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Good evening everyone, my name is Monique, I am a level 5 local guide based in a Abuja. I am Fun to be with and my hobbies are dancing, traveling, driving , shopping,cooking and meeting people. I have no phobia except for boring people. Abuja has become my final destination cos it has everything I have always desired while considering "comfort".power is almost uninterrupted, security is very high compared to most part of the country and It's beautiful and peaceful here. Also there are lots of fun places to visit during the day for those who love the daytime life and at night for those who enjoy the nightlife. Generally Abuja is where you find everything close to perfection within the country and whatever you need is just a call away. Am glad to be here and am honoured to be one of you.For those of you who are new in town, you are highly welcome to Abuja the federal capital Territory of Nigeria. Don't forget to always use your Google maps to locate the nearest saloons,banks,ATMs, Pos,gardens,hotels, nightclubs,gyms,churches,mosques, hospitals,markets, supermarkets, boutiques, motor parks,airports,cyber cafes and restaurants to you and also convenient means of transportation.

Abuja, Nigeria
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AguerO Level 8
Level 8

Re: introduction

Welcome to connect @uniqueMonique.

It is great to read about you and your concise description of Abuja. 

I hope you would continue to do more to map Abuja. 

I look forward to hear and read more from you about your exploits. 

Welcome to this connect family once again.