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How do I write a post on Connect?


Connect is a place for Local Guides to share their discoveries, ask questions, engage with other members of the community, give feedback, and more.


If you’ve got a story to tell, photos to share, or a question to ask, you can create a post on Connect by clicking Start a post. You’ll find this function at the bottom of your homepage and at the top of each topic page.


WendyGeorge-9455.jpgCaption: A photo of a person creating a post on Local Guides Connect.

  • First, choose a main topic for your post such as Photography, Travel, or Food & Drink. Think about which topic best describes what your post is about. If it falls under multiple topics, you can add them in under Additional topics at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot 2018-09-14 at 11.03.00 AM.pngCaption: A screenshot that shows the main topics you can select on Connect: Photography, Travel, Food & Drink, Local Stories, Meet-ups, and How-tos.

  • Use a descriptive title for your post. Make it easy for other Local Guides to understand what your post is about.
  • Upload a photo. The first photo you add to your post will appear as the main image across the site. So, make sure it’s relevant to your title. For tips on uploading great photos, check out this post on the best photo practices for Connect. If you don’t have a photo of your own to share, you can browse through Connect’s library of images.  
  • Write your post. You can post in any language on Connect. The Google Translate widget is available on every page so that others can easily translate content into their language. You can select the language you used in the post by clicking Add language at the bottom of the editor.
  • Use the Location field on posts that discuss a specific place. For example, if you’re looking for travel advice for a trip to San Francisco, tag “San Francisco.”Screenshot 2018-09-14 at 11.21.28 AM.pngCaption: A screenshot that shows where to select a location, tags, and a language in the Connect editor.
  • You can preview your post by clicking Preview. Need to come back to it later? Your post will automatically save and you can find it again by visiting the Draft tab on your profile. 
  • When you’re happy with your post, click Publish.

We can’t wait to read the exciting stories you share and see all of your amazing photos! 

Level 9

Hello @aka_Rὁn, you can edit any comment or post you create here by selecting the three dots under your post and, by clicking on Edit Post/Reply/or others.

Bugs and anomalies can be reported on Google Maps, by sending Feedback. You can give ideas to improve Google Maps, this website and others regarding Local Guides, on the Ideas Board.

As far as I understand you can also propose solutions or ask for the bug to be fixed on that board. I have seen Connect Moderators do that, so I assume it's the way errors are reported on this website.

I hope I was able to help ☺️


Level 9

Okay, @aka_Rὁn. Nevermind what I said about the edit. I can't edit or delete my comment, but that can be done in other posts so it may be because it's an article. This is an improvement that could be posted on the Ideas Board.

Level 7

Dear @Jesi

If you check my first message (the one before the typo was corrected) you will see that I have tried ALL of the other "official" options and to date have had absolutely no response whatsoever.

This after 7 separate attempts to have a local community hub added to Google Maps and the first was several weeks ago and still absolutely nothing has been done and I have been given a royal run-around since Connect 2.0 was introduced and lots of the same generic advice as if I did not know the real situation.

This is totally unacceptable and these issues have been dodged time and time again.

I have now connected Google Street Wise to see if they have anyone who is willing to make the necessary corrections to the map since one of the sequential addresses is missing and there are major boundary errors between the shops on that particular road.

Why must it take so long to get such simple anomalies addressed ?

The situation is getting increasingly serious and the manager of the organisation concerned is going to write direct to Jen Fitzpatrick unless something is done about this quickly.

cc: @TraciC


Level 9

@aka_Rὁn In another comment I clarified that it isn't possible to edit or delete comments here, possibly because it's an article.

In other posts I have made, there is a button with 3 dots on the top of the post and other three buttons on the bottom, the latter one is the one that lets you edit the posts but as you can see it's missing on this article. 


The ideas posted on the Idea Exchange board do take their time to be approved, as they need to be voted on and then reviewed by Googlers. Maybe there should be a different faster system to post errors like the ones you mentioned, but there would most likely need to be an Idea regarding that on the board in order for it to be done.


From what I can see, both problems can be resolved using the Idea Exchange board, with patience.

I wish you good luck and a fast resolution of the situation you mentioned. 


