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Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]


Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

I was really excited to see 50 LG's planning to attend the Hyderabad food crawl on 18th June, this would have been the biggest non Google hosted meetup in IndiaScreenshot_2017-06-17-11-59-12.png






 Did not anticipate an India Vs Pakistan champions trophy Final :).


I came in all excited to our meet up placeShah Ghouse are rated as the best haleem restaurant in HyderabadShah Ghouse are rated as the best haleem restaurant in Hyderabad



First one to arrive was @ThumatyDanielK, the other Local Guide from Hyderabad who will be attending LGSummit2017 along with me.

Daniel & IDaniel & I


Within few minutes we had six LG's assembled



 We split into two groups to explore the Ramadan/Ramzan special Food court.


Finished our food crawl with sumptuous HaleemIMG_20170618_194618.jpg


 100+ photos of the day in the photo album


And the video


@HelloJess @TraciC @AradhanaB, do come to my city Hyderabad, Haleem and biryani treat is on me:)!


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Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

@AslamMohammed Thanks a lot for tagging me. Biryani is one of my most favorite food ever, and no better place than having it at Shah Ghouse. Thank you for sharing. 

MedRidaZ Level 8
Level 8

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

Thanks for sharing @AslamMohammed,you did a great job my dear!!


My best regards a all your friends in the video, keep going bro.

ThumatyDanielK Level 10
Level 10

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

@AslamMohammed thank you for the amazing meet up. It was a good learning experience from other LG's

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

Thanks for attending @ThumatyDanielK, great to meet you in person!


Looking forward to more meetups!

Umashankar Level 8
Level 8

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

Hii @AslamMohammed @ThumatyDanielK

Congratulation for LGSummit17

Both of you looking nice

Thanks for sharing your photos.

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Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

Hi @AslamMohammed hope you had a nice time with your fellow local guides. thanks for sharing this RECAP

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

50 That's Really Huge :) @AslamMohammed   I Love  The Fruit Decoration :) Hope You Done a Nice Meet Up :) 

Google Administrator
Google Administrator

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

Thank you for the kind offer, @AslamMohammed and for making me hungry! Looks like it was a LOT of fun. Congratulations!!

Local Guides Community Program Manager
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OSAMA Level 8
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Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

@AslamMohammed @ThumatyDanielK

Perfect bros and happy Eid on Advance 😊😊😊🎁🎁🎁🎁

NarenChandra Level 9
Level 9

Re: Hyderabad Food Crawl [Recap]

@AslamMohammed this is a perfect meet , i just loved the recap , regretting could not attend still looking forward for the next meet .