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Photograph and add Festivals to help people better find local events

If your city has an annual event, it is really helpful for local guides to share images from that event so visitors with mobility challenges or other limitations can better plan their visit and feel more confident about attending safely. The next time you attend an event take pictures of potential challenges like stairs or steep inclines that may be problematic. It is also helpful to include images of the elevator or other assessability equipment. Make sure to take the photo in a way that it clearly shows the context and location of the equipment or space. 


This is my first post here. I hope this is helpful. 

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Re: Photograph and add Festivals to help people better find local events

Hi @Designwebjae,


You shared a very nice idea with everyone. I hope many of the Local Guides will love it and share his/her experience with us.


Why don't you start with an example with some photos and description in the comments below? : )


Just to let you know, I am going to relabel your post as it better fits in the Local Stories board where your post will attract much more attention and will be appreciated much more by others in the community.


P.S.: Since this is your first post, why don't you share a little bit more with us in our monthly Introduce Yourself — December 2018 thread where you can meet Local Guides from all around the globe who recently joined Connect.

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