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Question about a Local Guides perk email? Read this first


LG_009_Perks-Connect-Post (1).jpgCaption: An illustration of a bow, two gift boxes, a gift bag, and a gift tag with the Local Guides logo on it against a purple background.

The reviews, photos, videos, and knowledge you share on Google Maps make it easier for millions of people to navigate our world. To show our appreciation, we offer special perks to active Local Guides who regularly contribute on Maps.


We often partner with other brands to give Local Guides like you discounts and exciting offers on products we think you’ll love. Local Guides may also receive early access to new Google products, invitations to events, Google swag, and more.


Got a perk? The best place to get information about it is through the email you received and the link to the redemption site. If you’re not subscribed to emails about perks, be sure to update your email preferences.


The Local Guides program is constantly evolving and so are its perks. If you have a suggested partner or a perk you would like to see offered in your area, we welcome your feedback in the Idea Exchange.


Below are answers to questions we often receive about perks.


How do I get perks?

Perks are offered to Local Guides from time to time as a thank you for contributing great content on Google Maps. You may receive a perk because you’ve consistently shared high-quality contributions, reached a certain level, or often review a category related to a perk. Perks may be offered to Local Guides in particular regions. To see where you are signed up for Local Guides, please visit your Local Guides settings.


How will I know if I’ve received a perk?

Local Guides are notified through email about perks they’re eligible to redeem. To receive perks, you must be subscribed to emails about them and contribute regularly on Maps. Please be sure that your email preferences have perk emails enabled by visiting your Local Guides settings.


I have an idea for a perk. Where can I share it?

If you have a suggested partner or a perk you would like to see offered in your area, we welcome your feedback in the Idea Exchange on Connect. Our team will review top-voted ideas. Not all ideas will be implemented, but we’ll try our best. Please also be sure that your email preferences have perk emails enabled by visiting your Local Guides settings.


I just changed my opt-in region to be one of the cities where a perk is available. Will I receive the perk?

No. Changing your region after a perk has become available there will not change your eligibility to receive the perk.


May I redeem a perk for cash?

No. Perks have no cash value. Depending on the terms and conditions of your perk, you may be able to give the offer code to a friend or family member, but you may not sell or exchange the perk for money. Check the details in your perk email to find out.

Connect Moderator

Es un gran post el que nos compartiste @AriMar, podrá ayudar a muchos Local Guides que tengan dudas sobre los obsequios y la manera de participar, gracias por compartir.



Level 7

What a great post, this is very good. Thank you very much for sharing this post with us.

Connect Moderator

 Thank you @AriMar for this very clear post. It will help a lot to understand more about perks

Level 7

Thank You @Arima Forbes the information it’s really helpful.

Level 10
thats very helpful, thanks for sharing @AriMar
Level 10

Thanks @AriMar

It's already clear and as I read before joining program that there some Google product discount early access some feature but after reaching at level 10 and earning 10 badges I could not get anything I am not just worrying about it but it does not inspire others to join and participate to get higher level if there is no example to reward anything

Also l have subscribed perk news update etc.

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@AriMar Muchas gracias por esta publicación pero me pasa como a @Irfansalamat, sigo sin entender cuales son realmente las ventajas para los Guías Locales.

Hasta ahora solo he podido ver que cada cierto tiempo se celebran maravillosos encuentros, que espero algún día disfrutar en España, pero no se cuales son aquellos productos que en exclusiva los Guías Locales podemos disfrutar antes que el resto de usuarios.

Creo que se debería dar más valor a los Guías Locales, ya que gracias a ellos y de manera desinteresada, Google Maps se hace más y más grande cada día. Está claro que todos salimos beneficiados pero nunca hay que olvidar el gran papel de los Guías Locales, uno de los pilares principal en los que se sustenta esta Comunidad

Level 10

Hi, @Anonymous

I understand this is not actually profitable activities but what about local guide work and valuable time and you see the digital internet companies are in the race of being billionaires and trillions so the competition is to get high rank economically and it's all advantages are going to the investor company ownership stockholders and distribution of reward is only base on Capitel technolog and ownership that's  centerlizing wealth only in few companies hand By God just distributing some perk reward would not be too costly and not get down company profit. 

