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#love ur live

20181225_134853.jpg#Salou #Spain #Travel #Holiday


20181225_134842.jpg#Salou #Spain #travel #holiday


20181225_155829.jpg#Salou #travel #sun #spain



Salou, Salou, España
Nervana1er Level 7
Level 7


20180927_135453.jpg#Amella_del_mar #Spain


20180927_135548.jpg#local_Guide #Spain #puerto





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Re: #Love_ur_life

Hi @Nervana1er,

Welcome to Connect and thanks for sharing!


As the winter is upon us, I would love to go to Spain right now. The weather looks nice and warm, and the docks look like a perfect place to relax and take a stroll. 


Can you share a bit more about the place in your photos? Is this your hometown or are you just visiting?


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I would also recommend saying a few words about yourself in our monthly Introduce Yourself topic. This is a great way to get to know other Local Guides.


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