...Maybe these comments should be moved to a other topic, @AriMar

Level 8

 Hello @aka_Rὁn I agree with what you said about snarky comments when we post things in the wrong place. I joined connect in August and was mostly posting on General discussion then the new 2.0 came in. I find the new options very restrictive. I worked really hard all week to reach level 7 and today I got level 7 badge. I was so proud and wanted to share my news with my fellow guides, but I thought will I put it on announcement or local stories. Afterall I was proud of my achievement so put it on local stories. Later I got an email which was from a moderator telling me my post was off topic and irrelevant to LGC ! So it was removed. I was really upset. I have seen guides posting that they have reached Level 10 and lots of posts congratulating them. But, I suppose level 7 is not as worthy or important to Google as level 10 is. Today I saw on local stories a post wishing somebody a happy birthday and other guides replies. If my news is off topic then how is a happy birthday post not off topic. This is very confusing to me and discouraging

Level 7

Yes Very usefull info for newbie Thanks For sharing with us


Hello @aka_Rὁn, please refer to this post on how to report fraud on Google Maps.

You are correct @Jesi, and thank you so much for your suggestion to request the feature (edit or delete comments ) on Idea Exchange.


Sorry for the confusion @Eire27. Instead of sharing news, I encourage you to write a story of your journey to being a Local Guide --what do you love about being a Local Guide, how did you achieve Level 7, etc. Please refer to this post on how to write a post on Connect :) Or this thread may be a good place to introduce yourself.

Thank you @Ayazkhanzada for your comments. We are glad to hear that.




I wanted to chime in as well - Thanks for sharing your feedback. We do not currently have a place for celebrations of this nature but all levels are equally important. Celebrations are important and we encourage you to post on social media using #LocalGuidesConnect to celebrate with the world.  Our moderators work around the clock to ensure Connect is not only a warm and welcoming place, but that Connect is well-organized. Sometimes post are missed to start, but we will get to them to help achieve maximum warmness and organization so other Local Guides have the best experience, too. Connect was updated to reflect the needs of our global community but we welcome any ideas you may have about things you'd like to see in the Idea Exchange

Level 9

Halo @AriMar informasi yang sangat bermanfaat anggota connect. Dalam dan sukses 

Level 8

Hello @AriMar thank you for sharing with us...

Level 2
I love you photos
Level 9

@AriMar it's better if possible add text size and color . it's help us to bullet point make big text size to highlite 

Level 8

thanks for sharing this helpful tips @AriMar :)))

Level 10

Hi, @AriMar

This is helpful to create a better post of different categories. I feel difficulty while uploading photo and insert them between paragraph.

Level 7

After posting my first photo, I'm unable to upload other photos as I'm short of space. I've been directed to store the photos into a new album. How do I go about it?

Level 9

Hello @AriMar

Thank you so much for your nice introduction for How do I write a post on Connect.


Connect Moderator

Very useful post @AriMar :)

Level 4

Спасибо большое!

Level 1


Level 1

Hai dont know about this...

Level 5

This is the time for me to get in touch in forum. Please let me know more how to deal with it. Thank you @AriMar 

Level 8

שלום לכולם,

אני שמחה תמיד לגלות מקומות חדשים, ולהוסיף אותם למפות. לפעמים זה ממש 

תהליך ארוך .לפעמים זה נכנס באופן מיידי.

 למדתי שמסעדות חדשות או בתי קפה,נכנסים למפות כמעט תמיד באופן מיידי אם יש צילומים מתאימים של הכתובת והטל'.

לא תמיד אני אוכלת שם.אבל משיחה עם הבעלים יש פרטים שחשובים מאוד למי שמגיע.

לקחתי על עצמי את נושא הנגישות לכסאות גלגלים או שרותי נכים.וגם אוכל טבעוני וצמחוני.

אם לא אכלתי במסעדה אני לא יכולה לכתוב את הפרטים האלו כי אני צריכה לתת ציון.

איך אפשר לפתור את זה?

ועוד משהו קטן אני חושבת שבכל מקום יש שאלות שונות לכן צריך מדריך מקומי שיתאים את השאלות למקום.

כי המון שאלות לא רלונטיות  למשל לישראל.דוגמה שואלים על מסעדה אם יש תמיכה?איזה תמיכה יש במסעדה?

תודה סמדר



Level 7

Hola buenos días comunidad es cierto lo que comentan además, de que es interesante el aprender de otros guías locales sobre sus experiencias y puntos de vista.

Espero que todos formemos una comunidad de guías locales unida.

Level 2

Very helpfull, thanks for your contribution in making connect such a wonderfull place.

Level 7


Very helpfull

Hi @AriMar,

The article is simple and interesting.

I have learned now on how to write to post in connect.

Thanks much for your support.

اسعد الله مسائكم بالخير

I thought you were talking about CLOUD CONNECT, which there is no way to start a post on Cloud Connect!  

apd Level 9
Level 9

@AriMarvery informative. You have summarized the process in a beautifully in a nutshell.