Google Local guide should thing about it 

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Totalmente de acuerdo @Irfansalamat, es cierto que hoy en día el mundo está globalizado y se mueve todo por dinero, realmente hay pocas actividades que se realicen sin pedir algo a cambio y sin embargo, la labor de los Guías Locales es totalmente altruista, lo hacemos porque nos gusta ayudar a los demás con nuestras fotos y vídeos, reseñas, añadiendo sitios nuevos, incluso revisando y denunciando fotos y vídeos que no corresponden al lugar, incorporarando horarios, accesibilidad, sobre los productos vegetarianos y mil detalles más de los muchísimos establecimientos por los que Google detecta que hemos estado, gracias a nuestra ubicación y a lo que con gusto respondemos.

Pero a mi manera de ver, este altruismo debería ser premiado de alguna manera y ya lo comenté hace tiempo cuando me uní a esta comunidad: "Hay que valorar más el trabajo de los Guías Locales". 

Pero claro, cuando un moderador me dijo que fuese más concreto a la hora de expresar mi inquietud, tengo que decir que no es labor nuestra decir como tiene que proceder Google Maps para compensarnos, ni mucho menos, nosotros somos colaboradores agradecidos con nuestra labor altruista, es Google Maps quien debería proponer una fórmula atractiva, ya que esta comunidad se nutre de mutuo acuerdo, pero quien tiene las riendas no somos nosotros.

Te mando un cordial saludo desde Alicante (España) 🇪🇸 @Irfansalamat

Level 10

 Thanks I appreciate your concern @Anonymous this is really interesting and healthy activities to be helpful others and I feel proud to be one of among moillions local guide like you.

Just take a moment to thing any technology giant company give any free service if they do so how could they be billionaires or trillioners. If you are helping others so why not start it from your participants making their lives happy so they continue to help with heart and more motivation I have been more then 1.5 years with Google Local Guide program get nothing but continue to add my work because I am losing nothing but only time spending if you attach some encouragement give support to Local Guides their work will be more gearup the best economics formula is that to distribute profit, earning income or dividend on the bases of work contribution and that is absolutely showing on your points badges.

Take my good greetings from Local Guides Pakistan. I really salute all local guide from all over the world who has a great job for Google Maps 

Thanks  you so much for the great post @AriMar @@Anonymous


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Hola @AriMar, no se si el correo al que haces alusión para informar a los Guías Locales es a través de esta página (Local Guides Connect).

Sin saber la respuesta, creo que este es el mejor camino para notificarnos cualquier detalle importante a la comunidad de Guías Locales.

En el correo electrónico la información puede perderse fácilmente entre tanto email.

Saludos desde Alicante (España) 🇪🇸

Level 10

This is very helpful information @AriMar thanks for sharing with us.

Level 10



Nice information about perk,

almost every Newcomers joined because of Perk hope from Google, but Slowly all Lg's realise, fact of Volunteers Lg Program, and enjoying Guiding to help Google Map Better..

So Thanks for Sharing this Post..


Regards From Mumbai..

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Hola @AriMar, estoy intentando buscar información para entender que significa PERK y no la encuentro.

Podrías decirme que significa?

Muchas gracias de antemano y perdona mi ignorancia. 

Un saludo desde Alicante (España) 🇪🇸 

Level 7

Great, thanks for the detailed message. @AriMar

I am level 8 contributor and now I am running out of free 15 GB google drive space. Presently, not able to contribute photos to google map as there is no space left in google drive for photo and video contributions. Please suggest what to do? 

Level 10

Thanks dear @AriMar, for sharing this very useful information many are looking for. 


Also very interesting to know that, the team is willing to accommodate locally available offers.  Great!

Level 8

Hello @AriMar


Thank you for this very clear post. thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you @AriMar for this really helpful and informative post. A perk from google is really exciting. Local Guides all around contributing great content to Google Maps and helping loads of people. Thanks to google for appreciating our contribution by giving us awesome perks and continues support.



It has been indeed a great feel to get associated with Google for noble cause


Being local guide is more of a cause where we just make the wold more accessible to the people with our contribution. Personally I have been. Using Google and maps very extensively and very happy user as well.


I just have one question, I did received a mail regarding one perk but went in noticed and the timeline to claim the same for expired. I would suggest if there can be any option for genuine contributors to have some reactivation possibility.



Level 8

Dear AriMar


Thanks  for update






Level 8

Well @AriMar Brief information about local guide perk nice post we learnt a lot...Thank you for sharing with us...

Level 9

Thank you for sharing the update information about perk @AriMar

Level 8

Thanks @AriMar from sharing more details about perks.

