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New perk: Google Play for Local Guides Level 4+

DavidTito Level 7
Level 7

Re: local guides reward?

That's good feedback @PaulPavlinovich things like your saying would cross my mind thanks for sharing that

PaulPavlinovich wrote:

Good points of course @NealH we all need things like that. It's nice to get a little tangible thing to feel wanted.


I remember the 15gb gmail for life promo - I think if you only used it for email and kept your email clean that would probably work out just fine! The challenge is so many other services like g+ and photos and hangouts got rolled into that 15gb. I was lucky enough to get the 1TB when it was available, but if I remember my dates correctly it runs out really soon then I'll either have to pare back my content or buy some storage.


Tangible things that don't run out like T-Shirts and the like are nice. A couple of years ago LG sent out T-Shirts to top contributors and while those in western nations got theirs without issue, many others had to pay customs charges or had to explain why an American company was sending them something. A really nice gesture turned into a huge PITA. Since then Google have sent out little things like badges occasionally and online perks that are harder for entities to interfere in.


It is a difficult balance I guess, the usual things from the corporate world of trying to do the right thing by your contributors balanced with a limited budget.





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WetCoastCanuck Level 10
Level 10

Re: Question about benefits and bonus

Hi @Krzgro no it is false.   That offer has expired a long time ago.

pf3 Level 6
Level 6

Re: local guides reward?

And sometimes it's four months. If it was a legitimate perk I'd be allowed to use it.



Tarun_CT Level 7
Level 7


When wil they provide T-shirts i crossed level-7

what are the perks ?

MariaBi Level 5
Level 5

Re: Enquiry

Hi @Tarun_CT
You can check the current benefits here for Level 4+ in this article:  

Local Guides t-shirts were given to Level 4+ Local Guides who reached Level 4+ by a certain date in 2015. That was a one time "thank you" gift. As for the other kinds of shirt: Local Guides team members also have Local Guides t-shirts but those were created by us and for Googlers. No Local Guides items are currently available for purchase. We do appreciate your enthusiasm, but there are no publicly-available t-shirts being given to Local Guides - hopefully they return to the global Google Merchandise store in the future:). 


As a reminder, the Local Guides logo is a Google brand identity and is reserved for official use only. Do not use the Local Guides logo, pin, or any other Google imagery in any of your online or offline materials. Learn more here in the Local Guides Help Center.


Thank you again.  

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Osaka78 Level 10
Level 10

Re: Local Guide Benefits

Dear KhaledMahfoz, hope all's well. Yes, you're right, as in: Google Drive Storage Promotion Ending. Kind regards from Osaka78 


Jsn Level 7
Level 7

Re: gift for local guides

Must of missed that 100 Gb gift myself. I agree with people spamming tho. 

HonorableSEO Level 6
Level 6

Re: 3 Months Free Google Play

WTF? Could they suck it up anymore then throwing us garbage? Really crappy of them for sure.

Bastian Level 6
Level 6

Re: 3 Months Free Google Play

I made over $50 in google play credit in 2016 doing google opinion rewards.  All I had to do was answer questions like: Do you drive a sports car?  (yes no)

Here, I take photographs, write critiques which have now 3 million impressions and they give me a discount on a single movie rental, and a free trial that's already a free trial for everyone in the world.

Jsn Level 7
Level 7

Re: 3 Months Free Google Play

Couldn't agree more. What is offered is very poor considering the time, energy, and effort that goes into some of this.  As someone with YouTubeRED the Play Music is pointless and 75% off a single movie rental ; wow thanks! /sarcasm