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[RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

While waking up in the morning at 6 am, I could hear the raindrops over the windows and was wondering about the meetup whether rain will support me or not. However, rain stopped around 7 and my day started with even more enthusiasm. I imagined like rain has sprinkled some blessings from up welcoming us to plant more trees. Thanking mother earth for the enthusiasm, I started my journey towards the meetup site.


1. rainy day.jpgRainy day

Our guys are always on time for tree planting. I always appreciate them because most of them are all like me. They love to do tree planting and protecting nature. Yes @Meshanth@nazeem@DilibAjanthM, Sangeeth and Vinoth joined me at this tree planting in the morning time. We took all the trees in my car loading be them in the boot and started planting. We visited some houses and planted the trees with their permissions. The beauty is all appreciated and like to have fruit trees. This time we took fruit tree such as Guava, Amla and few teak trees too.


2. plant photos copy.jpgLocal Guides with Trees

We had lots of fun while traveling in the car. Also, I took the local guides flag, little pin which I got from connect live.


3. local guides with flag.jpgLocal Guides with flag

We planted 50 trees in several other places of Batticaloa district. The soil was wet and it was easy to dig a hole to plant. Looking at the soil conditions, we even thought to get some more trees but rain didn't give us more time. That time @Kashifmisidia came on HO and he also planted 150 trees in Pakistan. We had a HO and spoke to Pakistan local guides. That was a different experience to have people with similar interests on a HO while in action. We Sri Lanka local guides got introduced to them.


kashif.jpgHO with Kashif

5. our team donating plants.jpgGreen Team

6. meshan and dilib.jpgMeshanth and Dilib planting treesthushy planting tree.jpgMeshanth, Sangeeth and Ilankovan planting trees

The shower was about to begin again while we all were rushing to go for our photo walk after planting, so we had to wave bye to Kashif and continued with planting and photo walk. While on the meetup two young women Mayushika, and Nilogini joined this and they also planted trees. Also, they said in future they will also join with us planting trees. Also before completing the photo walk, I gave the new participants an introduction about local guides program and started the journey adding a business place, uploading photos and writing reviews.


This time, as a highlight we got many kids for tree planting in a particular area in Batticaloa to make more awareness among the public and planted some trees with the support of kids.


6. kids planting.jpgPlanted some trees with the support of kids7. Coverf Photo.jpgPlanted some trees with the support of kids

Look at these kids. They are so cute and no words to explain about their curiosity while planting. After planting we have named those plants with some of their names. They also promised us that they will take care of those plants and they will also plant more trees in future. That made our day!!! We were fulfilled with bundles of joy with those word from these little kids. I felt like I have given the responsibility of Greening the world to the future generation.

Mayushika and Meshanth served us tea and juice while we were roaming around planting trees. local guides are always so kind and treat us in good way. Big thanks to our team.


8. meshanth tea.jpgTea & Juice

Then I got a call from @D1ne5H who had come from 75 km to attend this meetup. Then I  took him to some good places where we can do a small photo walk. When I ask about 360 camera and usage, he said he had never tried one and I thought to train him and do some contribution to maps. So finally after my training, he did a great job. He added a street view where more tourists visits. Thank you, Dinesh for making this.


dinesh contribution.jpgMission 360 with DInesh

With all those memories we completed our meetup and went home. Yeh, then only the rain actually started and some of us got fully wet while on our way. Thank you for all who joined us to get some free rain and photo walk.


What I got from this meetup is people actually like to join this kind of meetups doing dual contributions. Particularly in this meetup contributing to our mother earth and google map. Special and big thanks to those cute little kids who did a great job and that boosted us to do more and more meetups similar to this.




More photos please check this album


@ermest@KarenVChin@JuanCh@KimberlyAnnG@ValeriaAumasque hope you would like these little green work :)
Ermes this month I'm planning to do a beach cleanup with our local guides :)


Sri Lanka
Kashifmisidia Level 10
Level 10

Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

What a beautiful and detailed review is that.. really love to read and watch every picture and video.

I want to say special thanks to my friends from Srilanka, who talked with us Pakistani local guides and apperciate and motivate us,  @nazeem @DilibAjanthM @Meshanth 

And other respectable friends who were there in very windy and rainy weather, just for a cause, a cause to make world green and better.

And @IlankovanT , I always appreciate you, because you know very well that how to convince people that they should do activities like that . Because after that HO conversation My friends who were with me, they were recharged for new mission and for the new place to make it a family park. They already searched a place, and already started work on it. Soon we will online from there with you.


Nandri and shukriya to you all my friends. 

OSAMA Level 8
Level 8

Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Work @IlankovanT :)

keep inspire us day after day

meetup after meetup

tree after tree

D1ne5H Level 6
Level 6

Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

😍😍 i love those little hands πŸ‘

You are feeding environmental responsibility in childhood πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ


Connect Moderator
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Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

This is awesome @IlankovanT! Both you and @Kashifmisidia planting at the same time.  Your communities will be a better, healthier, and greener place for all your work. Plus the idea of getting young children to learn and appreciate planting trees and shrubs.  


I have an idea - what about planting fruit trees? This will help teach kids about planting and also growing their own food to eat.  You learn to appreciate what you eat as what you grow yourself. 


My other suggestion as a gardener is for you to remove the black plastic tub around the plant before you plant them. Plastic is bad for the environment. It does not break down and decompose easily.  It's toxic (Plastic is made out of petroleum).


Also having the black tube around the plant also hampers the roots from spreading in the ground. It stunts the plant /trees growth.   I learned this recently from personal experience in my neighborhood.  The trees that were planted 15 years ago were planted with the bottom of the black plastic tub cut off.  The tree roots were not able to expand vertically properly as the tree grew. The roots went up on the surface and weakened the trees since they did not go down deep.  The city I live in is paying the price for fixing these planting errors for the sidewalks and houses that are impacted by this improper planting of the trees.


Just a thought.




Julien44 Level 10
Level 10

Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲



I am always amazed to see all you do ! You are unstoppable.

Congratulations! I love it;-)


See you



Google Moderator
Google Moderator

Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

Hi @IlankovanT,


What an absolute brilliant share, thank you! Great photos, amazing initiative, this is a great inspiration for other Local Guides.

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Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

Thank you for your kind words @Kashifmisidia. I'm sure we will do more plants in future. In Sri Lanka Forest department is supporting our activities. Also there are many people like to join with us. I can see billon trees will be planned soon πŸ’šπŸ’š

Connect Moderator
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Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

Thank you @OSAMA, @D1ne5H yes trees after trees. My target is Billion trees πŸ’šπŸŒ².

Hope this will happen soon with all your support. "Join us for free 🌧️"


Dinesh what you are telling is truth. They own the future..



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Re: [RECAP] Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

Thank you very much @Ivi_Ge, @Julien44.


This is my tiny contribution to our mother nature πŸŒ²πŸŒ³πŸŒ΄πŸŽ„