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Religious Programmes and Massive Traffic Jamz

Today is December 7, 2018 There are series of religious programmes. Some of these programmes are: 1. The Experience (a Christian gospel concert) 2. Holy Ghost service (by RCCG) 3. Shiloh (by Winners Chapel) These programmes attract millions of worshippers from all across Lagos, Nigeria, African and the World The impact is there will be massive vehicular movement to the venue of these programmes. I personally don't have issue with these programmes but we have to ensure there is smooth traffic management. The churches organising these programmes should have traffic stewards or volunteers to help with directing traffic. People should reduce using their cars and take public transport. Car pooling is also encourages. Let's see how the traffic will be when these programme start at 6pm (WAT). Thanks for reading - Taiwo "Tippy" Popoola

Lagos, Nigeria