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The World's Fastest Indian

Have you watched the movie "The World's Fastest Indian", starring Anthony Hopkins? Based on a true story about Burt Munro, who lived in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Inside a hardware store in Invercargill, you will find Burt's Indian as well as other museum attractions.

Have a look at the photos on Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/Aw1VcDve8so

Have a look at this You Tube video https://youtu.be/tKnBURvKW4I

0212.jpgThe original World's Fastest Indian

I'm from New Zealand and live in Prague, Czech Republic
Invercargill, New Zealand
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Re: The World's Fastest Indian

It is a great movie @Eagle-Eye-360 thanks for sharing that these artefacts still exist and where to find them on Maps. 


Regards Paul