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WojteXS Level 5
Level 5

Motivation to become Local Guide

Hu Guys,


I have a small question and I would be very grateful for your answers.


Could you share with my your motivation to participate as a Local Guide? Is it only for the benefits from Google or do you have different motivations?


Yes, I admit to conduct a small research on social activities :)


Thank you in advance!


AndriyDegula Level 10
Level 10

Re: Motivation to become Local Guide


The Local Guides program is primarily a new friends!

When we talk to people from different countries, we learn a lot of interesting things.


Andriy Degula
AnuradhaP Level 8
Level 8

Re: Motivation to become Local Guide

@WojteXS If you search the connect you will find lots of answers. This was discussed in few threads. If you go to monthly introduction threads you will find more details. March 2018, February 2018


My main motivation is the help others to find details about locations.