re: Local Guide Monument Month

I am in's a good idea let me decide the date .

Thanks for mention me in this post.

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Laurel Level 6
Level 6

Re: Local Guide Monument Month

Can I chose a date that is convenient for me? @BishowvijayaP

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Re: Local Guide Monument Month

@LucioV@KarenVChin@ProfArunCM@NareshDarji@prasunkumarb@DanielaBP@Kamalhasnainee,  @PhilipMnangat @DraganKajtez @Hela

Lets help us to make this monthly event successful. Seeking your hands to join with us. :)

Re: Local Guide Monument Month

Dear @dεερακjhιc bro, take your time within this september. You can organize multiple events too. Nice to hear from you. :)

Re: Local Guide Monument Month

I am happy to know that you are in @AkmalB bro. You can do multiple events, :)