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[Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

Hey everyone! This is a recap of the Worldwide Accessible Walk @EmekaHouse organized this December, Buenos Aires edition.

This meet up was held on the 2nd of December, it was created for the 1st, but because of the G20 summit held in Buenos Aires we decided to move it until the summit was done.
I am posting this pretty late, sorry. I would normally have posted this recap much sooner, but I have been sick which meant not feeling well enough, among other related things like not having that much energy that prevented me to write this before. Anyway, back to the recap...

Out of the 8 people that signed up, 3 attended: @DanielEspinoza@ValeriaAumasque and @santiagoirale.

Accessible Buenos Aires.jpgCaption: From left to right, me, Daniel, Santiago and Valeria. It is a selfie taken by me, with Daniel and Santiago holding signs that say "Accessible Buenos Aires", and Daniel and Valeria also holding the "Buenos Aires Local Guides" sign.We walked mostly through the Palermo Soho area, it's an area full of businesses like cafe's, bars, design shops, restaurants, and so on. It's common for locals and tourists to hang out in this area on weekends and at night.


Recorrido.pngCaption: A screenshot of the path we took. We started on a corner in the Raul Scalabrini Ortíz and the Córdoba avenues, and finished in a business called Tufic.

On our walk, we passed by around of 90 places verifying their accessibility. We edited their pages, informing of their accesibility status, and uploaded photos of the entrance and some seating areas too.

On our way, we also went in some businesses:

  • Williamsburg, a hamburger restaurant that won awards, that has accesible seating but not an accessible entrance.

  • Gato, a creatively decorated design shop. It has an accesible entrance and is accessible inside, but doesn't have an elevator to get to the upper floor.
  • Samsung House, a Samsung shop and showroom that has an accessible entrance, and is accessible inside although the products aren't in accessible shelves. It doesn't have an elevator either to reach the showroom, but it does have an accessible bathroom!
    We had some fun in the showroom learning about the products and testing Samsung VR glasses with a 4D experience.

Samsung House.jpgCaption: The upper photo is us enjoying the 4D experience, or well posing after it was done ;). It was taken with Valeria's phone. The photo in the lower left is the door of the accessible bathroom, and on the lower right are some drawings I made in the fridge of the showroom for the occation :)Around 3 hours after we started, we went to Tufic to eat some ice cream, even though the ice cream is pretty good, the place isn't accessible at all. It doesn't have an accessible entrance, isn't accessible inside because of the small spaces and as it's expected after knowing that, doesn't have an elevator to get to another seating area.
We took a 360 photo there, which you can see in our shared album.  ( If someone knows how to add 360 photos here that aren't on Street View/Maps I would be really thankful if they could tell me :)) )


 Here are some of the kind of not-accessible entrances that we came across:NOT accessible.jpgCaption: A collage of five not accessible entrances.

It was honestly a bit frustrating to see some of them, as many of them could have easily been accessible.


There ended up being few accessible places of all that we passed by, of different degrees of accessibility. Maps only asked about the entrance of most of the places, so not all of these places are also accessible inside:

  • Rex Best Chivito in Town, a restaurant specialized in chivitos, a traditional Uruguayan food. It has a completely accessible entrance and seating area.
  • Armenia's Immigrants Park, a small park in the middle of Palermo Soho. Most entrances are accessible, and the plaza itself is mostly accessible as well.
  • Vitamina, a women's clothing shop with an accessible entrance. It's spacious inside too but there are a couple of areas that aren't, the kind of areas where when there's already someone looking for clothes it's hard to get pass them.
  • Apolo Outdoor, a swimsuit shop with an accessible entrance.
  • Día supermarket, that has an accessible entrance.
  • Bank BBVA Francés, that also has an accessible entrance.
  • Kout, a clothing shop with and accessible entrance and is accessible inside too.
  • Cheeky, a kids clothing shop with accessible entrance and mostly accessible inside.
  • Freddo, an ice cream shop with accessible entrance and seating area. A pretty good, and better known, alternative to Tufic :)
  • Neo Palermo, a furniture store with an accessible entrance.
  • Previously mentioned: Gato and Samsung House. 
  • And lastly: a supermarket with no name.. that does have an accessible entrance.Accessible.jpgCaption: A collage of four photos of places with accessible entrances that we saw. On the upper left is Samsung House's entrance. On the upper right is one of Armenia's Immigrants Park entrance, one that has a ramp because there's a stairwell next to it. On the lower left is Vitamina's entrance and on the lower right Rex's entrance.


