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Read: Posting on "Share your Photos and discoveries" Board

The world is an amazing place, full of wonders and scenes that we love to store in our memory forever. Here on Connect you have the perfect excuse to show us your very best picture while exploring the world and enjoy being a Local Guide. If you have been to a place that means something to you or if you want to show us the best photo from your latest trip, this is definitely the right forum to do so.


If you want to share other photos, please add a link to an album on Google Photos or to any other place where you have these pictures stored, so we can all take a look.


Here you can share amazing discoveries or breathtaking photos of almost anything you want:


  • A great festival you had the luck to witness? Perfect, tell us all about it and share your best photo.
  • A new hidden gem in a city that nobody knows. This is the right place to let other Local Guides know about that fantastic place.
  • The best photo taken during your latest weekend trip or vacation. Show us the most famous tourist spot in that city and tell us all about them and, of course, add a link to the album where the rest of the photos or your trip are hosted.
  • Or maybe you visited a museum so exciting that you want to create a post just to share with us your thoughts.
  • Food photos! Who doesn’t love trying new dishes when traveling to a different place? We know you love to take pictures of that delicious dish you’re about to enjoy. Why don’t you share it with us and tell us the name of the dish and the ingredients, for instance?

 As you can see, the possibilities are endless. But take into account that this board is not for asking photography advice or for asking how to connect your 360 photos, for instance. If that’s what you want to share with us, don’t worry, we have you covered: use the “Photography” board.


nachi.jpgNachi Falls, part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route and an UNESCO World Heritage site.

A few tips about posting on this board:


  • The headline matters. Try to make it clear and attention-grabbing so that more people will read you, especially if you want some comments about your pictures and discoveries. Some examples could be:
    • “Venice photos” could be made more attention-grabbing with “Acqua-alta pictures from my latest trip to Venice”.
    • Headlines like “Photos”, “Paris” or “Photos of Cape Town” are far too general. Other Local Guides won’t know the purpose of the post and why you wrote it. And thus, fewer of them will feel tempted to go on and enjoy your beautiful images. Are you sharing pictures from a specific street, or a specific neighbourhood or tourist spot? You get the point.
  • Share pictures that are relevant (don’t post pictures of yourself posing in front of a mirror, for instance) and that have been taken by you. And try not to post blurry photos, as they won’t catch the attention of the community.
  • Think about the context. Sharing a beautiful picture sometimes could be enough. But you are talking to other Local Guides. People with an innate curiosity about everything that surrounds them. So please tell us a little bit more about your photo: Where did you take it? What’s the name of the tourist spot or the dish? How did you like being there and experiencing what you’re showing us? This way, other Local Guides will be encouraged to engage with you.
  • Make the best use of “Location” feature, something really important for this board. As you will be sharing photos of amazing places from all around the world, adding the location of those places is a great way to let other Local Guides know where is located. So don’t use location as the place you live in, but the place where you took the photo. For more information about this feature, you can check out this post.

Adding Location.png

And last but not least, search the community before posting a new post. Maybe you can tag other Local Guides in your post, if you see they have been posting photos of the same place as you. And for overall guidelines on how to post in this community, please refer to this post to get more information.

Local Guides Community Program Manager
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Re: Read: Posting on "Share your Photos and discoveries" Board

Hi @LuisRG, is it correct to post advertising in here?

I ask you because some of the recente post seems to be  just this.

Thanks for your help

Google Administrator
Google Administrator

Re: Read: Posting on "Share your Photos and discoveries" Board

@ermest Promotional content is against the Local Guides program rules and posts will be removed. If you see a post that we haven't yet caught, please do mark it as inappropriate and we'll review before taking any appropriate action. Thank you!

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