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Meet the Connect Moderators

Google Administrator

Connect-Moderators_Graphics.jpgCaption: A graphic of the earth that shows people located in different areas next to the words "Connect Moderators."Connect Moderators are Local Guides just like you and me. They apply the knowledge they’ve gained as active members of our community to moderate Connect and help improve the experience for everyone. You may see them welcoming newcomers, explaining the program, answering questions, and sharing their knowledge with others..


Meet your moderators (appearing in the order in which they joined the Connect moderator ranks):


Ivan.jpegCaption: Ivan at a baseball stadium

@iyudhi from the United States who speaks both Bahasa Indonesian and English


Sampson.jpegCaption: Sampson in a teal Local Guides shirt

@SampsonF from Taiwan who speaks Mandarin and English


Farid.jpegCaption: Farid in front of a waterfall

@FaridMonti from Argentina who speaks Spanish




Ermes.jpegCaption: Ermes enjoying the outdoors in Italy

@ermest from Italy who speaks Italian and English


Flash.jpegCaption: Photo of Gregg smiling while sitting

@Flash from Canada who speaks English 


Ilankovan.jpegCaption: Photo of Ilankovan with his cameras

@IlankovanT from Sri Lanka speaks Tamil as well as English


Karen.jpegCaption: Photo of Karen smiling at a Google event

@KarenVChin from the United States who speaks English


Paul.jpegCaption: Photo of Paul standing in front of a wall of graffiti

@PaulPavlinovich from Melbourne, Australia who speaks English


Ludwig.jpegCaption: Photo of Ludwig on a hike

@LudwigGermany from Germany who speaks English & German


Nunung.jpegCaption: Photo of Nunung with a magazine

@NunungAfuah from Indonesia who speaks Bahasa Indonesian and English


Sonia.jpegCaption: Photo of Sonia wearing a flower crown

@SoniaK from Bangladesh who speaks Bangla & English


Shirley.jpegCaption: Photo of Shirley on a swing by the ocean

@Shirley from Canada who speaks English and will also be reading posts in Chinese


Steve.jpgCaption: Stephen from Local Guides Summit 2017

@StephenAbraham from Malaysia who primarily speaks English, Bahasa Malaysia and, Mandarin Chinese


WhatsApp+Image+2018-08-15+at+13.08.57.jpegCaption: Valeria enjoying the wildnerness

@ValeriaAumasque from Argentina who speaks Spanish, English and some German (and is happy to practice!)


Please give these amazing Local Guides a virtual high-five and thank you!


Interested in becoming a moderator for Local Guides Connect? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Local Guides Level 5+ who actively contribute to Google Maps and Local Guides Connect
  • Friendly and respectful community members who help keep Connect a warm, welcoming and informative place with their knowledge, accuracy and tone

There is no application or nomination process. Keep contributing and engaging with your fellow Local Guides and the Local Guides team will be in touch if you are selected.


Connect Moderator

Hi @MouliB you commented that you didn't see anyone from India. The moderators are not chosen based on country, race, religion or anything else like that. At some point an Indian will stand out taller than the other people and will be invited to become a moderator. Until then we're all here to help you.


Connect Moderators are just Local Guides like you and me who help with this community alongside the Googlers. There is no application process, simply ensure that you contribute positively in Maps and here in Connect keeping it a warm and friendly place always.

For full information please visit this informative post from TraciC.


The only thing I would add is to read the Core Values of Connect and live them in every post.


Good luck in your quest to be a moderator, a lot of work goes into this volunteer role but it is very rewarding helping people and keeping Connect free of spam. There are some perks of course, it's not all hard work. We get time with the Googlers every month and can ask them anything - it is great to feel a wanted part of the Connect family.



Regards Paul

Level 8

Congratulations to all the connect moderators for their great contribution to google maps and in which they achievied  their  higher positions

Level 8

i agree with you @PaulPavlinovich. there will be soon indian connect moderator too if they do  well.

Good luck

Level 9

Hi @TraciC !

 Yes , I have gone through the entire post . It is not only important but also provides lot of information and expertise about our beloved members of the LG family.

I extend my hearty           welcome to all of them .



Level 9

Hello @ShakeebNizvi


Connect Moderators moderate Connect side-by-side with Google Moderators helping to ensure Connect is a warm, welcoming, educational and fun place for fellow Local Guides. Please read the article

all the information is given there.

Level 9

Interested in becoming a moderator for Local Guides Connect? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Local Guides Level 5+ who actively contribute to Google Maps and Local Guides Connect
  • Friendly and respectful community members who help keep Connect a warm, welcoming and informative place with their knowledge, accuracy and tone

There is no application or nomination process. Keep contributing and engaging with your fellow Local Guides and the Local Guides team will be in touch if you are selected.


I'm Luis from East Timor. Just a sugest please read this article:

Good luck.


