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Please Read: Posting on "Photography" Board

luis-avatar-tripod.jpgTalking about night photography using a fast (f/2.8) lens with a rock-solid yet lightweight carbon fibre tripod

If the latest 360 camera or the latest buzz about new tripods and filters are your thing, among many other things, then this board is for you. Or even if you are just interested in photography but don’t know where to start. Here you can share all your knowledge, ask other Local Guides for advice or learn and share your tips to get the best picture.


And as usual here on Connect, it’s not just sharing knowledge, but learning from others and helping each other improve our techniques to become better photographers.


Here you can talk about a great variety of topics:


  • How do I get started with photography? Even if you feel your questions are basic, don’t hesitate to ask them. There’s no such thing as basic and we all need our own pace for learning new things. If you have an interest in photography, this is the place to start.
  • Cameras and their technical specs: sensor sizes, image processors, megapixel count, etc.
  • Lenses, and which one is better depending on the situation: a wide angle for landscapes, maybe a 85mm for portraits… Share your thoughts!
  • Photographical knowledge: What’s that shutter speed you keep mentioning? And the aperture? How do I make the most of the depth of field?
  • Composition rules that help your pictures stand out, such as the rule of thirds, keeping the horizon leveled and many others.
  • Photo gear: tripods, ballheads, flashes, GPS modules, remote shutter releases, backpacks, etc.

This board is not for sharing pictures (there is another one for that!) If you want to tell us about how you used a composition technique or how your camera is behaving in low light situations, by all means, show us a picture that illustrates the concept. But if you just want to share your work, use the “Share your Photos and Discoveries” board.


A few tips about posting on this board:


  • Craft your headline to make it clear and attention-grabbing (get your creative juices flowing!) so that more people will read your article, especially if you’re asking for advice. Some examples could be:
    • “Flash” could be made more attention-grabbing with “What’s the best flash I can get for a Canon 5D?”.
    • A headline like “About tripods” is far too general and does not convey a clear purpose on why you want to write / share this article. And thus, fewer Local Guides will feel tempted to go on and read your post. Are you asking a question about tripod materials? Are you sharing your tips to make the most of tripod photography? You get the point.
  • Share pictures that illustrate the point you’re trying to make, as they will always get more eyeballs than text only and remember to only share pictures that you have taken yourself, post only royalty-free images or give credit to the person or organization who is responsible for any image you use from the internet
  • Make the best use of “Location” feature: When creating a post in this board or any other, add the place or location you are posting about so that Local Guides can search for information related to that location. For more information about this feature, you can check out this post.

Adding Location.pngAdding Location info to your post

And last but not least, search the community before posting a question. Chances are someone else has shared a similar topic or query. It makes it easier on everyone if we unify conversations and avoid duplicates. For overall guidelines on how to post in this community, please refer to this post to get more information.


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