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[Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

 We are Local Guides and what do link us, are the passion for contribution to GoogleMaps. But when we use localguideconnect we slowly understand that there exists an outstanding community.
When we than have the possibility to meet each other in person this is not only a firework of emotion, but a volcano! It is the always a highlight for a Local Guide....
To bring together this power of your community over several days it is not only one volcano 🌋, but the sun ️ is shining directly in front of you.

So instead of being jealous you should wait for the next years Meet Up what will be organized!



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But the picture above was already the second day 😉, so let’s start chronological. 

Thursday 20.09.2018:
19 pm - Come together
Piwnica Pod Baranami

27DC33D2-5A2E-480B-A679-663EE328D7D1.jpegPreparing for a jazz concert

This place has a special atmosphere, but as a Local Guide Meet Up, of course soon it was clear that we have to visit a restaurant.
Polskie Smaki Restauracja Polish self service barThe night we finished in a Bierhalle (Beerhall…)

Friday 21.09.2018:

Salt Mine Wieliczka
Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"


Weliczka is one of the oldest salt mines in operation and belongs to the World Heritage Sides of the UNESCO. It operates since the 13. Century! I suggest you to visit this place if you are in Poland. 


Concentration and Extermination Camp Auschwitz
After this outstanding beautiful salt mine, we took the cars to visit one place of the darkest in human history. The Concentration and Extermination Camp Auschwitz,


Around 1.300.000 people has been deported to this camp and Auschwitz network nearby.


As I have been many times in Auschwitz and also met already many survivors of this camp in person, I try to be calm, BUT this time something other did hit me. It was a simple basket on the top of the suitcases.


CB5925C6-4999-4E9D-B97B-B9919DD4FA14.jpegBasked with two flowers ...

Put in the questions:

How the woman/girl was happy, when she got this painted basked?

Did she get the basked from her husband or friend, maybe she was a daughter and got it from her mother or  father?

Like her eyes did shine, when she received the basked?


Here has been killed 1.100.000 individuals! Every single individual counts.


The only advice I have: Take it as a vigorous admonition that this genocide should never happen again.



Kazimierz district, Krakow
The dinner at Hevre was good and as well Carlos did join us with his friends, but somehow everyone still has had in mind the visits during the day.B30E37B6-27A5-4637-94CD-724BB335250E.jpeg


But no one did like to feel alone, so we visited my beloved Craft bear Pub “Ursa Maior Craft Beer”, plac Wolnica 10, 31-060 Kraków, Polen

 So, you can see, that we walked through an alternating bath of emotions during the whole Friday. As well because Natalka did took the plan back to Kiev in the very early morning….

Saturday 22.09.2018:

After lunch and in some cases excellent café, we did have in front of us the 3 part of the Meet Up. And as Jan maintained in another post, we in fact without planning changed the Meet Up in to a EAT Up…DBA118F2-E3BA-4D58-829F-577437434E38.jpeg


10 am Discover the center of Kraków

Meeting Point: Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Kraków
Rynek Główny, 30-962 Kraków, Polen including visit of Wawel Castel
Wawel 5, 31-001 Kraków

FB41D31E-A655-45F5-9C94-02D4D3BFDC3F.jpegRegards to our Spanish LG friends

22D6002B-3A41-410D-B238-B988FE7ED11F.jpegAt the Wawel clock tower


4B59CEBA-6DCE-4991-B872-F93E796446A3.jpegFrom the Wawel CastelSo, up to 14:00 pm all was fine, but then happened this:

14:00 Polish Restaurant Morski Oko:  FC42DE82-C29F-45BD-938A-D67420984605.jpegFirst photos!!!

 20m  away was:


16:00 Café Tribeca


Than we was must to say good by to Michael and his family....49628366-F2E6-4676-959A-F67E82E60CB8.jpegMichael and wife on the right.

 Picture was taken by 4 years old daughter of Michael, so the next Local Guide photo contributed is already on the way ....📸📷


19 :30 Polish Restaurant Bombonierka





I mean, what is happen here. We have only one stomach.....😋😋😋

22 :30 Mojito Café Cocktail bar

For more photos please use the link here:



Most of us left Krakow in the very early morning on Sunday to go back to their hometowns. But some stayed and visited 10 am Kraków  underground (Podziemia Rynku)


Lessons Learned:

- Meet Ups are outstanding and always something special! Organize it with passion.
- Several Days and International Meet Ups are somehow the Champions League! It is hard to organize beside the job, but every second you invested is worth!
- Local Guide Connect is a great place to organize Meet Ups with people from different nations and is as well an outstanding platform for updating during the Meet Up.
- Create a hangout group for the participants, so that no one will get lost.
- Create several meeting points over the day, so that there is also time to discover places in your individual speed.
- Open your heart, because we humans need each other!



- A beautiful town like Krakow is a fantastic base, but the real beauty of the world you are able to discover in the humans especially when they have a shared passion with you and our passion is to be a Local Guide!!!!!
Krakau, Polen
OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

this is All stars meetup :) @TorM @NatalkaR @ermest @AntonellaGr @INGA1 @JanVanHaver


@davide7O@LudwigGermany@ikaramon @barrazacarlos


i will do my best to join you all next year or next meetup :)

very very nice recap & photos 🌹🌹🌹🌹


AntonellaGr Level 7
Level 7

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Great recap @TorM! See you soon.... :) 

In the meantime I posted my own view on Birkenau: Block 25 Birkenau

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

OMG, @TorM

Reading your Recap, it seems impossible that, in just a few days, we did everything is in ther, but really we did it more and more.

It was great to be together @OSAMA, very deeply emotional, so really I hope to have you joining on 2019, because we will have another one on 2019.

Here is the Recap @DavidTito

In fact we did so many things that is very difficult to keep everything in only one post. With this in mind, we started to write some "specific post" so, after the deep post by @AntonellaGr, just to make the atmosphere a bit lighter, I wrote a post about Krakow Street Music, the beautiful soundtrack that we enjoyed on Saturday. Here is the video


More will come soon




OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Fabulous Video @ermest , I enjoyed every second , the artists and the editing :-)👍🎉☺️

And yeah 2019 I am in

"by the God Well" 

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Gracias por el post @TorM, el comienzo en el campo de cóncentracion es duro y la foto de la canasta es tan metafórica, por suerte luego es más distendido y podemos disfrutar las distintas comidas que compartieron, y acuerdo contigo que Local Guides Connect es un gran lugar para las Meet-Up.


saludos Farid

Julien44 Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Hi @TorM,


Thanks a lot for your brilliant recap. I enjoyed so much reading it and going though all the pictures taken. The album is superb. It is itself a festival of photos!


It seems you had a great experience, smiles on your faces tell so much.


I felt being with you and the team, it is great.


So congratulations for the organisation and once again thanks for sharing the recap.


Hi @ermest,


I loved your video, congratulations. I am amazed by the person who uses glasses to make music.


See you around



NirmalTeja Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Nice meetup @TorM Thank you for sharing with us...

Nice meet up to all of you @TorM @NatalkaR @ermest @AntonellaGr @INGA1 @JanVanHaver


@davide7O@LudwigGermany@ikaramon @barrazacarlos 


davidhyno Level 9
Level 9

Rif.: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Beautiful and exciting, art and culture, fun and emotions, history and present: congratulations to all !!!

I will do my best to be present next year !!!




Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Rif.: [Recap] European Meet Up 2018/ Poland

Thank you @Julien44, you can follow the link to the full post and add your own street music in there.

Hi @davidhyno, yes please. Keep in mind that we will try to meet again in Treviso on November 24 (wine is an option)