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[RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Dear All Local Guides, 
I'm writing this recap with a great smile on my face as this meetup was super close to my heart and I had an absolutely amazing time organising this meetup

First of all I would like to thank @IlankovanTfor the great Let's Map Green Meetup idea and @Kashifmisidia bhai for pushing me to arrange a meetup related to plantation and I was super impressed by Khashif bhai plantation drive.

While I was planning for the metup after submitting the idea I was thinking why not do a cleaning activity side by side too and I remember reading @ermest post about Clean the world. So, I did a combined meetup and I first did the activity at a nearby park where I was joined by local gardeners (they came to the meetup because I told my home gardener about the meetup) I was so happy to see his friends. Also some of my friends and local community came out for the support of plantation drive. 

Here are some pictures - I bought some plants before the meetup and then planted those with my fellows. The very first plant was planted by my friend. 

39116711_2171387116432808_8687462012118106112_o.jpgThis was the very first plant

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 5.27.15 PM.pngI bought some plants a day before the meetupFB_IMG_1543088409895.jpgMy home gardener helping my friends with the idea that how you support the plantsFB_IMG_1543088414835.jpgMy friend cleaning the mud from the parkFB_IMG_1543088439930.jpgSmall plants contribution :)FB_IMG_1543088444460.jpgMy home gardener made sure the grass was properly rootedFB_IMG_1543088453149.jpgMore clearningFB_IMG_1543088460235.jpgMy friend ensured that the rose plants are properly planted and she cut some extra and damaged leavesFB_IMG_1543088470907.jpgPlantation drive

The first plantation drive took place near my house park, then I moved to a nearby school where my friend Sana was the lead and she helped the school kids to plant. 

28337614_10215793871509963_5558857827187773432_o.jpgHere my friend Sana (one in red right side) took the lead and guided the students28516364_10215793869909923_7194280378261845221_o.jpgHappy faces :)28516491_10215793872709993_3312195656150025627_o.jpg


After this my friend and Sana did some cleaning activity of the main Margalla road side green area


It was a tiring day but a day FULL of amazing memories. I'm so glad and thankful to ermest, Kashif misidia Bhai and ilankovnT for their amazing initiatives and their ideas pushed me to do the same. 

Hoping to arrange the next meetup on accessibility as proposed by @EmekaHouse 

Kashifmisidia Level 10
Level 10

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)


Great initiative 👏👏👏

Plantation is very important for whole world and specially for Pakistan. Because of cutting trees , we haven't enough forests or trees now. I m really happy to see that not just you but many people were engaged with you for this Noble cause. My brothers and Ustad (teachers) thushy @IlankovanT  and @ermest would be proudly smile on thier faces when they will read your post.


Keep it up Aiman. 👍👍👍👍👍

Level 8

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Thanks @Kashifmisidia bhaii, you are the force behind my meetups :D 
Else I will be just sitting at my home. Also after reading such news, I feel like we can collaborate with our local govt authorities to make these plantation meetups more big

MysticalLama Level 7
Level 7

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Such a great initiative. Perhaps we can donsomething similar in Lahore as well. What do you suggest. 

This will surely help the islamabad as well as the living of people who get to go to this park. 

OmerAli Level 8
Level 8

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

That's what this community is all about. 

Good job @AIMAN_SAEED , keep up the good work. 

  I am very happy and proud to see how beautifully you are representing our country and the quality of work you have been doing.

    I am also very thankful to @Kashifmisidia bhai, for continuously pushing us to do the right thing.

Connect Moderator
Connect Moderator

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Sorry for responding so late @AIMAN_SAEED, @Kashifmisidia

Your meet-up is so inspiring. High five to you and to all the people (Local Guides and all the Gardners) that decided to join you.

My third meet-up in 8 days is not finished yet, but I wanted to share my happiness with you and all the community. I know that @IlankovanT will be so happy to read your post.

It is amazing to see how much people is caring about environment, this is giving me hope for the future.

Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart.

@DavidTito, you have to read this post



D1ne5H Level 6
Level 6

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Hello @AIMAN_SAEED Nice recap 

looks like more volunteers taking part,Happy to see your photos. How many plants did you plant ? 

@IlankovanT brother when and where is your next lets map green meetup ?

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Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

vvbellur Level 8
Level 8

Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Great going @AIMAN_SAEED. Good luck for your future meet ups!

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Re: [RECAP] Let's Map Green 🌲+ Clean The World 🧹Meetup (Combined)

Nice work @AIMAN_SAEED! Having a 2 for 1 meetup in one day, especially teaching children the importance of planting trees to help make our world a healthier, more beautiful place to live in.