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My drive storage is full, How can I free up my Google drive?

We're can I get my 100 free gigabytes 

Baldwin Park, California, United States
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Re: My drive storage is full, How can I free up my Google drive?

Hi, @Ica77

With the end of the free storage promotions, in the last March, one of the most common question in Connect is: How can I use my space in Google drive


Of course, with a quick search you will find all the answer, but for an easy reference I will try to summarize in here the most common questions.


The biggest mistake that I did, when I got the free storage, was to save a copy of all my photos in Google Drive. Loading photos in Drive is using your storage space

With a correct setting, you will be able to store:

    • Photos, in Google Photos, at High Quality (16MP), for free (unlimited storage)
  • Videos, in Google Photos, at High Definitions (1080P), for free (unlimited storage)


This is the storage I'm actually using:


Total storage.JPG

Most of the space is used for documents that I have in Drive. As you can see from the details, I am not using space for photos


storage details.JPG


And I have more than 7450 files (photos and videos) stored


foto totali.JPG


So, don't worry about space for photos in Google Maps. Make the correct setting, and you will have no problem in storage due to Google Maps or Youtube videos


For more information, here are the links to the help pages:

  1. How Google Photos works with Google Drive
  2. Check your Drive storage
  3. Info about upload size
  4. Clear Google Drive space & increase storage
  5. Google photos setting

Hope this can help you


Happy Mapping