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StriderL Level 5
Level 5


Would like some play credits for all this free mapping I'm doing for Google.

Alberta, Canada
PeggyR Level 1
Level 1

Re: compensation


StriderL Level 5
Level 5

Re: compensation

Your welcome?


Googl; the largest information gathering machine the world has ever known, in all of known history.  Maybe free subscriptions to your products, or play credits? 

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: compensation

Hey @StriderL, right now there are no Google Play credits for participating in the Local Guides program. For the full list of benefit you can obtain from the program, you can check out the following help page:


Unlock additional benefits at each level


I'll post the content here as well for easy viewing:


Level 1: 0+ points

  • Get the inside scoop with our monthly newsletter
  • Join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts
  • In select countries, enter into exclusive contests for Local Guides
  • Join the conversation at Local Guides Connect

Level 2: 5+ points

  • Get early access to new Google products and features
  • Promote your own meet-ups on the Local Guides calendar

Level 3: 50+ points

  • Get noticed with your Local Guides badge in Google Maps
  • Be eligible to receive promotion of unofficial communities

Level 4: 200+ points

  • Receive free Google Drive storage for one year
  • Be eligible to be featured on our official online channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Level 5: 500+ points

  • Eligible for Trusted Testing opportunities — access Google products and features before they are made public
  • Apply to attend our Local Guides Level 5 summit
Jagadeesh_Reddy Level 8
Level 8

Re: compensation

Hi @PTKLENK Nice to meet you again.


Moderator are just like us with some additional options to help the community, like said  in my previous post no one is here for perks or for some kind of rewards. We are doing this as a service in our free time and many are passionate about contribution.


I just felt like like to share some tips which was posted by @Corrie 


  • Be kind, patient, and understanding. Help us make Local Guides Connect a friendly and helpful place to be.
  • Respect the moderators and each other. Local Guides is a global community comprised of many different languages, timezones, ages, and levels of expertise. Everyone is welcome. Moderators may remove or move posts, warn or ban community members, or even make mistakes. Assume everyone has good intentions and follow Local Guides Program Rules

Moderator are doing their best to help us and guide us here my friend they are not here for rewards of perks :)

Happy Guiding,
Jagadeesh Reddy.
StriderL Level 5
Level 5

Re: compensation

+1 for drive storage 😊