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What makes a good post?

Google Administrator

What-makes-a-good-post.gifCaption: An image of a post in Local Guides Connect with a blue ribbon on the top right corner


Local Guides love to share their experiences and discoveries on Google Maps and beyond. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when sharing posts here in Local Guides Connect. 


  • Make it relevant. Be sure that what you are posting is relevant to Local Guides and the topic in which you're posting. 
  • Tell us about it. Add a description to your post telling us what makes it relevant and interesting. Adding context to your experiences make them more real.
  • Share the Google Maps link. Sharing a photo of a beautiful place or talking about a specific place? Add the location of the place on Google Maps to the post and/or link to it in the body of the post. For example, every Harry Potter fan visiting London should stop by Platform 9 3/4
  • Add a photo. Did you know that posts with photos are 100% more interesting than posts without photos? Be sure to only share photos you've taken yourself or have permission from the photographer to use. If your photo contains other people, be sure they're cool with it, too. 
  • Don't just add a photo. Tell us about the photo. Where did you take it? Why are you sharing it? 
  • Don't promote. Per the Local Guides program guidelines, promotional posts of any kind are prohibited. Links to your blogs are ok from time to time, but if you are really passionate about a place you discovered or visited, consider sharing your review in the community.
  • Give likes. Let the author of a post know that you appreciated their post by giving them a like. Go ahead and try it right now with this post! ;)
  • Don't use the Local Guides or any Google logos. Those are reserved for official use only

Hi Traci!


When creating a new post what is the difference between a label and a tag?

Google Administrator

Hi Henrique,

Tags are similar to hashtags used widely online in that anyone in the community can add a tag to a post to help it surface for others. Labels are for specific topics and only accessible by the author of the post to create a sub-category of sorts. You can also subscribe to labels, which is cool.

Thanks for the clarification, @TraciC !

Maybe there could be a way to make it more clear in the moment we are creating a post!

Level 9

Thanks for all the tips.


Btw, was trying to start a discussion. 

Wanted the add a photo to the discussion but cant do so.

Hope there is an option to add photo to the discussion.



Connect Moderator

@Shirni There's a way to add a photo when you create a post or reply to a post. See below:



Level 9

Thank you @TraciC for sharing this information.

Level 7

Thank you @TraciC
After reading your article I realized I made mistakes in the past by just adding photos.

Kindly advice if I should go back and add text to all my previous post.



Level 10

hi @Alffiiy,


Welcome to Local Guide connect, we all moving to perfection. 


So yes it is possible to reedit the past posts to get more visibility and perfection. 


I wish you all success,


John Peter 

Level 10

Great post Dear @TraciC
Thank you for sharing informative posts.

Best Regards

I am always careful on above tips. Thanks for the reminder.

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К сожалению нет текста на странице. Не смог ничего прочитать о том, как нужно писать. Исправте пожалуйста.


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Thank you for sharing this great information.

Thanks @TraciC your article is specific and informative .It will make posts from Local guides as per guidelines of Local guides connect and more interesting to read.


Level 6

 We're is my post? I wanted to work: add words about my photos. 

@TraciC thankyou for sharing this post

Level 8

Really starting to dislike Local Guides Connect....Every time I make a post-it gets removed....It's relevant to the area I posted it & it fits all the guidelines.... 



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Hi @AngieYC , I did not realize that my comment was published twice. Please tell me how delete this comment.

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Hi @AngieYC , thank you very much for sharing this useful tips. Now I know how to make a good post on Google Local Guides Connect and I will try to make it as soon as possible (when I have time..) 


Warm greeting from Bekasi, Indonesia.


Mirza Sharz

Level 7

Tha ks @TraciC for this informative post learn allot from it

Level 8

Thanks for the clarification @TraciC

Level 7

Hola @TraciC 

Yo me acabo de registrar el día de hoy en Local Guides Connect y creo que no inicie muy bien que digamos con mis primeras publicaciónes, espero que me tengan un poco de paciencia para poder leer toda la información que aquí nos brindan y así poder ir asimilando poco a poco todas y cada una de las opciones que tengo para poder realizar una publicación más óptima para todos y más útil, agradezco la bienvenida, consejos y apoyo de algunas personas que me han ayudado hasta el momento, saludos a todos y espero poder brindar información más útil en un futuro cercano! 😉👍🏼✌🏼

Level 6

Thanks for the info.

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله 

كيف يمكن أن يحدث في المنتدى والتعرف علي أشياء والتعلم من الأعضاء 

Hi @TraciC

Greetings from the Bangladesh Local Guide!

Thanks for this useful post. 

I am new to Google Local Guide Connect, its really helpful post for me. 

I had some confusion regarding issues but now I am clear.

Thanks again.


Thank you @TraciC for your great information. I'll try to follow all the steps and make a post.