Connect Moderator

Hi @ShakeebNizvi A Warm Welcome in Connect, the Official Community of Google Local Guides.

thanks to @AbdullahAM and @LuisTimorleste for providing a link, where is explained how to become a Connect Coderator. They provided a link because the answer to your question was in there


As this seems to be one of your first post in here, I take the opportunity to give you some information to know how to interact with the community:

    • Need Help?: The help area give you a lot of solutions if you need to "know how to ...."
    • Explore the Forum menu, to see what the various sections are about. You will find many interesting parts regarding, for example, meet-up, or photographic technique.
    • Give to the post a descriptive title

As an extra tips, i would suggest you to Search the community before posting as the same subject can be already being discussed.

Welcome again, I hope to see you soon :)



Google Moderator

Hello @ShakeebNizvi,


This topic has been discussed many times before. As suggested above, I would like to ask you to search the community before posting.


I am moving your topic here - Meet the Connect Moderators. Please go over this topic as it contains a lot of useful information.

Level 10

Congratulations to the new moderators.keep up the hardwork


Hi 5

Level 8

Thanks for doing the amazing work. 

Level 8

did we have new connect moderator ??

 @amiddi_test !!

nice to meet you :D

I am a brand new Localconnectguide and I have very quickly surprised myself with Level5 and I need to connect with a local Connect moderator to help me not make so many mistakes. I am using my little tablet to do all of this! Would it be better to use my PC? 

Thanks for the time you spend helping me get started.@christyabrandon.

I am in Canada and that beautiful photograph of the pale 5 pointed star, reminds me of Morning Glories! If I could, I would mail a small package of Morning Glories to plant in your garden. Morning Glories have lovely delicate shades of blue-violet and pink and white, but mostly a pale blue. 

Me, too.

I would love to meet the Connect Moderators.

I am new and amazed that I made Level 5 all, or mostly through my own floundering about, making mistakes, fixing them and starting again. I need a connect moderator to guide me because Iam just too complex for myself to handle alone, when I am new at something like this. thanks, in advance for your help.

Level 10


Local Guides Connect ? what is eligibility for that?
I am Living in India.
Regards and thanks
Connect Moderator

Hi @drajaykrmishra:

I encourage you to check out this post, it has some details about what a Connect Moderator is and how to become one. But in short, there is no application process, if selected, the team will reach out to you.

I'll also be merging your post to the existing thread to keep the discussion together. Thanks :)

Connect Moderator

Hey @christyabrandon:

Where abouts in Canada are you? :)

Google Administrator

A warm welcome to our newest Connect Moderators, @StephenAbraham and @ValeriaAumasque!!

Level 9

Congratulations on becoming connect moderator @ValeriaAumasque

Hope you fulfill this position well.

Best of luck





Connect Moderator

Thank you @shravanj for making this post!

I'm very happy to help moderate the community :)


Best wishes


Level 8


@ValeriaAumasque & @StephenAbraham

today i am very happy



Level 8

thank you so much @TraciC ;)

Connect Moderator

I'm very very happy @OSAMA :) Thanks for your support. I'm glad that I could count on you from the beginning :)


Best wishes


Level 8

thank you @ValeriaAumasque , you are great without counting on anybody ;)

now you will learn more from great members like @ermest @KarenVChin @SoniaK & all great moderators 

keep it up

and wish you all the best in your new responsibilities 

Connect Moderator

Well @OSAMA, shared happiness is double happiness! :)

It's always good to count on someone, and I know that there are many members I can count on :)


Best wishes


Level 8

Hi @ValeriaAumasque welcome. You are looking so beautiful. May we know where you from? 

Connect Moderator

Thanks @bdmafuz! I'm from Argentina in South America.

Happy to be here :)


Best wishes


Connect Moderator

@OSAMA Thanks. Just helping out where I can. Thanks for helping out too. 

Level 8

i am sure you can help more now legend @StephenAbraham

Connect Moderator

Definitely welcome @ValeriaAumasque!!! :)

Thanks for bringing these to our attention @shravanj and @bdmafuz

I am going to merge this with the ongoing thread for Meet the Connect moderators to keep the congratulation messages all together! Thanks! :)

Connect Moderator

Thank you very much for your kindness @Shirley :)



Level 10

Dear @ValeriaAumasque,


It is God's blessings, enjoy and Keep it up, dear fiend..

All the best..


Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Thanks a lot @NunungAfuah! :)


Best wishes


Level 7

As has been pointed out time and time again there is no application or nomination process involved in the selection of Local Connect Moderators.

The block on applications is perhaps understandable but the fact that we cannot nominate a Local Guide who has been exceptional in their friendliness, guidance and expertise seems somehow questionable.

That is why I wonder what justification is there for not allowing the members of the community itself to at least draw up a shortlist of potential nominees?

This could help to ensure that those nominated by other Local Guides will regard their primary role as to be the representatives of the Connect Community rather than cabal-appointed, virtual officials of the Google Maps corporation, its company policies, the status quo and the (largely unwritten) RuleBook.

Forgive me but the existing structure smacks a bit of oligarchy and could benefit greatly from a degree of genuine and open democracy

It can be extremely uncomfortable for some of us to deal with moderators who become instantly defensive if one has misgivings about the way that parts of the edit approval system currently operate.

Sometimes the heavy-handed kneejerk response can go further than this and we are accused of incompetence or scolded for speaking up.