With the information gathered, I created a new list with some of those places to help people that need accessibility information in the area: Lugares Accesibles de Palermo Soho (Accessible Places in Palermo Soho), I will keep looking for more accessible places we might have missed on my future visits and add them to the list.


You can check out more photos of this meet up in our shared photos album, clicking here, and also check out the Worldwide Accessibility Walk photos album clicking here.

I will try organize my next accessibility meet up in an area were businesses and the architecture in general is more spacious, which will hopefully translate to wider entrances and that we find many more accessible places too.

Thank you for reading! (And sorry for the lateness again!)

Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kashifmisidia Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

Hello @Jesi , @DanielEspinoza

@ValeriaAumasque and 


Brilliant work, I am hoping this will create even more exposure for this great initiative. And I hope my friends @IlankovanT and 

@EmekaHouse  would be also happy by this post. 

Thank you for the detailed and informative feature, it will surely help me to learn more about

 ♿accessibility campaign👍


Well done, good job! 

Osaka78 Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

Wonderful Jessi 👍

EmekaHouse Level 10
Level 10

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

@Jesi thank you for your resillience and for ensuring you post a recap.despite the tight schedule.

I am really glad to see how fun filled the meetup was. You highlighted places without accessibility trail and others with inclusiveness. Such a good idea.

Your community has been terrific and quite active in this community. I am happy @ValeriaAumasque has been supportive and also @DanielEspinoza and @santiagoirale for their dedication.

Buenos Aires...thank you!

@TraciC  should see this recap too!

IshantHP_ig Level 8
Level 8

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

Thanks @Jesi for sharing the highlights with us, i saw your pictures and it seems you had a lot of fun with other local guides from your region, keep doing the good work together ;)


I want to share a picture from connectlivedelhi which was a meet up organised by Google in India on Dec 8 2018 



IMG_4156.JPGCaption: About 120 top local guides from Delhi and other states of India at connectlivedelhi in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

•Take a look of connectlivedelhi:



•Connect Live Delhi Highlights: 


Let's make World better :)
Keep Helping!
Keep Contributing!
Lets Guide!
Sagir Level 9
Level 9

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

What a wonderful experience..

You guys done great @Jesi @ValeriaAumasque @santiagoirale

It's never late Jesi

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

Hello @Jesi,


Thank you for sharing this recap and for the amazing initiative! Your post is so detailed and informative and I am sure that it will surely help Local Guides to learn more about accessibility campaign!


It's so wonderful to see so many great recaps and so many people focused on enabling access for people with disabilities.


 Hope you had a great Christmas celebration and wishing you happy New Year in advance! :)

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Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

Hie @Jesi,
Thank you very much for all information you've shared in the recap. I really enjoyed reading your recap.

deepakjhic Level 9
Level 9

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires


Hie IshantHP_ig,

Rather than posting that image here, you can consider pasting with specific thread. There are two thread with the recap of connect live Delhi 2018.

  1. (Invalid link redacted . .)
  2. (by me)

My apologies @IshantHP_ig, I updated the post. 

Good Day. See you around.

Oyakhilomee Level 5
Level 5

Re: [Recap] Accessible Buenos Aires

I like the way you went about recap  the flow was easy to understand and it looks like you guys contributed a good lot to the mapping of the area. Good job all around.