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What are Connect topics?


WendyGeorge-9382.jpgCaption: A photo of a hand holding a phone with Connect's topic menu displayed on it.

We’ve introduced a few topic discussion boards to make it easier for Local Guides like you to find the posts you care about most. Now, you can more easily discover exciting content about Photography, Travel, Food & Drink, Meetups, Local Stories, How-tos, and Announcements.


You can even customize your Connect homepage with the topics that interest you most. To subscribe to a topic, scroll to the bottom of the topic page and add it to your homepage. You can always update your interests in My settings.


Here’s what you can expect from each topic section




Here, you’ll discover posts about improving your photography skills, see stunning photos Local Guides have captured, read interviews with professional photographers, and more.


Use this board to share a 360 photo you took on a recent trip or to ask for advice on taking beautiful shots with your phone.




Here, you’ll find information about exciting places, receive travel recommendations, get advice on taking solo trips, and more. Always planning your next adventure? Use this board to connect with other Local Guides who love to explore new places.


It’s also a great place for you to tell other Local Guides what you love about where you live! Give them tips on places to go and sights to see when they’re in town.


Food & Drink


Here, you’ll learn about foods from different cultures, discover amazing restaurants around the world, tour cafes, and more. This section is for Local Guides who love learning about, looking at, and talking about food.


Share your recent dining experience at a new restaurant or post photos of a meal you made that’s popular in your country.




Here, you’ll find out about meet-ups hosted by Local Guides like you. A meet-up is an informal get-together with other Local Guides in your area. It’s a way for Local Guides to explore their cities, make new friends, and try new places.


Share a link to your meet-up page to encourage other Local Guides to join or write a post recapping one you’ve already hostedalong with some great photos.


Local Stories

Here, you’ll learn about Local Guides around the globe who are making a positive impact in their communities, efforts to improve accessibility, and more. Whether you’re on a mission to save the environment or want make it easier for people in wheelchairs to get around, this section was created for Local Guides who are advocates in their community.


Write a post to inspire others to join your cause or share tips for ways people can make a difference in their local neighborhoods.




Here, you can get information on how to write helpful reviews, ways to guide others in your area, and more. You’ll learn how to become an even better mapper and help newbies discover what it means to be a Local Guide.


Use this section to ask questions or share tips for Local Guides who want to make more helpful contributions.




Here, you’ll get insider information straight from Googlers, and before official emails go out.

We selected these sections based on topics we know Local Guides are passionate about. Want to suggest an additional topic? Visit the Idea Exchange to share your idea. Popular ideas will be reviewed by Googlers and taken into consideration.

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Felicitaciones al equipo que a hecho posible esta actualización de la plataforma, que visualmente es más atractiva, pero que si todavía estaba intentando hacerme con la versión antigua, con esta, todavía no se ni dónde estoy, supongo que es cuestión de tiempo, no obstante, gracias por la actualización y un saludo para todos


Connect Moderator

It takes a little while to get used to the new one but its pretty good and to me seems to make much more sense. I hope that you find your niche here quickly and become comfortable @Anonymous


Regards Paul

Not applicable

Gracias @PaulPavlinovich, eso espero, la verdad es que visualmente está muy bien, y veo a la gente muy animada, en el smartphone todo es como más limpio a la vez que se notan las mejoras, por ejemplo a la hora de escribir y corregir fallos, y en el pc, me a dado hasta miedo, más parece una red social, a medida del uso que vaya teniendo, iré dando mi opinión, un saludo


Connect Moderator

Yes indeed there are more social elements @Anonymous you are right, but while it has improved sociability it is very much still all about Local Guides and moderators will quickly handle any purely social posts with no Local Guides value.


Regards Paul

Not applicable

Eso espero, @PaulPavlinovich, a mi particularmente no me gustan, por eso me gustaba este sitio, un saludo


Google Moderator

Hola @Anonymous,


Hemos cambiado Connect para que sea la experiencia más agradable para Local Guides como tú. Ahora será más fácil encontrar las publicaciones que te interesan y podrás conocer las últimas actualizaciones del programa.


Las publicaciones están organizadas por temas populares, lo que ayudará a las personas a descubrir más fácilmente los post que les interesan. Para más información sobre cada tema, puedes visitar la publicación What are Connect topics?


