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Show people where to shop for Diwali

diwali-17-connect.gifCaption: Happy Diwali


It’s almost time for the brightest and happiest Indian festival—Diwali! One of the best parts about this time of year is the shopping. From furniture and appliances to colorful salwar kameez and saris (with matching jewelry!), everything gets a sparkling makeover in Diwali.


This is the time to help people celebrate by sharing photos from the best places to shop. As Local Guides, you know which stores have the best deals, the latest styles, and the most mouth-watering sweets. When you add photos while you’re shopping for yourself or for family and friends, you’ll let people see inside these places on Google Maps. Whether you’re going to buy sweets and snacks, dresses and saris, or watches and jewelry, share your secret haunts with the world and spread the festive cheer!


To give your fellow Guides the complete picture, share three kinds of photos at each shop:


  1. The first impression. When you first walk in, take a wide shot that captures what it’s like inside. Get as much of the shop as you can to give people an idea of the space. Try to take pictures in the daylight.

  2. The goods and services. Now that you’re inside, show what the business is selling. Take photos of the shelves of sweet boxes, small mountains of laddoos, or carefully arranged jewelry. Frame the photos well, capturing the items in the shop while paying attention to color, composition, proportion.

  3. The closer look. Next, capture some of your personal favorites. If a shop’s best item is its Mysore Pak, or has the best collection of rangoli colors, take a picture. Through this photo, guide people to your favorite item in the shop.

You can spotlight all kinds of places that you visit during Diwali. If it’s a smaller shop selling Diwali Puja items such as supari, marigold flowers, or incense sticks, it might not be on the Map. But you can still add the photos to a permanent location around it.


And don’t forget: You can add as many photos as you like from each location. Every photo you add fetches you points, bumping you up to a higher level. Help others with their shopping so they can have their best Diwali yet!

harshjain Level 6
Level 6


We all know Diwali is coming up so let's make this Diwali special for all of us. 

Click pictures and share it . 

Google maps is not just an app or site . This is truly a guide . 

This time we all should thanks Google and Google maps because they were there in bad times . And happy Diwali everyone



Purva Level 5
Level 5


help for shopping

smartsp Level 5
Level 5

Show Inside My Favorite Shops in Diwali..

How to this process ?

kiraan Level 8
Level 8

Re: Show people where to shop for Diwali

Nice Different Designed Lamps






mayanksaini74 Level 6
Level 6

Diwali shopping





Shopping at Dimapur Nagaland India really having best clothes shoes and other collction at very chip price !!!  Am very happy and advice to shop there .... At last HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL ... 😘

Moussacourageux Level 1
Level 1

Re: Show people where to shop for Diwali

Ses zoo

Thiruvasagam Level 8
Level 8

Re: Show people where to shop for Diwali

hello friends,

HAPPY DIWALI to all. I am shopping the colour papers and decoration material in my Town.  my Town name is Ilayangudi. I fix the all the decoration thinks in my home.

I am made the chines paper lamp in my home.IMG_1713.JPGIMG_1753.JPGIMG_1701.JPG

i am a electrical engineer. i am searching for a social job.
VanGoreth Level 7
Level 7

Re: Show people where to shop for Diwali


Vanessa Melo
RonneBD Level 8
Level 8

Re: Show people where to shop for Diwali

@AradhanaBfirst of all love to greet you for HAPPY DEWALY.

@VanGoreth@Thiruvasagam@Moussacourageuxand @kiraan also wish you all a very happy dewally as well.


This post is really helpful to understand such festival from different region of people in the world.

Wish you can post more like this one in future.



Love from Bangladesh Local Guide.