Thanks For Sharing Information From PUNJAB INDIA @AriMar

Level 8

Yo tengo activas las notificaciones por correo pero no he recibido ningún correo indicando que seré beneficiario de ningún tipo de ventaja o regalo.  ¿Será que solo lo reciben algunos? Por lo que he leido aquí se supone que deberiamos todos recibir el correo, o ¿No es así? 

Los aportes que hago, son sin ningún tipo de interés pero si nos quieren agradar con algún tipos de regalo o ventaja si me gustaría recibirlo.  

La ventaja o beneficio que me gustaría recibir es aumentar la cuota de 15 GB gratis del correo de Gmail.


José Atizol

Level 10

Thank you for your good news @AriMar
I have consulted in Connect Tokyo that all gifts would be good for guide experience and educational opportunities. How wonderful we can have various learning and experiences about it free of charge👩‍🏫📺😃. I posted the idea.

Level 9

Thanks for the update information and true gifts and identity card will boost local guide and accelerate the process.

@AriMar Wow, It's good idea Thanks 🤗

Level 8

Thanks a lot @AriMar

For sharing the detailed post about perk for LG.



Level 9

Perks are important to boost efficiency and efficacy.It energise confidence and self-respect and dignity.Identity card has exception if provided right from level-8 .

Level 8

@AriMar Thanks for this update with all answers. 


Level 8

Thanks @AriMar for this valuable information.

Level 7

Thanks, to explain clearly.

Level 5

فكرة جميله جدا شكر علي المجهود المبذول والرائع 

Level 8

Hi @AriMar, thanks for the great post. I have a similar question, but it's related to the level-up e-mail. I reached level 8 about a month ago but never received the usual "congrats" e-mail from Google. I've had it enabled in my settings the ability to receive e-mails from Google, and I even received this e-mail when reaching previous levels. Do you have any light on this?


Looking forward to your response! Thank you in advance and best regards from Brazil.

Level 6

Great job on this post! Lots of useful information!

Hi, my google one perk expired before I could redeem it. To whom to ask to reactivate them?

Just realize that I am not sure whether perk got expire because I have no communication regarding that but I see following message while trying to redeemUntitled.png




Level 8

Hi @AriMar,


It seems everyone is getting the same error like @imsharmasagar.


I got my Google 1 perk email twice but unfortunately it gave me the expired message on both the occasions.


Any solution to this? Can we expect this perk?




Level 8

Very helpful as local guides

Hi @AriMar

Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Thanks again, 


Google Moderator

Hi @ShadySalama,


I've just released your post from our spam quarantine. Our filters run 24/7 and can be a bit harsh some times. Apologies for the inconvenience


You can visit this article to learn more - Why was my Connect post marked as spam?

Level 6

Hi there! I was told I’d receive socks (see attached picture) but instead I got stickers. I tried going through the Google Merch prompt and they just ended up sending me stickers again...I also emailed [REDACTED] but never heard back. Was wondering how I could get this resolved? Thanks in advance!70E5299D-BCC1-43E3-BDC6-CB3DACBF3219.jpeg


Level 7


Such a useful post. I had no idea about the perks. Thanks so much for sharing the info in such a clear way.

Level 6

What is the benefit of Google Maps that there are no followers or fans


Thank you🎗️🎖️🎗️

Google Moderator

Hello @Doom_doom,


Thank you for reaching out, Google Maps is a web mapping service to help people go around, discovering new places and others. 


The Local Guides Connect itself is a place where Google Maps users join as Local Guides where they can communicate more among each other about several topics, in addition to that here is an article where you can read about Why be a Local Guide?.

I have a Google Local Guides contributor for over 2 years now and I have never received any Perks. I am also Level 7 Google Local Guides Contributor. Is there something wrong with my account?

Google Moderator

Hello @mikhailhathey,


There is nothing wrong with your account, perks may be offered from time to time to some Local Guides. To maximize your chances of being eligible for a future perk opportunity, continue to add high quality contributions to Google Maps.


Please also be sure that your email preferences have perks emails enabled by visiting your Local Guides settings as mentioned above on the main post. 

@AngieYC I contribute quite often and have always had the perks setting on in Settings, yet I still don't receive perks.

Level 6

@AngieYC any word on why I was sent stickers instead of socks? (See previous post) Would really love to be able to show those socks off.