The authoritarian agenda becomes apparent every time that Local Guides are reminded in a public forum that we have agreed to the terms and conditions as they currently stand when we joined the Local Connect Community and that any of the hidden and illogical elements of the system which are as user-unfriendly as possible have been designed that way deliberately in order to deter spammers and can not and must not be questioned by the Local Guides nor may any of the clandestine details of its inner workings be revealed by any of the Connect Moderators on a Need-To-Know basis.

It would seem like far more of a community if we could trust the Moderators to do whatever they could to try to ensure that hard-working Local Guides are not continually having their (as yet undisclosed) edit/trust levels reduced each and every time that some silly logic error in the system triggers an immediate "NOT APPLIED" response.

From the public responses I have seen this does not seem to be the case and there is ample evidence of this in a number of threads on parts of the forum which have since behind removed from the main menu by Local Connect 2.0 but which can be still located via the forum search functions.

The issue of "false positives" is continually taken for granted and we are told not to take this matter personally - as if such facile comments could possibly compensate for the considerable loss of time, resource and effort involved on an ongoing basis or for the relentless reduction in our edit/trust levels behind the scenes. All of these behaviour patterns have become commonplace even though it is freely admitted that the current system lacks the ability to verify simple valid data elements which are easily and freely available on the web and which could easily be checked if any intelligent human being was directly involved or by just about anybody via a bog-standard Google search.

If we were allowed to nominate Local Guides who would be prepared to represent the community rather than the corporation then it could be a WIN-WIN situation for everyone and could prevent so many committed, diligent, long-standing and high-level contributors from being further alienated and withdrawing their support.




Actually i am writing from my other account. I don't know the reason why my account related to balaji.0808 got suspended. When i try to login it says erroruserbanned. Kindly help me to resolve it.


Level 10
That's great it's pure democracy and open merit opportunity to everyone to be a moderater I hope to be a moderater so sure I need to make my contribution great and helpful and I accept it too that it's a selection not passing a test.
Level 2

Thanks for support and we want go levelup so keep every time 

Level 7

 Congratulations to all Moderators who really very hard working and deserve for star badge of Moderator.

Congratulations to the member of Connect Moderators. Any possibility Timorense become a member of Connect Moderators.?
Level 7

Hello friends 

I'm New on this site.

Can anyone suggest  me how to operate this site?

Actually I'm from India....

Level 10

Hi @Sunil__Kumar,


Welcome to local guides connect. 


"Interested in becoming a moderator for Local Guides Connect? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Level 5 Local Guides who actively contribute to Google Maps and Local Guides Connect
  • Friendly and respectful community members who help keep Connect a warm and welcoming place

There is no application or nomination process. Keep contributing and engaging with your fellow Local Guides and the Local Guides team will be in touch if you are selected."


If you want some more information please have a look here:


I hope it anwser your query please let me know.


As you are new, I would suggest you to read the following post with tips on how to use local guides connect:


There is also the help desk here:


You can aslo introduce yourself in this post:


I hope this will help you.


See you around



Level 7

Thank you so much 

Level 10



Don't forget to use @ + usernam when you talk to someone. He will get a notification and won't miss your message.


Thanks in advance



Level 7

প্রিয় @Sunil__Kumar

আপনি @MahabubMunna ভাইয়ের এই লিংকটি দেখতে পারেন।

Level 7

What are the minimum qualifications to be a connect .ModoratMo

Connect Moderator

Hi @chamodh there are no particular qualifications. There are two types of moderators - Google Moderators who are Google employees and Connect Moderators who are volunteers.


From time to time Googlers pick Connect members and invite them to join the team of volunteer moderators. They look for things like:

  • Consistently warm and friendly and contributing regularly both their own posts and on the posts of others
  • Sticking within the Core Values of Connect 
  • Operating on Maps positively within the Local Guides Rules

You can't request to become a Moderator but you'll get noticed if you're the kind of person the Googlers like to have.


Regards Paul

Google Moderator

Hi @chamodh,


Thanks for reaching out.

Here are the answer I can provide to your question. A Connect Moderators should be:

  • Local Guides Level 5+ who actively contribute to Google Maps and Local Guides Connect
  • Friendly and respectful community members who help keep Connect a warm, welcoming and informative place with their knowledge, accuracy and tone.

You can learn more about if reading the Meet the Connect Moderators topic where I've merged your post.

Google Moderator

Hi @Sunil__Kumar,


A warm welcome to Connect. 


Before writing on Connect you should choose at least one topic to add a new one. Think about which topic best describes what your post is about. If it falls under multiple topics, you can add them in under Additional topics at the bottom of the page. Please only add topics if they are relevant.  Your post will appear under the topic page for each one you choose.

Organizing posts by popular topics will help people more easily discover the posts they care about. To learn more about each topic, visit this post.


Since you are new to the community, here are some tips about using Local Guides Connect:

  • First, I'd recommend you to read this topic. It suggests the various ways to have fun and engage as a part of the community.
  • You may start your Connect journey by sharing a bit about yourself in this month's Introduce yourself topic.

To make the most of your experience here, you can take a look at the posts in the Help Desk.


Just to let you know, I've merged your post to the Meet the Connect Moderators topic where you can learn more about them.