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What are the accessibility features on Connect?


LG_006_Connect accessibility post  (1).jpgCaption: An illustration of the world broken up into various pieces that have different icons on each piece. The icons include two speech bubbles with the word "Hello" written in English and Chinese, the letter "T" in two different sizes, the Local Guides pin, a magnifying glass with a plus sign inside of it, and the outline of a cell phone.

We are committed to making Connect an inclusive place for Local Guides of all abilities.


To make the community forum more accessible:


  • We’ve developed Connect with screen readers in mind so people who use them can navigate the community with ease.

  • Connect is now available in 33 different languages. To translate the forum into your language, click the gear icon in the top-right corner of Connect. Click Language and select your preference. Then, click Save. In addition, the Google Translate widget is on every page so that you can easily translate posts into your language.

  • The colors, contrast, and font sizes on Connect are optimized to make it easier for people who have visual impairments to read.

  • We also use descriptive captions for all of our photos and updated our photo guidelines to remind Local Guides to use them in their posts, too.

  • We simplified the site to make it easier to navigate and reduce the number of clicks you have to make.


We hope this makes Connect a more enjoyable experience for all.


Level 10

Great! and thanks for letting us know about the changes in the photo guidelines, I would have probably missed it, from now on I will be more descriptive in my captions. Thanks for sharing @AriMar ☺️

Level 8

Wow nice it was helpful for all local guides their own language ,in future we can expect more languages around the world,, Thank you @AriMar sharing with us...

Level 5

Так Держать!

Connect Moderator

This is wonderful @AriMar. I have planned another local guides connect knowledge sharing session with visually impaired people. I'm sure I will share all these updates with them. Thank you 😊

Level 9

ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে @AriMar । আশাকরি এই বড় ধরনের পরিবর্তন সকলের সুবিধা হবে এবং সবাই আর সক্রিয় হবে।  যে যার মাতৃভাষায় সুন্দর সুন্দর পোস্ট করতে পারবে ।

Level 10

Hi, @AriMar

Thanks for sharing! New changes are very helpful and have much great stuff like languages for our own choices.

Fonds and colors of new features are brilliant 

Level 8

I love 💝 it 🧞‍♀️

Level 10

@AriMar this is a pragmatic step for inclusiveness and kudos to the entire LG team for continuously improving Connect features.

The language options are commendable too.

Level 6

Muy buena desicion al aportar ese tipo de datos que seran de muy util ayuda, mil frlicidades por darnos ese acceso

Level 9

Wow luar biasa kerja keras tim anda untuk membuat semua dalam aplikasi localconnect lebih mudah dioperasikan oleh para pemandu lokal dari seluruh dunia. Saya memberi apresiasi yang sangat besar buat tim anda @AriMar

Level 6


Level 5

Arimar, Can i conatct with you?

I need some help

Google Moderator

Hi @kunjp

Welcome to Connect.


I just wanted to let you know that if you have a question, please clarify it so we the moderator and the Local Guide friends will try our best to provide the information for you.


If you ever have questions or just want to learn more about the Local Guides program, you can visit the Help Desk or search the community to find what others have already shared.


In addition, since you're new to the community, you might want to share a bit about yourself and get to know others in our monthly Introduce Yourself topic. You can also read these Tips: Using Local Guides Connect.

I think there would be more features evolving in the near future.

the date is the same as my birthday

Happy birthday to you miss you

Level 3

My old account was suspended 

Can i get to know Why!??


Level 9

Wonderful job, thank you google team and thank you @AriMar for shaing the updates.

Level 5

 도움을 주게 열심히 하겠습니다

잘 이해가 안되어 도움이 필요합니다

Level 7

.             .

Level 9

@AriMar thanks so much! this is wonderful!

Level 7

Muchas gracias @AriMar primera vez que entro y me ha gustado mucho, cuanto mas facil mejor y mas ampliará las conectividad. 

Level 6

This is Fantastic!! Thanks LG!!

Level 8

I'm really feeling excited with this.

Level 6

Sebuah posting yg bermanfaat...sehingga saya mengetahui apa yg tidak diketahui...terimakasih aimar :)

Google Moderator

Hi @pramodbn27,


Please take a look at the Why was I removed from the Local Guides program? and follow the instructions provided in the article.


I also want to ask you to immediately close your second account as this violates our Local Guides program rules.

Level 3

 thank You i´m just starting and it´s not easy...but with persones like you it´s much more easyer...excuse my language i´m portuguese and just training to write in english...


Level 10

Hi, @FelipePK

Is that have more then one account if someone make new account it's old must be removed????

Connect Moderator

@Irfansalamat having more than one account is against the rules. You must remove the one you're not using from the program. We all have to be careful to stay within the Local Guides Rules.


Google Moderator

Hi @Irfansalamat,


If the person has been removed from the program and creates another account it is considered multiples accounts as you can see on our Local Guides program rules and it's a violation. ;)

Level 10

Hi, @FelipePK @PaulPavlinovich

Thanks for reply and updating about account policy

Level 6

I'm excited to be part of this experience because I am available for the connecting of children of God. Be devoted woman in prayer for myself and also especially as interceeder of other's needs that God watch over too.

Level 2


@AriMar thanks for improving Connect day by day :)

Level 5


Level 10

The new Local Guide short cut feature is amazing and fastest way to go on Connect homepage I waited for it and now can access quickly without bookmark or opening each mail

Thanks for adding this feature

Not applicable

Fantastic  group 

Level 7

This is awesome thanks for updating @AriMar

Not applicable

Buenos días , no entiendo porque no dan respuesta a los múltiples reclamos de personas que tienen su cuenta suspendida . No es importante para localGuides? En particular tengo un amigo con esta situación el cual es nivel 10 y calaboro con esta página con 62.510 contribuciones y nunca fue alertado que este haciendo algo incorrecto.

Nuevamente Google localGuides debe hacer algo con el tema. 

Gracias por leer. 


Level 6

Gracias por los buenos cambios, aunque cabe mwncionar que la interfaz aún sigue siendo muy complicada y difícil de entender, es un poco frustrante no entender casi nada, lo único que hacemos es publicar fotos, reseñas, agregar comentarios y opiniones para subir de nivel, pero hay mucho aún por entender, van muy bien, sin embargo es demasiado confuso para nosotros los nuevos!


Saludos cordiales! 😉

Disculpen, no tengo muy claro para que sirve connect. 

thanks for suporting

Level 3

Ini bagus, saya bisa membaca petunjuk dan komentar pengguna lain walaupun berbeda bahasa. Terus tingkatkan agar dapat membantu banyak orang.

Greetings @AriMar Ji,

Request to help as I received a mail from LGC about using # in reviewsIMG_20181120_163619.jpg



But unable to visit......IMG_20181120_101226.jpg



Message As :

You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

Click your browser's Back button to continue.


Thank you @AriMar for letting us know about this great feature. It will help many LocalGuide to express their feelings in their mother tongue which is easy and very important.

ครับชอบครับแปลภาษา เพือให้เพื่อน ของพวกเรา ที่หลากหลายภาษ ได้เข้าใจและสนุกไปกับพวกเราชอบครับ

@AriMar thank you for sharing, actually I am active in the Local Guide solely wanting to see my progress, sorry if my nature is selfish, but I am a wise person.

Level 6

تحياتي لكي عظيم كل ماتم عرضه من توضيحات لها فائده لناونرجو ا منكم المداومه على الدعم بكل مفيد

كل شكري وتقديري👍

Level 10

@AriMarThanks for latest and advanced application!