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How do I search on Connect?


01_Search.jpgCaption: An illustration of a magnifying glass over the orange Local Guides logo.

Every day, Local Guides like you share your experiences, knowledge, and questions on Connect. There’s lots to learn and discover, so here are some helpful tips for searching the community.


1. Use keywords to find posts that interest you

Looking to learn more about an exciting place or a popular dish? Type keywords in the search bar at the top of any page. Suggested posts relevant to your keywords will appear in a downdown list.


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 2.27.11 PM.pngCaption: A screenshot that shows “San Francisco” in the search bar with a dropdown menu of suggested posts such as “San Francisco Photowalk” and “A first-timer’s guide to San Francisco.”

You can select the post that interests you or complete a full search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. You’ll then be taken to a results page filled with posts that include your keywords.


2. Use helpful search modifiers


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.04.09 PM.pngCaption: A screenshot of “accessibility meet-up” in the search bar on Connect.

You can apply modifiers to the terms you enter in the search field to receive more specific results.


  • Use quotes to search for an “exact phrase.”
  • Use the plus sign to search for +one +or +more +words.
  • Use the minus sign to -exclude -certain -words from your search.


3. Narrow your search by using the filter options on the results page


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.12.49 PM.pngCaption: A screenshot of the filter options available on Connect.

These filters will make it easier to find the posts you’re looking for. The filters currently available are:


  • Location: Filter posts according to the boards they’re under such as Announcements, Help Desk, and General Discussion. Please note: General Discussion includes Photography, Travel, Food & Drink, Local Stories, Meet-ups, and How-tos topics.
  • Author: Filter posts shared by a specific Local Guide. You do not need to include the “@” when searching here. Once you find who you’re looking for, select the Local Guide from a drop-down list.
  • Date: Filter content by time period such as a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, and a year ago.
  • Metadata: Filter by whether the content has a solution, likes, or both.
  • Type of post: Filter content from either a forum, blog, or idea.
  • Contains: FIlter content that contains images, videos, or attachments.


4. Select a tag listed at the bottom of a post

Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.14.23 PM.pngCaption: A screenshot of the tags “How-tos,” “Arts & Culture,” “Contributions,” “Reviews,” and “Tips” at the bottom of a post.

Clicking on one of these tags will bring you to a page filled with posts that use the same tag.


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.18.17 PM.pngCaption: A screenshot of posts that used the “Arts & Culture” tag on Connect.

5. Visit a Local Guide’s profile page to see the posts they’ve written


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 3.27.56 PM.pngCaption: A photo of my author page on Connect.

If you know the username of a Local Guide on Connect, you can use the Author filter feature shared above. However, you can also select their username at the top of one of their posts to go to their profile page. There, you can see a list of the posts they’ve shared with the community.

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Muy interesante para aprender a buscar entre los miles de mensajes que hay aquí. 

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@AriMar This is a cool and very very helpful for all whos are regualar use Search the community option on Connect like me. Hope everyone will get benefit from this. 

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Thanks for sharing this post and letting us know about this feature. 


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Existe a opção para procurar uma idéia SOMENTE na página de "Troca de idéias"? Eu procurei na lupa, mas os resultados são de todo o fórum, não apenas da área de idéias, que deveria procurar entre as 363 ideias, como mostra a imagem: Screenshot_20190211-082952.jpgPágina Inicial de "Troca de idéias".


Screenshot_20190211-082254.jpgSessão "Connect", para buscar se a minha ideia já foi publicada entre as 363 existentes.


Hi @AriMar , 

Thanks for sharing a very helpful post with us. I also learned the search technique that is really useful to me.  

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Thanks for sharing this @AriMar Good to see that I'm using it correctly then! 

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Very Useful @AriMar . I wasn't aware of the quotes, plus and minus. They really help.