También ten en cuenta que voy a mover tu publicación en esta misma tema. 

Level 8

Hello @AriMar Nice Homepage it is very to use ...

@AriMar Hi, i like the Design - looks modern and fresh but i realy miss the language Board. So i think i'm more in the Street View section because for every Day reading it is to much information for me. i like the topics but i miss the region/Language Topic

@PaulPavlinovich @TraciC i use the translation sometimes but i am more helpful in my home language board than in the international boards - sometimes it is useful then i post and look but now i must all days scroll through a lot of posts - that cost a much time :-(  so i hope the Language Topic will come back . in that my english is not realy the best so it is more exhausting to wright and translate

@TorM wie findest Du das neue Design?

Level 10

Hello, as Change Management and adaption/ transformation is my job duty I love new things 👍


What I didn’t found yet, Photo and Discoveries, but I haven’t so much time currently, as job is hard after holidays... 


@WalterSanders, also alles fein. Wir Menschen mögen eigentlich keine Änderung, nachdem wir das Nomadenleben aufgegeben haben....

@TorM - sehe ich schon auch so ;-) aber das "Language" Topic vermisse ich 

Photos & Discoverys sind jetzt  Photos oder Reisen

Level 10

Somehow I don’t understand. I can see Travel and Advice chapter when searching for this, but it is not on the menu I can open. Either there is travel or there is Photo (and others), but not „travel and advise“ but it for sure exists as category. Any idea?



Connect Moderator

@TorM the two forums photos and discoveries and photography are bundled together now under the photography topic. I like the bundling 60% of my moderator life was moving posts from one to the other :).


The old Travel and Advice is now just Travel.

Level 10

Thanks @PaulPavlinovich,


but I see this:77D2BF10-25BE-44C3-A7A9-3B096897461A.jpeg

 When looking for my post :


So, this still somehow exist? Under Photos I can’t find the post...




Connect Moderator

Thanks @TorM that post does not seem to have had a topic applied to it. I'll escalate to have a Googler apply a Photography topic to it. Posts are still being converted behind the scenes.

Level 10

I miss mapping your world, feedback and Italian language board. I really cannot understand why the topic are ordered by first post timestamp and not last post timestamp. It's really difficult to keep track of a thread. Notifications are crucial now. I can imagine that you run a long beta testing period, but seems that there are still some features lacking ( no quote, no post edit in certain sections and so on). Thanks for your hard work @AriMar@, but now connect seems a magazine more than .a sharing and connection tool. Thank you  for the beta testing @PaulPavlinovich. The best part is idea exchange, I remember someone told me that many months ago was on beta testing too, I hope will work as intended.

Sincerely, LucioV, connect user #343

Connect Moderator

Hi @LucioV I find the thread model is much easier to use now on both PC and mobile. It is a massive improvement on mobile which is where more and more of the Connect users come from. You can change the order in which you see the thread in your preferences


Capture.JPGPreferences for thread order

Level 10

@PaulPavlinovich it's not what i was talking about.

My settings are already this, and are the default of the platform.

I'm talking about something that was done purposely, i suppose, after being discussed with beta testers.

A thread is visibile in the base page of a topic just for some seconds, and got a chance to be visible for more time only if receives a lot of interest immediately and people select "trending" filter (but also this is not working properly).

In the old-good connect we have threads ordered by last post timestamp, that means that awful users could "bump" their threads and let them popup in first page, but also that good content and interesting topics could be found more easily.


Like kudos leaderboard removal, I'm sure this is a move done to contrast some wrong behaviours, but please, understand what I'm talking about; it's easy, just ask the team to add a filter "recent posted" and let users choose to use it as standard filter. I wrote an "idea" with this request.




Level 8

I like it new version those who are not interested, keep using day by day u will be liked it...THank you @AriMar for your nice post...

Level 10

I used to be able to see posts that are tagged to my country, now that option is no longer there. It is weird and hard to follow the most relevant topics to me - that are topics of my locality.

I care more about people who come in and ask questions about Singapore than all the other random queries for all other cities and countries. With this layout and arrangement, Connect forum is becoming more global, and yet less useful to me. 

