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Welcome to Waterfall City Deogarh, Odisha

Hello Guys,


Today Let's explore Deogarh, Odisha popularly known as the Waterfall City. 


About Deogarh (Debagarh):

The district of Deogarh, as a distinct administrative entity, was carved out of the erstwhile larger Sambalpur district of Odisha on the 1st of January 1994. The literal English translation of Deogarh(Debagarh) is Abode of Divinity. A larger portion of the erstwhile Bamanda or Bamra State constitute Deogarh district.


Blocks3Barkote, Reamal and Tileibani
Barkote, Reamal and Deogarh


deogarh.jpgDeojharan Fall.jpgDeojharan FallKoradkot Fall.jpgKurodkot Fallpradhanpat.jpgPradhanpat Fall

Deogarh, Odisha, India