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New to the community? Please Read Before Posting

Hello and welcome to the Local Guides Connect community!

Connect is a place to get to know other Local Guides, plan activities, share your stories, give feedback and more. While moderators are around to help point you in the right direction and answer your questions, chances are a fellow Local Guide will be able to help too :)


Here are a few tips for using the community:


  • Search the community before posting a question. Chances are someone else has had the same issue or suggestion. It makes it easier on everyone if we unify conversations and avoid duplicates.
  • Share posts that are relevant to Google Maps, Local Guides and exploring your world. 
  • Use a descriptive title for your post. Make it easy for everyone to see what it is you want to talk about. Make sure your post is in the right section of the community as well.
  • The "Location" field on your post should only be used when talking about a specific place - not for where you are from on every post. If you want travel advice for Tokyo, tag Tokyo. If you are recommending a museum in London, tag the museum.
  • Be kind, patient, and understanding. Help us make Local Guides Connect a friendly and helpful place to be.
  • Respect the moderators and each other. Local Guides is a global community comprised of many different languages, timezones, ages, and levels of expertise. Everyone is welcome. Moderators may remove or move posts, warn or ban community members, or even make mistakes. Assume everyone has good intentions and follow Local Guides Program Rules.  
  • Protect the privacy of yourself and others. Don't post personal information (your's or other's) publicly. There is a private messaging system in place which you can disable if you don't want others to be able to contact you.
  • Use good judgement. You can find a lot of wonderful advice and tips in this community, but some of it may be wrong or incorrect. When in doubt, check an official Google authoritative source like a product Help Center.
  • Don't use this community as a platform to sell your products, services, or rental properties on the moon.
  • Have fun! Give out kudos for great content, mark replies as "Accept Solutions" if your question was answered. It helps others find great content and highlights the most helpful Local Guides :)
  • You can also connect with us on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!