Level 8

@JulienH  when did you have such capability?  I never saw such functionality for my locality? My Region? Heck! Not even the U.S.


At times I have wondered if besides a couple of googlers there were any Americans or why why I never see them?  Or why we are never ever featured in anything like best photo or best lists, etc.


I have been here for ten months and I can see their local reviews in my region... but not their posts or activities on Connect.


Don't take me wrong I have made a few good friends and a couple of good acquaintances and hope to continue building more alliances...


But it would be nice to engage more locally as well. 


Level 10

@VBenedict@JulienH is referring to language boards.

Obviously you never used, because you live in the US, and the platform is US based, so you don't need a language board, but Italian, Japanese, and so on, yes. ;)

@JulienH according to a post of @GeorgesHR soon we will be able to filter out with language tags, so "some kind" of language board will be replaced by a language filtering. ;)

Level 10

@LucioV not correct. I am not refering to Language board. I am refering to LGC front page which showed most recent 5 posts tagged to your location. But nvm it was a pretty crappy feature anyway, and it's gone now. new LGC design has no way of surfacing these unless I do a manual search on the search bar for example "New York", or "Krachi" etc. 


@VBenedict my guess is that privacy is such a concern to these people that they do not want to over emphasize location. In maps itself we definitely are not able to see ANY data or info on regional activity or activity of other people, this is as intended. 

Level 10
Ah thanks got it :)
Level 7

[Redacted] you post on an achievement that you are proud of and it gets [Redacted] on by a mod ohh boo hoo i postyed in the wrong spot what you couldn't move it to the right spot [Redacted] i won't be back. 

Google Moderator

Hi again @GregFultzcom,


Please remember that Connect is a global community with many folks from various cultural backgrounds and speaking various languages. Profanity of any kind is not allowed on Connect as we want Connect to be a warm and welcoming place for all, so please refrain from using inappropriate language.


If you have an idea or a propolsal you can share it in the Idea Exchange board.


Thank you!

Level 4

How do I locate meet-ups in my local area, or even my State? 

When I go to "Meet-Ups", 

All I see are meet-ups in other countries,  or elsewhere. 

I can not find a way to change this in settings.

Google Moderator



All the meet-ups to take place are listed under the Upcoming Meet-Ups in the Meet-ups topic section. If you don't see any in your area, that means that no one has created one there. 


You may organise a meet-up yourself on our website. Once your meet-up is approved, it will automatically appear as a post in the Meet-ups board for Local Guides to participate. To learn more, check this How to Organize a Local Guides Meet-Up article.


I hope this helps. :)

Level 8

Hi @AriMar

Like to know where can a LG post a announcement about her/his experiences after completing a level/badge?

Mostly LGs sees their success achieved after earning a new Badge or level.




Level 9

Hello @AriMar

Where I can add topics like general discussion which was there in old forum

Level 6

Hi friends, 

I tried to several times to post about lime juice and I selected Food & drink  category. But end of the uplord photos and click the post button I got this massage.Please let me know how can I solve this issue. 






Good Luck

Level 8

@NiroshaJ  that is a well known persistent big or hack or whatever it is.

Good, very helpfull.

Level 1


Level 7

@AriMar Thanks for sharing it was very helpful 

Level 6

Connect is great but take a while to get the hang of it :)

Level 5

Can any of you help me? How can I write a place on both Google Map and English in both English and Hindi? I want to show the hotel Anand International, Samastipur, on the map in both English and Hindi. Will you help me?

Google Moderator

Hello @Saanu,


Thank you for reaching out to us. 


I would like to suggest you to write in the language that you are feel comfortable. There is a Translator tool, which is enabled across the Google Maps to translate. 

Level 6

Y premios para cuando 

Level 5
Hi , every one, its actually good but not OK, because I am not viewing the streets the way I odd to, so try to make the street labelling right because I  am more interested in the street
Level 6


Thank you very much. This post is very helpful.

Level 8



I would suggest you to write in Hindi your review on Google maps and it would translate it automatically to English.


Thus you would have your review in both Hindi and English on the same page. Readers can read both the reviews.


Level 10

@AriMarThanks , Made it more simplified and systematic.