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How Do I Report Content on Google Maps?

GusMoreira Level 5
Level 5

How Do I Report Content on Google Maps?

As the people who bring Google Maps to life, Local Guides write reviews, post photos, and gather facts that make it easier, tastier, and more fun to navigate the world. Although we have amazing contributors all around the world, sometimes you may find a Local Guide who is not adhering to Google Maps’ policies or Local Guides’ Community Guidelines.


As millions of contributions are made every day around the world, we appreciate the help of our global community in flagging inappropriate content or behaviour.


.:: Reporting a Review or Photo



If you find a review or photo that you think violates Google Maps' policies, you can use the 'flag as inappropriate' icon next to the contribution or “Report a Problem” if you are using Google Maps on desktop. A team of specialists will check if it violates any policies and take any appropriate action. The review sometimes takes time as the team is careful to only remove content that violates specific policies.


.:: Reporting a Local Guide


If you've found a Local Guide contributing content or behaving in a way that you think violates Google Maps' policies and/or Local Guides program rules, let us know here in Connect (but don't share that person's information publicly) by tagging a Google Moderator and we'll reach out to you via private message with instructions on how to share that information with the Local Guides team.


.:: What happens after I report something?


Content or suspicious activity that is flagged goes to a team of specialists who investigate the report and take the appropriate actions to address the issue. Please note, we will not share the results of the investigation with you due to privacy concerns.

Due to the volume of private messages Google Moderators receive, I do not read or respond to private messages.
Please post publicly so others may benefit from your discussion. Thank you.