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FazeelUsmani Level 9
Level 9

[Recap] Empowered Women of Hyderabad

This walk is hosted in Hyderabad to support the wonderful initiative by @PriyankaU.

            Here in India, we live in a contrary society where women are not allowed to work, not allowed to go out of their homes whenever they wish and kept under certain limitations. They work 24x7 without any break to serve their families and we're returning back the favour by putting on restrictions on their lives. We need to discontinue this attitude towards women and let us invite them to work and lead a happy life. 

IMG_20181216_153146-COLLAGE.jpgCaption: Empowered Women of Hyderabad

            It was a pleasant climate on the day of the meetup helping us to explore Balapur area with ease. I was at the meetup location 20 minutes in advance and waiting for the attendees. Finally, I got one named Shafi Ahmed; he is a level 4 local guide from Rakshapuram. I started the walk with a brief introduction and explained the motto of the walk.  After all, we started the walk and visited a street-side fruit and vegetable stall, clothing stall, fish stall and finally to a juice centre. To our surprise, the juice centre was wholly built and ran by a woman. As this business was not there in Maps we added it along with photos and working hours. In all the previously visited stalls, women are helping men to run their businesses but this one was proudly owned by a single woman. We were very happy and decided to buy some juice to encourage her (as decided earlier). We purchased lemon juice which was an awesome refreshing drink. 

IMG_20181216_154346-COLLAGE.jpgCaption: Left - Me with Shafi Ahmed | Right: Lemon juice prepared by women (in front of juice centre owned by women)

            It was nice to be a part of this amazing initiative: Empowered Women of India. 

Photo Album:- https://photos.app.goo.gl/f749TfwaT75wb1Fq6


Balapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Kashifmisidia Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Recap] Empowered Women of Hyderabad

Hello @FazeelUsmani

Great my bro, keep it up. And I hope @PriyankaU will be happy to see this post that many of wonderful people are doing efforts for women empowerment,, as she started from Vapi Gujrat.

Many congratulations to you and all local guides from India. 👌👌

NareshDarji Level 9
Level 9

Re: [Recap] Empowered Women of Hyderabad

Great job @FazeelUsmani bhai.


IshantHP_ig Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Recap] Empowered Women of Hyderabad

First of all i want to say Thanks for sharing this type of story here.

Great initiative  @FazeelUsmani

Keep it up the good work! 

Good luck👍

Let's make World better :)
Keep Helping!
Keep Contributing!
Lets Guide!
Shrut19 Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Recap] Empowered Women of Hyderabad




Your Photos shown Great effort ..

Nice Recap..

Congrats for Successful Meetup..

Thanks for Contributing in Empowered womes of Hyderabad..


Regards From Mumbai..


PriyankaU Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Recap] Empowered Women of Hyderabad

@FazeelUsmani Thank you soo much for supporting. Great post!


@Kashifmisidia Yes I am more than happy :-)